Kiffin-Schiano A Bad Match

December 21st, 2012

Rumors of Bucs covert defensive advisor Butch Davis being considered for college head coaching jobs, combined with Bucs icon Monte Kiffin leaving the University of Southern California to return to the NFL, had many speculating whether Kiffin might join the New Schiano Order.

Greg Schiano himself has talked openly about how he’s admired and studied Kiffin’s defenses and coaching style for years. Plus Kiffin still resides in the Bay area.

But Derrick Brooks says a Schiano-Kiffin marriage is unlikely to be a good match, so Brooks said on WDAE-AM 620 on Wednesday.

“I don’t know about bringing Kif here back to Tampa. You know, I just see that’s a probably difficult fit because the style of defense and some of the personality of, you know, Coach Schiano what he wants to get done from a pressure standpoint,” Brooks said. “He’s more of a pressure guy. Kif is more vanilla, ‘Line up. Do your job. Know what you’re doing.’ Kind of do what you do and make people beat you because they outexecuted you versus what they got now. I like the thought, but I think it would be kind of difficult in my opinion.”

Brooks went on to say he thought Kiffin might, in fact, be seeking a consultant role versus a defensive coordinator position.

Joe will say this, if the Bucs don’t seriously improve their secondary in the offseason, then the team could use every last  defensive mastermind it can find to right the mess.

18 Responses to “Kiffin-Schiano A Bad Match”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Look, I’ll take “line up & do what you do” over “blitz too many men & get burned, or rush 3 men & get burned”. Sheridan has improved since his Giants days, but I’d love old man Kiffen back over him (though is Kiff too old @ this point?). The point is, Schiano WORSHIPPED Monte Kiffin & the Bucs defense…frankly, I thought Schiano would take a more active role in the defense this year, but I believe it was most the Sheridan Show. If Kiffin comes in, I really believe Schiano would love The Master to run his defense.

  2. Joe Says:

    @Christopher – To be fair, during Sheridan’s introduction to the media he made it very clear he was running Greg Schiano’s defense.

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Based on Kiffin’s performance his final season in Tampa along with his stints in Tennessee and in SoCal I’d say his game has dropped significantly. He’s not what he used to be. As for him coming back as the Bucs DC…no thanks. Thanks for the memories, though.

  4. buccanay Says:

    This is a tough one. Its obvious Shiano’s a headstrong, prideful man with strong beliefs in his ways. I wonder if Shiano is willing to change if his system is not working in the NFL OR we simply dont have the personel to run it. You have to be willing to be adapt and accept maybe “your way” is not the best way. I’ve been baffled by the use of this defense, especially, its situational use, given the lack of talent on the back end. Maybe he could use someone on the defense who’s not a “yes” man or not intimidated to get him to realize his shortcomings on the defensive side. Not sure what Butch’s role has been. Personally, I love his style of D, but we just dont have the CB’s to play it, and some of the situational calls have been dreadful. Anyway, I’d like to see his D with the RIGHT personel. It’s aggressive but we need VERY good CB’s to play it IMO.

  5. buccanay Says:

    Here’s an idea…Greg Williams anyone?

  6. OAR Says:

    Oh, he’s very popular buccnany. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.

    Really? That’s like hiring Sandusky to be a babysitter!

  7. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Monte is too old now….these young cats will tune him out (it’s darn near impossible to understand what he’s saying anyway!!!)

  8. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Monte is too old now….these young cats will tune him out (it’s darn near impossible to understand what he’s saying anyway!!!)

  9. dp4life22 Says:

    Sherida’s defensive number are similiar to his year in NY where he had the worst pass defense..hmm heard that recently

    Get dave Wannstedt !! cowboys had pressure when he was there and shiano knows him from the U AND CHI-TOWN

  10. Eric Says:

    One of the best dc’s in history. Pittsburgh doesn’t tune out their dc.

    Put ego aside, step aside, let the master do his work. No brainier.

  11. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Kwitter Kiffen will have the players quit 3/4 of the way into the season.

    His #1 draft pick of Gaines Adams was legendary.

    The reason he’s unemployed, is that he can’t adapt to innovative offenses like Oregon’s (63 pts). Oh my!

  12. JonBuc Says:

    He’d be coming back to McCoy, Foster and Barron…not Sapp, Brooks and Lynch. A whimsical thought I suppose, but that pirate ship has sailed/sunk.

  13. Brandon Says:

    dp4life22 Says:

    December 21st, 2012 at 3:16 pm
    Sherida’s defensive number are similiar to his year in NY where he had the worst pass defense..hmm heard that recently


    That was me. Before Sheridan Giants D was 3rd in NFL, opposing QBs had 76.7 rating and sacked 42X. With Sheridan Giants D was 30th in NFL, opposing QBs 95 rating and sacked 32X. Post Sheridan Giants D rebounded to 13th, opposing QBs rating was 80 and sacked 48X.

    That 95 rating is pretty much the same as the Bucs have done this season… the 32 sacks is wishful thinking.

    I don’t care what anybody thinks of Kiffin. He could be 105 years old and still be a better defensive coordinator than Sheridan.

    Ron Meeks is the man you want anyways, check out what he did with the Colts. A team that invested most of their cash and draft picks on their high-powered O and he still cranked out top 10 defenses 5 out of his 8 seasons there and then they’ve been in the bottom 20 all 3 seasons since he left (they were 31st the year before he got there, 7th in his first year). The guy is the miracle worker.

