Don’t Underestimate Nick Foles

December 9th, 2012

Many times when an NFL team puts in a rookie quarterback who was drafted in the third round, it is panic time.

The Bucs don’t see that with Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles, the rookie from Arizona. Especially linebacker Mason Foster.

When Joe asked Foster whether he was looking forward to helping baptize a rookie into the NFL, Foster quickly shook his head and advise Joe not to disparage Foles.

“Not really,” Foster said when asked if he was excited about facing a rookie quarterback. “A lot of times, a coach will put a guy in there because he is well-rounded and he can make a lot of plays for a team.”

That’s partially Foles is playing. Sure, Michael Vick, dangerous as he is, is dinged up, but Vick was playing sloppy with too many turnovers.

So far, Foles has handled himself well. In four games, Foles has completed 60 percent of his passes but does have one more pick (three) than touchdowns thrown (two).

The one thing that will help the Bucs is Foles is not a runner. He’s a classic, NFL dropback quarterback. He’ll only run as a last resort, unlike Vick who was at risk of taking off on just about any snap.

Hopefully, with Foles being a pocket passer, the Bucs’ front defensive line will be able to key in on him more and put pressure in his face.

Joe will take his chances with a rookie making his fifth start over a dangerous guy like Vick.

“The Eagles are a really good team,” Foster said. “Their record may not show it but they have players and playmakers. It will be a challenge.”

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