Real Or Replica?

December 12th, 2012

An astute JoeBucsFan reader has pointed out that Warren Sapp appears to be wearing his Super Bowl ring in this Lakeland Ledger photo from Sunday’s Bucs-Eagles game. The game celebrated the 10-year reunion of the Bucs’ 2002 Super Bowl champs, and a large percentage of players were flashing their coveted bling.

This is only interesting because Sapp reported the ring lost to Florida courts as part of his high-profile bankruptcy filings.

Of course, Sapp could have had a replica ring made. Or perhaps the real one just turned up under a couch cushion.

28 Responses to “Real Or Replica?”

  1. Adam Says:

    I thought I remember reading in one of the court papers that the ring was listed as “LOST” which I thought was terrible suspicious.

  2. Meh Says:

    Haha! OOPS.

  3. Jason A Says:

    Wwwwaaaaaarrrrrrrrreeeeeennnnnn Wwwwwwwaaaaaaaarrrrrrreeeeweennnnn Wwwwwwwaaaaaaaarrrrrrreeeeeeennnnnn

  4. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    lol maybe he borrowed it from someone who didnt show up? No idea… not smart on his part if it is his real one.

  5. espo Says:

    I just hope he doesn’t get it taken because you just haaad to post this article. Well, it would be taken because he’s an idiot, but also because of this article.

  6. Gusjackson Says:

    You can find some interesting things under those couch cushions lol.

  7. bucfever40 Says:

    Personally Warren is not one of my favorite Buccaneers, but in this case, if I was in a bankruptcy, I wouldn’t give up my prized SB ring either, now way, no how……so we’re not shocked by this at all. lol

  8. Jim Says:

    I bet all the players had their rings on that day and if Warren didn’t have one to wear then the Bucs gave him a replica.

  9. Jason A Says:

    I don’t see how u just “lose” a Super Bowl ring. That’s his ring. And he will never let it go especially to bankruptcy. I don’t see sapp being another LT haha

  10. Luther Says:

    Not a Sapp fan by any means but I wouldn’t give up my ring either.

  11. SteveK Says:

    Huge Sapp fan here,

    Glad to see the man has his ring. He is a legend for the Bucs. One heckuva tenacious player. He is what N. Suh wants to be (only if he can be disciplined).

    With that said, I am sorry to Chad Clifton or Sapp’s cheap block on a return, but to Sapp’s credit he HUSTLED every damn play.

    Go #99, you are big, loud nasty.

  12. Brandon Says:

    Yeah, he lost the ring. Now it’s found. His bankrupcty hearing is over. No crime has been committed…. there is no proof a crime has been committed.

  13. espo Says:

    How can anyone here say they’re a Bucs fan yet not a Sapp fan? If this is you, your mother should’ve (insert family oriented chatter here) you. Without Sapp, we do not win that Super Bowl plain and simple. And don’t give me that Sapp the person vs Sapp the player bull. Same guy.

  14. bUcncRazy Says:

    I sent a tweet to sapp about it he sent me a direct mesg.he said he found it!

  15. Buczilla Says:

    I am guessing he did not find it in the couch cushions, because he lost the couch in the bankruptcy hearings too!

  16. Formerly Brown Bag Says:

    Idiot move. Even if he lost it and osmoene loaned him one, does he think his hand woulsn’t be in a photo from Sunday? If it was loaned, what a douche. If the world knows you lost it and you’re wearing one, you’re pretending. On the field, Sapp wasn’t a pretender. He was the real deal. But the more he pops up post football, the more he reveals his lack of common sense.

  17. NJBucsFan Says:

    Joe –

    None of us are astute…..

  18. scott Says:

    There’s being a fan of Sapp the player and being critical of Sapp the person, they are two different things. Sapp the person, from every fan I know of that has had a run in with him, is a class A jerk. I’m a fan of Sapp the player but I wouldn’t walk across the street to meet Sapp the person.

    He’s a prime example of why I don’t hold up athletes as role models for my kids.

  19. Dave Says:

    I don’t get how the court could force someone to give up that type of thing up.

  20. OAR Says:

    In other news: taco cat spelt backwards is taco cat. Carry on.

  21. NJBucsFan Says:

    This is growing legs….PFT is talking about it as well.

  22. k1ngfish1 Says:

    I remember a story that one of the Bucs had an exact copy made before the team got theirs because he didn’t want to wait. Can’t remember if it was Sapp or not.

  23. Andrew Says:

    He lied about losing it, and he will not get punished for it. case closed, moving on with my life.

  24. Oahubuc Says:

    Good. The man found his Super Bowl ring and not some banker or gold digger. Great news. Hope he loses it again should the need arise.

  25. 507 Bucs fan Says:

    So happy to see #55 in a bucs red jersey

  26. Buc U Says:

    I don’t know how no one has picked up on this, but sapp has said many times in interviews that he had his own Super Bowl ring made because he wanted one that is extra flashy and stuff. He even talks about it in the interview where he breaks down crying talking about joe jurevicius, which was posted on joebucsfan like a week ago.

  27. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    One little known factoid: Warren Sapp was the designer of the Buc’s SB rings.

    No way I would give it up to the banksters.

  28. Mr Lucky Says:

    Yeah I wonder this:

    When Warren is approaching his end of days and decides to leave his SB ring to his kid – Which one gets it?