“If You’re Not Sick, Then There’s A Problem”

December 12th, 2012

The leader of the New Schiano Order was exceptionally fired up during the 30-minute window given to media to watch the beginning of practice today.

Bucs beat reporter Tom Krasniqi, of WDAE-AM 620, Twittered out the news.

@TKras – Greg Schiano gathered the entire team around and delivered a pep talk before #Bucs practice, saying “If you wanna be elite, work elite” … Schiano to his team: “Let’s focus on our job today, nothing else…100% focus” … The first portion of practice was spirited and Schiano was hands-on, going from group to group, barking orders. He’s intense today

Joe’s not surprised Schiano is bringing extra juice. His team’s on a three-game losing streak and just came out slow for the first time this season.

Joe’s really looking to see how the Bucs respond Sunday. They desperately need to avoid a complete December collapse that has plagued the team two of the past four years.

Schiano said after practice he expects his players to be as disgusted as he is and ready to dig in — perhaps harder than ever — to right the subpar play of last Sunday.

“If you’re not sick, then there’s a problem,” Schiano said, referring to what should be the mentality of all Buccaneers.

24 Responses to ““If You’re Not Sick, Then There’s A Problem””

  1. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    The Glazers found an outstanding head coach in Greg Schiano.

    This guy should run for president.

  2. PRBucFan Says:

    Every Buc fan on earth should be sick.

  3. BIG SIR Says:

    Man, I love this coach. As a fan, he makes me feel like he knows our pain and won’t stop grinding and pushing the entire organization until we have a top notch team. We have a losing record but this feels a lot different than last year. I have full confidence in Schiano and cant really explain why. Weird.

  4. dcbucsfan Says:

    I’m damn sure sick!!!!

  5. PRBucFan Says:

    I do have confidence that yr two with schiano will have us going far

  6. holymoly Says:

    Gotta love his enthusiasm .. hope he gets the boys refocused and they come out and beat the aints

  7. Justin Says:

    The conclusion to Sundays game was the sickest Ive been watching a Bucs game in a long time. Probably since the 2010 home game vs Atlanta.

  8. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Getting the most out of a team poor on all around talent.

  9. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    This team better come out fired up this week. Last time Brees and Co. lit us up and we had absolutely no answers. Otherwise this will be a blow out.

  10. SteveK Says:

    I love the intensity and desire exhibited by Coach Schiano.

    Upon Schiano’s hire, one of the regulare questions was: “Will Schiano be able to keep his ‘in your face’ mantra from Rutgers to the Pros?”

    Undoubtedly, yes.

    If the players want to have the Coach lighten up then, play like you are capable.

    Winning cures all.

  11. raphael Says:

    who holds Shiano accountable when he screws up? I am still sick because he chickened out and put his tail between his legs when we could of Iced the game with a 8 yrd pass……Sickening !

  12. Justin Says:

    Schiano was certainly ticked off today. He was very abrupt at the onset of his press conference today. Glad to see it.

  13. JMoney Says:

    I love this get pumped up Tampa can win all these games so close

  14. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    RUN THE DAMN TABLE. even if we do, still need an act of god to make the playoffs, but a winning season would be lovely. im still trying to get 2011 out of my head. this would help.

  15. Andrew Says:

    that was probably the most sickening lose since the 1999 NFC championship game vs the rams. I still haven’t gotten over that one.

  16. Oahubuc Says:

    I’m sick. And there’s a problem. That was a horrible, pitiful, disgraceful loss.

  17. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I’ll bet the Little General is panicked, Gruden lost his last 4, got fired.

    Radio Raheem lost his last 10, got fired.

    Schiano loses last 6, might get fired?

    Chip Kelly available?

  18. J-VillesBuc84 Says:

    I like Schiano as a coach and like Sullivan as are offensive coordinator. Sheridan i’m still not sure of. Either way this team needs to take a look at are 3rd down efficiency on both sides of the ball. If your not going to trust Josh to throw on 3rd down to possibly seal the game then get someone who you will trust. I don’t like our clock management at the end of the 4th quarter this year. We got to much money in the offense. When we get in he red zone we need to come away with 7 and always need to atleast get in field goal range to get 3. ALWAYS!!! Ths offense is to good!! They need to be help to higher standereds. The CBs need some work and I think Sheridans Man Coverage will be better, but untill then he neds to adjust nd play to the strength of the team and thats Obviously not Man to Man. His 3rd down playing calling pisses me off the most. Please stop Blitzing on 3rd down please. I know there all still learning and it’s there first year together as a staff, but when were losing by a score or less we need to correct these minor mistakes if we want to get to the playoffs and win championships because it’s whats holding us back.

  19. thegregwitul Says:

    Andrew, you’re forgetting the Colts game in 2003. Monday Night Football, the Bucs having a back and forth season having shut out Philly in week 1, blowing the extra point and losing in overtime in week 2 against Carolina and thumping Atlanta in week 3. That to me is tied with the 1999 NFC Championship game for worst loss as a Buc fan, in fact the Colts game might hurt a little more, because this was a team defending it’s championship and that loss really impacted the team the rest of the season. Even though they crushed Washington the next week, the Bucs were just too schizophrenic in 2003 and the Colts game really magnifies that.

    Just thinking about that game makes me sick. The BS illegal onside kick, the leaping call, losing Brian Kelly and watching Peyton Manning roast the secondary to lead a comeback. In fact, that game in some ways was just like last weeks Philly game; the secondary knew what was coming and couldn’t stop it. The Philly loss hurt, believe me, but not as bad as that Colts game (damn close, though). The Washington playoff loss where Chris Simms fell just short of leading a comeback was a stinger as well.

  20. SullivansLostPlaybook Says:

    Would like them to pick up rodgers-cromartie in the offseason

  21. bucobruce Says:

    2003 Colts game, worst Buc memory of all time.

  22. Andrew Says:

    @ the gretwitul

    true that. I was just starting to live down that colts game to. lol. the chris simms redskins playoff game also hurt. but for some reason that 1999 championship game tops them all for me as being one the most crushing experiences.

  23. Jamaica Buc Says:

    @ Raphael. I think the coach just wasn’t that confident in Freeman to have him throw it on the infamous 3rd and 8

  24. PRBucFan Says:

    No one in their right mind that game would have trusted freeman to throw for that third down after the way he performed. On the missed FG he trusted him to throw for the first down and Free blew it missing Underwood high.