“It’s Do Or Die Time”

December 9th, 2012

The Bucs find themselves in a pinch as we countdown the hours to kickoff of the Eagles-Bucs game. Simply put, if the Bucs lose another game, it’s time to start breaking down cornerbacks in next spring’s draft.

Oh, don’t worry. The Bucs are aware of this all too well. Joe got a chance to talk to right tackle Demar Dotson last week about the Eagles.

“They play real hard, they play tough, their record doesn’t show how hard they play. They get up the field with two inside guys really good and Trent Cole is good. Then you have Andy Reid one of the best coaches. They will fight to the end.

“We have to get back rolling. It is do or die time. We have to get a streak going.”

As Joe stated before, it’s hard to believe the Bucs can suffer another loss and be playing in January. Yes, the Eagles are talented; they also stink. You are what your record says you are.

Time to man up and do the 2002 champions proud while they are in your house.

One Response to ““It’s Do Or Die Time””

  1. Brandon Says:

    Perhaps the average fan can start breaking down CBs for next season’s draft with a loss, but the few fans with the sickness, the ones that only watch football and view all other sports as an unwanted distraction from football, the fans that gave up watching ESPN the moment NFL Network came on the air, have been breaking down CBs since the week 2 loss to the Giants.

    That being said, this is a fairly weak CB class. It’s stronger in pass rushers, both inside and out and with a few versatile wildcards like Oregon’s DE Dion Jordan who looks like he could be a Sam LB on running downs and go to DE in pass rush situations. I still think getting to the QB is a far greater need. If we could rush the QB with our front four, we wouldn’t have to put our CBs in single coverage (O and 1).