Elimination Doesn’t Change Plan For Doug Martin

December 19th, 2012

The Bucs are out of the playoff hunt and their bellcow rookie running back has plenty of early mileage on him, but don’t look for Martin to get any rest until January.

Greg Schiano made it clear today that the New Schiano Order is, well, too new for Martin to sit down and rest a bit. Schiano said the same holds true for all his top players as the Buccaneers figure out how to win games.

Schiano said backups likely would see more action if the Bucs were, say, an established playoff team that merely missed the postseason this year.

Of course, Schiano’s perspective could change after Sunday’s game against the Rams, especially if the Bucs win, and especially if guys get banged up.

7 Responses to “Elimination Doesn’t Change Plan For Doug Martin”

  1. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Watch Bully Schiano lose his job INSTANTLY when Doug blows out his knee (the bully never does the dirty work..himself!) smh

  2. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Blount looked pretty good mopping up. I would give him more playing time to showcase his talents and then sign him to an attractive contract. Imagine if he could rack up 150 yards against the Falcon back ups?

    Call Belicheat and tell him he can have his 4th round pick back (Talib trade) and Blount in return for back up QB Ryan Mallett.

    That way the Bucs can maneuver freely orchestrating a trade for Freeman. With Mallett in their back pocket, no one can tale advantage of their desperation. Although, dealing from a position of strength, they will be able to take advantage of other teams desperation. Teams like NYJ, KC and Oaktown can participate in a bidding war to acquire the 15th ranked QB in the NFL.

  3. Celly Says:


    You must be doing pretty well in Franchise mode in Madden, huh….

  4. Gus Says:

    @Miguel thats not a bad idea at all. I dont think New England would bite. But that would be a hell of a trade in our favorite.

  5. J-villeBucs Says:

    I’d like to see him use M.Smith in these last games return kicks/punts or just being a 3rd down back.

  6. MR.T Says:

    The bucs have done everything to avoid playing Smith and I don’t see them changing in the last 2 games. It will be interesting to see what they do with him next year.

  7. RustyRhino Says:

    @joe nice photo.
    So use him, don’t use him as much. I really do not care as long as there is a W in our stats and no one gets hurt.
    I Would love to see blount play more in the first half. And 1 play is not playing time…. How about A few series, let the D get focused on stopping Him , then we hit them with Martin’s speed and vision. Maybe play them at the same time, motion one out of the back field. Showing the Defense’s plan some, then run or pass from that. To me we’ve seen Martin on a lb in space this is usually a positive play.