Eric Wright Needs A “Change Of Pace”

December 18th, 2012

Adderall-popping, suspension-serving Eric Wright returned to the Twitter universe after a long hiatus last week. And on Saturday, Wright, aka @EWrighteous21, wanted all 21,903 of his followers to know that he was set for a lovely beach weekend with his wife, filled with beauty treatments, spectacular dining and ringing up his Visa card.

Hopefully, Wright found time to watch his Bucs brothers getting drilled in New Orleans.

@EWrighteous21 — Sometimes you just need a change of pace.. Taking @LaTanyaWright to Laguna for the weekend.. Spa weekend, shopping and good food #RelaxMode

Joe shouldn’t be surprised, but Joe can’t believe a suspended NFL player would be foolish and/or clueless enough to tell the world he needs “a change of pace” after he let his team down AND while he’s scheduled to return to said team in a matter of days.

That’s just bad judgment, one of Wright’s strengths.

53 Responses to “Eric Wright Needs A “Change Of Pace””

  1. SaskBuco Says:

    Well that about sums up this guy’s attitude and take on things, There is no way he can be back with this team, hopefully no one signs him at all of for anything other then veteran Minimum, I just don’t get it……………..

  2. Morgan Says:

    get rid of him

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    The Eric Wright experience will come to a close in short time.

  4. Keith Says:

    Veteran leadership … Doh!

  5. Reality Check Says:

    Wouldn’t spend too much seeing as how your contract is going to be null and void soon.

  6. Bucnnole Says:

    What a piece of garbage. What did the front office see on this bum to make them want to sign him to a long term deal? I’ve watch his tape in Detriot and he was awful. He should have signed Brandon Carr or Tracy Porter. What a bad investment by Marky and the boys.

  7. Eric Says:

    These guys live in a parallel universe.

  8. lightningbuc Says:


    An Eric Wright article and no mention of the Rock Star GM who brought this guy to Tampa, or Laguna Beach, CA, or drug rehab, or wherever Wright is today?

  9. Joe Says:

    [Deleted impostor’s comments. — Joe]

  10. tim Says:

    Lol Did anyone else notice his twitter back ground picture?

  11. Jarret Says:

    Yeah Joe, you gotta admit this was a terrible move by dominik. I never understood why he was so coveted. Hes never been a great corner and obviously he’s an irresponsible person off the field between his adderol, car accident after drinking or even back to his days when he was accused of rape in college.
    I PRAY they void his contract this offseason. Not smart to overpay an a average corner just because its a weak point on the team. It was still weak WITH him!

  12. teacherman777 Says:

    His next contract will be like the one he got from Detroit.

    A one year contract!

  13. DieHard_Bob Says:

    Hope he keeps his bags packed.

  14. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    He’s got a “change of pace” coming alright. Hope he’s ready for it.

  15. slipp Says:

    …and posting photos of himself wearing a 49ers hat

  16. drbinshore Says:

    He looks like Steve Erkel.

  17. Ramdog Says:

    GET RID OF THAT DOUCHE BAG now not sure why we signed him anyway. Some good Free-agent corners out there next season pick one up draft a couple more and lets rock. I think they loose him and sorry to say Quincy Black and that adds like 10 million or so to the Cap. We will have some of the most cap space to get more talent if we want or resign Bennett or whomever to long term deals.

  18. Justin Says:

    His ass can stay in Laguna. This guy is such a CHUMP. Adios Wright.

  19. Brandon Says:

    Hopefully, the biggest change of scenery this offseason for our DBs is a a change back to the T-2 under either Monte Kiffin or Ron Meeks. Those men have impeccable track records for success on the NFL level. Bill Sheridan has the worst track record in the NFL.

  20. bUcncRazy Says:

    Have you seen his other tweets he has some instagam photos wearing 49ers gear . I tweeted to him i couldn’t wait till he got cut, he tweeted back #respect much love. What a joke!

  21. Matt Horse Says:

    Realistically will this d bag be gone in the off season? I’ve got a bad feeling this guy might still be here next September

  22. Bucamania Says:

    Change of pace? How about playing football. Haven’t done that much this year.

  23. tim Says:

    Well It was posted somewhere that since he tested positive for PEDs his contract could be void or something like that. I wasnt impressed with him at all this season. So I dont expect to see him next year.

  24. thegregwitul Says:

    Get this man the hell off my favorite football team, please and thank you. I just don’t see how Eric Wright can be a ‘Buccaneer Man’.

    I’m not caught up yet on the pending free agents at corner, but I’m willing to bet that there is at least one or two guys with more ability and Mark Dominik needs to sign one of them. Find the other corner in the draft and let’s right this ship.

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    I can’t blame Dom for trying. It wasn’t a wasted draft pick at least, and he’s only wasted money. Cut your losses and move on. No big deal.

  26. Oahubuc Says:

    Ditch this fool.

  27. Rajah Says:

    @Bucnnole my sentiments exactly bro. This dude is a total bum and pile of complete garbage. Uck him and his ducking … Joe deleted the rest of this commment. The crime was over-the-line hatespeak.

