Too Hard To “Handle All Of It Now”

November 9th, 2012

“Buccaneers 28, Chargers 24,” predicts former NFL coach and front office executive Pat Kirwan, who is now a host on NFL Radio and an analyst on

Kirwan and Kevin Corke of CBS break down the game in this video. Kirwan says the combination of the “2-high safety looks” teams are using to stop Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams, plus explosive Doug Martin, makes it a brutal task to handle the Bucs.

7 Responses to “Too Hard To “Handle All Of It Now””

  1. Orlandobucfan Says:

    The key to the game is absolutely to get in rivers face quickly and often he will throw some up and force balls. If we give him time to throw he will light is up.

  2. RustyRhino Says:

    Oh how I would love to have seen this Years Offense with a Dungy Defense.
    We DO have Lots of Nice parts on Defense today. Tuning as we are moving forward.

  3. raphael Says:

    turnovers…Matthews is a fumbler and hopefully Rivers throws a couple picks..31- 17 BUCS BABY !

  4. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    Defense needs to have a big game this sunday. Offense has really been clicking for us recently. GO BUCS

  5. Dano Says:

    I wanna see a better Pass Rush this Sunday!

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Key to this game will be scoring more points than the Chargers.

  7. SebringSmitty Says:

    Um…. I just got a woody…….