  14. Brandon Says:

    Some of you guys are bitter towards Kiffin for ZERO reason. Even the year that he left to coach with his son (understandable), despite the defense completely tanking the last 4 games, it was the 12th time in 13 seasons his defense finished top 10 in scoring defense. Keep in mind please, that he did this without: Sapp, Rice, Lynch, Brooks in his prime, Quarles, Kelly and others. Instead, he led a ragged group of Buc defenders led by Barrett Ruud (back when people thought he was good), Cato June, Philip Buchanan, Kevin Carter, Gaines Adams, Stylez White, Chris Hovan, Jermaine Phillips, Jovan Haye, and Sabby Piscitelli. Any of those guys get Pro Bowl consideration that year? No, it was mainly due to Kiffin and his coaching that these horrid defenders did as well as they did… all the way back in 2008 it was. You have people on here saying he’s done, his system is outdated, etc…. sure, the same system the Bears and Vikings use so well is outdated.

    There’s more talent on this Buc defense than the 2008 top 10 defense of the Bucs. BTW, the 2008 Bucs held opposing QBs to a 75.3 rating…compare that to the current rating of 95…

    Check it out
    2008 2012
    LDE Kevin Carter Michael Bennett
    UT Jovan Haye Gerald McCoy
    NT Chris Hovan Roy Miller
    RDE Gaines Adams/S. White Adrian Clayborn/D. Bowers

    SLB Cato June Quincy Black/Adam Hayward
    MLB Barrett Ruud Mason Foster
    WLB Derrick Brooks Lavonte David

    LCB Philip Buchanan EJ Biggers
    FS Tanard Jackson Ronde Barber
    SS Jermaine Phillips Mark Barron
    RCB Ronde Barber Eric Wright

    Person for person each member of the of the 2012 Bucs defensive line is far better than their 2008 counterpart.

    At SLB, Cato June statistically speaking is no better than Black and Hayward. As a matter of fact, both Black and Hayward have done very well when on the field this season (especially Black against the run). I’ll try to be fair and call this a push…even though June only played in ONE NFL game the rest of his career after 2008.

    I’m going to call the MLB Ruud vs Foster matchup in favor of Foster. Ruud had his deficiencies against the run, Foster against the pass, the needle is clearly pointed up for Foster, it was all downhill for Ruud after 2008, Considering the SLB battle was a push, it’s only fair if 2012 gets the nod in this battle.

    At WLB, even though it was Brooks’ last season in the NFL and he had clearly lost a step or two and David looks to be a burgeoning super star in the making. I’ll give the nod to the 2008 Bucs WLB because of Brooks’ HOF career.

    So far the 2012 Bucs defenders have a 5-1-1 edge over the 2008 squad that was top 5 when Kiffin announced he was leaving with 4 games left.

    LCB People love to hate on EJ Biggers even though he has been the best cover CB for the Bucs this season by far. Hate on him all you want, he’s the best we have and under a decent DC he would probably be excellent. We let him go, we have Al Harris all over again. He’ll go on to be a really good player for a good long while for another team. Either way. Buchanon’s 2008 season was his last in Tampa, he played a few more years and was decent for the Bucs. To make the Biggers haters happy, I’ll give Buchanon the nod though I tend to see it as more of a push.

    FS Ronde Barber will make the Pro Bowl this season and deservedly so. Tanard Jackson had potential and occasionally lived up to it. That being said, this is closer than the numbers should indicate, but the edge goes to Barber.

    SS Mark Barron vs Jermaine Phillips. I really liked Phillips, Barron has done some good things. That being said, they are very similar players except Phillips missed the last 5 games and was replaced by Sabby the GOAT. I have to go with Barron simply for the reason that his forearms aren’t made of glass. Advantage Barron and 2012 Bucs

    RCB Wright isn’t as bad as we think, Barber not as good as we thought. Still the 2008 version of Barber gets the nod over Wright due to production and not being suspended.

    Final tally? Person to person, the 2012 Buccaneers defense has better players by a 7-3-1 edge. The big difference of why better players don’t equal a better defense? A terrible defensive coordinator vs. an excellent one. Say what you want about Kiffin, but the truth is, is that he had those average defenders playing great defense for the first 12 games of the season.

  15. Eric Says:

    Great post Brandon.

    Remember monte had the number one defense in 2005 without Sapp and Lynch.

    I think they set some kinda record for least yardage given up in that playoff game vs. skins.

    And his defense was good enough to win NFC south in 07.

    Heck yea you take him back! After what we’ve seen defensively? Are you people nuts?

  16. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Seeing that interminably long post by Brandon reminds me of Pete Dutcher and his long repetitive posts. Did Pete die?

  17. buckeyebob Says:

    So what in the name of all thats holy is our great consultant on D doing besides looking for a new coaching gig and cashing checks. No more old farts and guys who need to consult. Get some corners and play the run first rate to make them chuck the ball. The reason that Pitts holds on to Labow is the number of rings he has as a coach, hall of famer, 50 years plus in the league and a guy who can relate to todays wide open offenses and he reads Twas the Night Before Christmas every year to his guys….nice touch !!

  18. JonBuc Says:


    Very good points…and tu shay. Perhaps I’m still a little sore that he joined his son Lame Kitten which seemed to lead to the collapse of ’08. Who really knows…