Dixie Chicks Game Blacked Out; Benn On IR

November 22nd, 2012

There is Bucs news seeping out of One Buc Palace today on Thanksgiving.

First, per Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune via Twitter, the Bucs game with the Dixie Chicks is blacked out. This doesn’t surprise Joe as the holiday weekend got in the way of this game.

@RCummingsTBO: Bucs game against Atlanta WILL be blacked out on local TV in Tampa. Bucs have now had 18 of last 21 home games blacked out

Also, the Bucs announced that wide receiver Arrelious Benn has been placed on the injured reserve list and is done for the season with a knee injury.

Now, back to bad football and alcohol on this feed-your-face holiday.

33 Responses to “Dixie Chicks Game Blacked Out; Benn On IR”

  1. SGT Mike Says:

    What the hell is going on back in Tampa? Are team is winning and noone is going? That’s the kind of bullsh@t that franchises moving are made of. Wish I lived back there to just have the option of going to a game occassionally. I’ve always attended games when I could. Hit a Bucs game in DC while stationed there. Trying to get tickets to Denver/Bucs game. Being stationed all over the world does not afford me much of a chance to attend games but I hope I still have the Bucs to go see when I come home Tampa after military retirement. Get with the program fair weathered Buc fans! Go Bucs!

  2. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    There is something else going on here about these black outs. I live the the stinking panthers viewing market, and stinking panther’s games are never blacked out, and if saw all the empty seats in Bank of America this past Sunday, there is no way that was a sell out. I feel your frustration Tampa.

  3. Back up kicker Says:

    Well said SGT. I’ll be there. Thanks for your service.

  4. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    The Glazer Children are a JOKE (stop fighting over daddy’s private jet….and get the fans back on track). We built this new stadium or ELSE U were moving the team to BALTIMORE……..SCREW the ENTIRE GLAZER FAMILY! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Keith Says:

    Yeah, right. So it’s the Glazers fault people won’t pay to see a high-flying offense and the best run defense in the league, and a special teams unit that blocks punts.

    What’s the weather supposed to be on Sunday. My computer says 68 and sunny at kickoff. Trust me. I work at the beach and nobody is going to be there sunning themselves, and loads of college kids are home.

  6. 941bucsFAN Says:

    What you guys dont understand is..that the stadium will be about 90%-95% full in sunday, its just that the deadline is too early and needs to be pushed to at least saturday. The glazers will not buy tickets for this game just to have empty seats, when they can just wait it out and those tickets will be purchased friday, saturday and right before kickoff sunday….So if youre upset you should be upset at the NFL for making the deadline 1pm thursday instead of around 3pm saturday.

  7. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Actually Keith, it’s the president fault. Everything is always his fault.

  8. J A Says:

    We are the worst fans in America, period.
    We are the ground zero of complaints and excuses about our sports teams.
    The Bucs and Rays should do themselves a favor and get out of this pathetic excuse for a sports franchise market.
    I’ve been to every Bucs game this year and never forked over more than $30 for a ticket.
    I think the teams would even draw better on the moon than Tampa Bay. At least Alice Kramden would be there every week!

  9. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah…

  10. Bobby C Says:

    I dont understand, i work a second job just to pay for my bucs seats, on monday we only needed 7,400 tickets, are you kidding me, this is no reason for this crap, come on people get off your butt and support this team, these guys are playing there hearts out. There are good players all over the field that need your support, dont want people to sit on here and say its not right, if you want to see your team, spend the thirty bucs and come out, but dont wait for someone to give you a free game to watch on tv, stupid is all i can say. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

  11. Patrick Says:

    F’ck this!!

  12. bucobruce Says:

    Bucobruce will be at the game woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  13. raphael Says:

    the stadium will be packed Sunday, watch and see…the rules are antiquated from the Pete Rozele days

  14. Bucnjim Says:

    This is Crazy! Every game I’ve been to besides the first has been almost sold out. More seats full than half the games I’m seeing on TV. Just does not make sense. Can’t they request an extension like the rest of these teams are doing? Must be some unreal corporate sponsorship for these other teams because their stadiums are half full and they are all claiming sell outs. No One in the stands!

  15. buc4life Says:

    Something weird going on with the tickets. Looked on ticketmaster last night and comparing it to a couple of minutes ago there are now more tickets available now then there were last night. I mean alot more. Weird stuff going on there.

  16. andres Says:

    I’ll be there feel sorry for the rest yall.

  17. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I think attendance in Tampa was much better when we were still in the NFC Central Division. Those teams fans traveled to Tampa more I think, and more people here are from those places, then what we have now. It was the move to the NFC South that killed us, as far as attendance goes.

  18. Dreambig Says:

    I’ll be there! Come on Tampa, it sucks that we have so many fans from the other team in our house. If you all go to the game, that can’t happen! Go Bucs!

  19. Tbuc Says:

    No more excuses. Stop watching the choppy internet feeds and come see this awesome team.

  20. Dave Says:

    Joe, are you kidding me? Trying to blame the holiday week? If anything else, that would make more people go to the game. And let’s stop blaming the economy. Detroit sells out. Cleveland sells out. Jacksonville, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, New Orleans. All either worse off financially, or smaller cities, or both. Tampa is a crappy sports market, end of story. All this excuse making is ridiculous. The team is improving. Winning a few more games won’t suddenly fill the stadium, so forget that too. As for the people saying the stadium fills up last minute, despite the blackout, I’m not sure. Going this weekend though, so I’ll let you know what I see.