  28. Rajah Says:

    I can’t believe this guy with this crap. He is vacationing and Freeman is out late at night posing for pics with whores. These are not Buccaneer men.

  29. Morgan Says:

    Is he wearing Niners’ gear?

  30. mpmalloy Says:

    Maybe this was the “unnamed source” menstruating about
    the mean college coaches?

  31. Patrick Says:

    Get rid of him, he sucks anyway

  32. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    Dom’s genius FA acquisition.

  33. Joe Blow Says:

    C’mon Man! Last season you bitched about not getting any F.A.’s so he goes and and gets some NOW your bitching about who he got! Geez give the guy a break!Brandon Carr was never gonna come to Tampa anyways! He wanted to go to dallas. With fans like this no wonder he would. Plus Mark Dom is probly not that good at picking FA’s yet since he was under bruse allen at first then barely has any experience picking them since he’s never allowed to.

  34. raphael Says:

    wonder when the checks for the spa will bounce ? wonder when the bucs stop paying him

  35. iamabuc Says:

    This bum haven’t done much for us during the season, suspended for aderall, and now taking a vacation in the middle of the season, and earning all that money; I believe is time to get rid of him for good.

  36. Patrick Says:

    2013 free agent cornerbacks:

  37. JJ1977 Says:

    what a f’ing loser!!

  38. JJ1977 Says:

    Sign Rodgers Cromartie and Brent Grimes!!

  39. Andrew Says:

    WOW! what a slap in the face to bucs players, coaches, organization, and fans. there are 2 types of players, the ones in it for the money, and the ones in it for the love of the game. this guys has clearly shown by his actions and comments that he is only in it for the money which makes him not a player in it for the love of the game, or aka not a “Buccaneer Man”. Im already done with this guy in the short amount of time he has been here and almost as anxious to get rid of him as I was with Michael Clayton. what a fuking jack off.

  40. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Never did see why the Rock star was so interested in EW. What a bust! Cut him loose, I’m tired about hearing about this guy.

  41. Andrew Says:

    We got rid of 1 Douche bag, Talib, only to replace him with another Douche bag, Wright. Unfuking believable.

  42. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe not everybody loves the ge but they’re all in it for the money.

  43. thegregwitul Says:

    Looking at the list Patrick posted, I’d go with Sean Smith and Brent Grimes if I could pick two. I like Sean Smith’s size, but it’s likely Miami locks him up as they’ll have pleny of cap room going into the offseason. Tracy Porter wouldn’t be bad, either.

    Looking at some of the other positions; the QB pool is very shallow…I wouldn’t mind Danny Woodhead to replace Blount (assuming he isn’t on the team next season)…Big fan of Danny Amendola, but we appear to be set at the wideout spot…Fred Davis, Jared Cook or Heath Miller could be valuable additions at TE…Michael Johnson or Glenn Dorsey to provide depth?

  44. GenocideD Says:

    To all the people blowing the 9ers gear out of proportion… He was born and raised in SanFran. It’s not like he’s wearing a Giants hat or something. Give the guy a break in regards to wearing a 9ers hat and matching shoes. So he made a wrong choice of words on Twitter. Whooptiedoo. That’s what happens when we give several million guaranteed dollars to a twenty something year old kid. He’s heading home to spend a bunch of money on Xmas weekend. end of story

  45. BucFan20 Says:

    The problem with the 2013 free agent list is most of them will resign with the teams . The ones that may not are not that great. So Wright because of his violation, I think they may be able to restructure his contract. But I don’t know for sure.

  46. Patrick Says:

    We need to release ALL of our cornerbacks this offseason………seriously NONE of them can play a game without getting burned for huge yardage. Biggers, Lewis, Wright, THEY ALL need to be given their walking papers!!!!

  47. Santos Says:

    Seen pictures of him working out an heard he worked hard during it. Let the man take a couple days to clear his mind and get back to worn, give the guy a break.

  48. Rajah Says:

    Eric Wright is less than human, he belongs in a zoo in my eyes. A true and total piece of ish. Worthless!

  49. buccanay Says:

    This thing went downhill FAST!!! We definitely need a personel man to, at minimum, help with decision-making in personel.

  50. BucDan Says:

    This is why I do not like twitter. I say let this one go. Dude posted that he was taking his wifey on vacation. I follow a few players to get a glimpse into what makes them ‘tick’ so to say, and there are some eye openers. Tiquan loves to cook and is constantly going back and forth with Ahmad Black. Adrian Clayborne BARELY mentions football or the team and his twitter is filled with ‘chillin at home’, ‘on the way to the mall’, etc. Bowers is always trying to private message females and accidentally sends them to everybody…

    My point is that this really isn’t a big deal. I don’t see anything detrimental to the team (further than getting suspended…), nothing disrespectful and nothing of a distraction.

    But hey, maybe that’s just me.

  51. loung Says:

    the season din!t start yet ……….

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