“We Were Not Going To Get Punked Out.”

November 6th, 2012

“Demar, you are a Buccaneer Man.”

As Joe wrote yesterday, and will write about in more detail later today, Bucs offensive line coach Bob Bostad shouldn’t have to buy a drink or a dinner the rest of the football season given the job he has done with the Bucs.

Joe cannot remember, this side of Pittsburgh, an NFL team whose offensive line has been ravaged by injuries to star personnel, only to have the NFL equivalent of chewing gum and duct tape repair the holes and still shut down a talented opponent.

But that was the case Sunday when the Bucs offensive line all but shut down a talented foe like the Raiders, allowing Doug Martin to go all Gayle Sayers.

Apparently, it wasn’t just Bostad’s magic touch, but a mindset the Bucs line. They were going into the game with a street fight mentality that apparently paid off, so Demar Dotson said yesterday afternoon at One Buc Palace.

“It is the NFL; next man up,” Dotson said. “You are going to have to play different positions and when your number is up you are going to do what is the best for the team. That’s why Jeremy Zuttah is so unselfish in going from center to left guard. He didn’t even complain about it. He just went out there and locked down [Raiders defensive tackle Richard] Seymour. That’s what kind of player he is.

“I think after the first couple of series we started to get comfortable. We started to get together as a unit. We knew we were going to go out there and fight. [The Raiders] have a good front seven, especially a good front four. We knew it was going to be a dogfight from start to finish and we knew we were not going to get punked out. We were there to fight all day.”

Hearing this got Joe fired up. That type of mentality is exactly what the New Schiano Order is all about.

And Dotson is right. After a less than stellar start, the line started to own the line of scrimmage.

Impressive stuff.

10 Responses to ““We Were Not Going To Get Punked Out.””

  1. Keys Says:

    I think Dotson, was a huge upgrade over Trueblood, happy for the kid. Also Larsen didn’t look bad at all at Center.

  2. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Did anyone notice that Ted Larsen was driving the nose tackle backwards the entire 2nd half?

  3. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Much, much better than the group of quitters Raheem coached up last season.

  4. raphael Says:

    I am ready to run through a fricken wall RIGHT NOW !!!!!

  5. Orlandobucfan Says:

    The bucs are two quality corners away from being a damn good and scary football team. Joe you mention that Bob Bostad shouldn’t buy drinks or a meal for the rest of the football year, I think schiano is in the same boat the discipline he has instilled in this team is polar opposite from Raheem era.

  6. Lead Says:

    I agree with you Keys. Am glad Dotson got his chance to play. With this line Doug Martin broke records.. Mr true is gonna get cut next year and If Davin Joseph doesnt like that he can go play somewhere else. If I was Davin I will tell True to his face You aint as good as Dotson.. I know people criticized him when he first started this year but ever since he and Meredith settled the line has been great and Josh has been getting protection from the right. Kudos to Meredith, Dotson for holding it down.. and the rest of the Oline. After I watched the Eagles game last night and saw their Oline mess up so bad , especially their right tackle Bell I couldnt help but praise the Schiano for a job well done. To me they are top five in the nfl

  7. Keys Says:

    I agree two good corners and well be set, LJ is play well, bigger is ok at best. Jesus couldn’t even help Myron Lewis. Eric Wright is average.

  8. McBuc Says:

    Look at the two drastically different outcomes between the Eagle’s line of backups and Tampa’s line of backups. Each team has one starter right now. I sure am glad this coach is in Tampa. Say what you want about Vick’s play this year, but I do not know if any QB could play any better behind that line.

  9. Sneedy16 Says:


    Vick was getting sack on 5 step drops on his 3rd step. Eagles line is horrible and I’m glad to have the line we have.

  10. Brandon Says:

    Let’s also give credit to the source. Demar Dotson is playing great football. He’s given up one sack on the season, he’s effective in the running game. Basically, he’s playing like a franchise right tackle (that term doesn’t exist until now). I am super impressed with him and the Bucs look to be set with excellent bookend OTs that they found as UDFAs. Dotson and Penn should be eating pineapple as well at the end of the season.