  21. MTM Says:

    There is some kind of ticket manipulation going on with this organization. Some how the miniscular amount remaining tickets are never bought up. The team has been playing hard all year long. It doesn’t add up.

  22. Joe Says:


    You struck out several times in your rant.

    Joe, are you kidding me? Trying to blame the holiday week? If anything else, that would make more people go to the game.

    So families are supposed to cancel their plans, change flights or throw out visitors in order to buy tickets to a game so you can feel good for some unknown reason?

    Detroit sells out. Cleveland sells out. Jacksonville, Buffalo, Pittsburgh,

    Other than Jacksonville, TOTALLY different demographics if not economic conditions. And Jacksonville sells out so often, they are often rumored to move out of state.

    Tampa is a crappy sports market, end of story.

    The Lightning would strongly disagree. For baseball it sure is.

    And let’s stop blaming the economy.

    Yeah, the rotten economy has nothing to do with this. Perhaps you should do some research.

    Why is it so difficult to believe that more and more people find going to a game a less enjoyable experience than watching football at home, especially when the Bucs game is available for free at midnight on NFL.com?

    Why do people continue to ignore the growing numbers of people watching on TV rather than going to games?

  23. Joe Says:


    I think attendance in Tampa was much better when we were still in the NFC Central Division.


    Joe knows a ticket broker who had dozens of season tickets. He sold almost all of them to Bears/Vikings/Lions/Packers fans who always came down for the weekend and treated the game as a mini vacation.

    When the Bucs moved to the NFC South, he took a bath. Carolina and Falcons fans almost never travel. He got rid of them after two years in the NFC South.

  24. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:

    @Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning

    I agree with you about our switch to the south from the central division. During the winter months people from Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota etc… have homes down here they usually stay in for 6 months out of the year. I remember many games against the Packers, Bears, Lions and Vikings where visiting team fans practically out numbered Buc fans. Folks who live in New Orleans, Atlanta and Charlotte don’t have winter homes here, so only a small contingent make the 24 hour drive to see there team compete. Couple that with the fact that we have played a few home games against the west, who would have to travel across the country to be here. There are about 50,000 true Buccaneer fans out of a 350,000 Tampa population. The rest are just not interested in football or they are fans of other teams. Ask around the water cooler one day and you will get a fair consensus. If you have a variety of folks from different parts of the country, you should be around 15%. That’s not good enough, we have too many transients who live here who remain loyal to other teams compared to other cities like N.O, Atlanta and Charlotte. Our fan base has to rely on home grown fans that have to have thick skins to endure the criticism from others. Let’s face it, the Bucs have been historically terrible and the enemy doesn’t let you forget it either. You don’t see a lot of Bucs jerseys being proudly worn around Tampa everyday. I bought both my sons authentic gameday jerseys for Christmas when they were in high school. They would never wear them except to a game or at home, never in public. They said they didn’t want to be embarrassed or ridiculed. If the Bucs want to rebuild their fan base then they need to continue with winning, not just this year but for the next 5-10 years. They need to erase the stigma of being a losing franchise. 🙂

  25. Bill Says:

    Sorry, but a tax payer funded stadium should never be blacked out! ITS LIKE PAYING FOR THE TICKET TWICE!

  26. Bill Says:


  27. Bucnjim Says:


    I have been to the games and the stadium is packed with crazy Bucs fans supporting their team. More fans in Raymond James than most other games I watch on TV. I guess you better go see for yourself! That’s why it’s so crazy because the entire place is packed with just a few scattered seats here and there yet they say we haven’t sold out.

  28. Danny Says:

    Very disappointing. They’ll likely have to go on the road if they make the playoffs this year, but having a home playoff game blacked out next year isn’t out of the question.

  29. Bill Says:

    So, here is what i think is going on this year with the blackouts. The Glazers adopted the 85% rule, so if they sell out, they have tp share a higher % of profits with visiting team, As we all have seen on sunday(except 1 game) the stadium has been full! By not saying they sold out they keep a higher % of the profit.Just an observation, but I do think that this is happening!

  30. Bucnjim Says:

    Maybe someone who know’s the answer can explain about the extension to sell out given by the league. This may not be in effect for the 85% rule the Bucs have though. All I know is the games I’ve been to (all) have been packed and exceeded the 85% capacity that I’ve been hearing about. (except the first game)

  31. JonBuc Says:

    Has Benn, never was?

  32. tidalguy Says:

    I simply can’t afford to go. That makes me a “bad Bucs fan”?
    I have been a fan since 1976. Through the worst football you could ever imagine.
    Now I’m on a fixed income and just cant afford to go. I would give almost anything to be there this Sunday when they kick Atlanta’s ass.
    But I cant. I’ll be watching on the internet. Go Bucs!!!

  33. teacherman777 Says:

    This group of guys is special!!

    Get out there and talk to people!

    Encourage people to support this team! Teach them!

    This defense needs us to return full force like back in the day.

    Go Bucs!