Turnovers Mean Points

November 23rd, 2012

When Bucs cornerback Leonard Johnson styled into the end zone on a pick-six against the Chargers, that was one of 11 touchdowns the Bucs have scored after turnovers this season.

The Bucs have improved in so many areas from last year, Joe doesn’t know where to start. Defense, offense, special teams, you name it.

One area Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune has points out is the Bucs are among the NFL’s best at converting turnovers into points.

In fact, that is the rallying cry for the Bucs offense after the defense gets the ball back for the Bucs.

“Whenever we get another opportunity off a turnover like that, we always yell ‘points’ to each other as we’re running onto the field, because that’s what we want,” Mike Williams added. “We want to score points.”

More often than not they do. The Bucs go into their game against the Falcons on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium ranked third in the league in points scored off turnovers with 83.

Only the New York Giants (96) and Chicago Bears (88) have scored more this year, and in most cases the Bucs are maxing out on the additional offensive opportunities.

Of the 13 turnovers the Bucs have converted into scores, 11 were turned into Bucs touchdowns, which is huge.

That, my friends, is what Joe calls opportunistic. It’s also crippling for Bucs opponents who are sloppy with the ball.

3 Responses to “Turnovers Mean Points”

  1. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    When you score TD’s off of turn overs, its a huge momentum swing and demoralizes the opponent. So not only are you putting more points on the boards, you take away their spirit. I love the aggressive offensive play calling that make the best of these turn overs. I would like to see the Bucs get better at the time of possession to keep our defense off the field a little more, but sometimes the game dictates other wise. Go Bucs.

    Did anyone see the terrible rule called against the Lions yesterday? I didn’t care who won up until that awful mistake by the refs. That rule has got to be changed!

  2. Red86 Says:

    Agree SeanyMac!!

    Thst td run run was crazy when his elbow was clearly on the ground. But I rather have the current refs than the replacement ref.

    Another big difference compared to last year is converting on third down and maintaining drives. Those two 80 yards drive in last week come back are proof of that. Offense last year was like a horrible singer leaving the stage after the first boooo. That made the defense look even worst cause they are on the field too long.

  3. ladyz Says:

    And Freeman building his confidence back has been a game changer. Just would like to see him sneak it more.