Dallas Clark: Don’t Blame Coaches

December 18th, 2012

NFL freelance reporter Dory LeBlanc covered the Bucs-Saints game in New Orleans for Joe and grabbed some interesting comments from Dallas Clark after the ugly shutout loss.

On Josh Freeman’s struggles:

“It’s definitely not just one person. [We] got a lot of things we have to iron out as an offense. Unfortunately in this league the quarterback, head coach, and other guys are always the first ones to throw under the bus, but I’ll be the first one to say it’s me, it’s everyone. We all have to play better and I think we have people here that will make it happen. But certainly no one should take the brunt of any of this. It’s a team thing right now and we have to get it fixed.”

On the sputtering Bucs offense the past few weeks:

“We’re just making mistakes you can’t make in the NFL. We’re doing a lot of stuff ourselves. It’s a credit to the Saints. Saints had a great game plan, they made some really good plays and really kind of put us in a bind. It was unfortunate – we were feeling good about this opportunity and we just left one out there.”

On Freeman’s pick that was intended for him:

“That was just a combination of a good play and just wish I had an extra step to deflect the pass or get a pass interference on him. It was a tough start, but it was a great read on their part.”

On the shutout:

“It really hasn’t fully sunk in. But yeah, this is not a good performance. And it’s not one person it’s everyone. And that’s what it’s going to take to correct it – everyone. It’s something we have to address.”

5 Responses to “Dallas Clark: Don’t Blame Coaches”

  1. raphael Says:

    Dang , I thought everybody said it was Freemans fault ? lol

  2. bucsalltheway Says:

    i know i didnt place it on him. i clearly watched the game and everyone wasnt truly in it the way they got robbed of the first game i think they all got a lil petrified even including doug martin he just wasnt running like the usual doug at least not in the first half. and all the recievers looked and lil off and freeman did miss alot of throws that is usually money for him but i believe we can bounce back and finish strong. i really think alot of folks are in panic and giving up too quick like some of the players on the bucs roster.

  3. Patrick Says:

    I don’t think we should get rid of Freeman, but with the way he’s been playing as of late, we need to sign another quarterback to push him or to at least have another option in case he keeps fking up next year.

    Fire every cornerback currently on the roster (biggers, lewis, Adderall Wright). They can’t play one game without getting burned downfield constantly. They all need to go. Start from scratch with the cornerbacks. CB in the 1st round, another one in the 3rd, and three/four more in free agency. Keep Gaitor maybe, that’s it. Barber……well he’s welcomed back if he wants to.

    If we just have a defense that’s average, Freeman would be fine probably. But i’m frustrated as hell with him like ya’ll are.

    Get some depth on the offensive line, given how injury prone our O-line was this year!

  4. 911bucs Says:

    @Patrick Good point to get another QB to push Freeman.

  5. FlBoy84 Says:

    Hate to give Washington props, but really like the move to draft Cousins when they had RGIII in the fold as well. Gives them a nice backup to develop and a great trade chip in the future as well. Hopefully the Bucs will take note.