There Is No Reason To Employ Myron Lewis

November 4th, 2012

At the risk of irritating the wrong people at One Buc Palace, Joe can no longer bite his tongue without losing his credibility.

The time has come to wave goodbye to Myron Lewis.

Myron Lewis, from the moment he signed with the Bucs, has been nothing but an empty uniform, a waste of a roster spot. Sure, early on, there was reason to give him plenty of rope. The guy was a rookie, then a second-year man and he was always hurt.

But when healthy, he couldn’t play; not a lick. Now in his third season, it is painfully obvious that there are guys walking the streets in early November that can play just as well (or more accurately, just as pathetic) as Lewis.

Today was the last straw for Joe. With Leonard Johnson getting dinged up, Lewis came in to replace him (and Joe Twittered that this was going to be an adventure). And sure enough Marcel Reese ran a circle around Lewis, totally schooling Lewis for an 11-yard touchdown.

Typical Myron Lewis.

Joe’s freaking had it with this guy!

Joe knows why Lewis is still on the roster. He was drafted by Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik. But not even Kevin Colbert or Ted Thompson are perfect. They make mistakes too.

It’s time for Dominik to admit the mistake of Myron Lewis and for the sake of the team that is now in a wild card race, give Lewis his walking papers! Do the right thing Mark.

Currently, Lewis is worse than Sabby the Goat. And Dominik did the right thing with Sabby the Goat and put Sabby the Goat out to pasture in the middle of the season where he could chew on tin cans to his heart’s content.

And Sabby the Goat was a worse mistake than Lewis. Sabby the Goat was a second-round pick if you can imagine such a thing!

For the sake of the Bucs, Mark, get rid of Lewis. He’s killing this team and may just kill the team’s wild card hopes the way he gets grilled so often. It’s not fair to the rest of the hard-working professionals on this team to keep Lewis on the roster for no good reason.

Come Tuesday, the Bucs should be holding tryouts at One Buc Palace to fill the void left by Lewis’ departure.

Even with Lewis on the roster, there’s a void already there.

There is no logical reason to continue this illogical nightmare.

Myron Lewis should be cut. Now. Time to come to grips that a mistake was made and move on.

52 Responses to “There Is No Reason To Employ Myron Lewis”

  1. J-VilleBucs84 Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better. The kid just can’t play CB.

  2. Orlando bucs fan Says:

    Very well said and give any money we are paying Lewis to Martin as a thank you for teach the entire Oakland raiders how to dougie!!!

  3. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    There is at least one good reason to keep Lewis, #21 is soon to be leaving us for a month of Sundays.

  4. snook Says:

    And cut Blount too. Ware and Smith can’t be worse than that POS.

  5. Drew Says:

    I agree Joe… cut him and move forward. A guy on crutches would be a better player.

  6. upthegut Says:

    I wonder if Myron Lewis could cover (the Bad) Dexter Jackson?

  7. thibs5599 Says:

    what about Biggers…guy has been getting torched all year long.

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I respect the strength of your conviction Joe, but it’s a bit arrogant to believe your own opinion is worth more than that of Schiano. Remember, it’s not Dominik who decides who starts on game day and who gives this team the best chance to win that week. It’s Schiano all the way. You can scream until you’re blue in the face but I’ll trust Schiano to watch film, evaluate his CBs, evaluate the CBs who are available on the street, and then come to the best decision for the Bucs. I’m sorry…you’re a good Bucs fan and sports journalist but you’re no Greg Schiano. The man has earned my ultimate respect and has all the credibility to make these decisions for himself.

  9. gotbbucs Says:


    Must be watching different games than me. Biggers looks just fine to me.

    But yes, Lewis needs to go.

  10. j lynch Says:

    How bout that Blount?? Negative yards and FUMBLE cut his ass.

  11. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Blount didn’t fumble it. Freeman misplaced the ball into his shoulder instead of into his breadbasket. Watch the replay more closely. That fumble is on Freeman. Not Blount. Schiano will verify that at some point this week after reviewing film. Guaranteed.

  12. 1976Buc Says:

    OK Joe how do you feel about Lewis LOL!

  13. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Freeman fumbled it, you want to cut him??

  14. SensibleBuc Says:

    MyLew has gotten plenty of chances. I’ve defended him for years based on his potential but his time has come. Possible replacements:

    *P. Buc (Phillip Buchanon)
    *Will Blackmon
    *Domonique Foxworth
    *Kelly Jennings
    *Rod Hood

  15. Joe Says:

    MyLew has gotten plenty of chances. I’ve defended him for years based on his potential but his time has come. Possible replacements:

    *P. Buc (Phillip Buchanon)
    *Will Blackmon
    *Domonique Foxworth
    *Kelly Jennings
    *Rod Hood

    Hell, LJ probably knows guys in Largo who can cover just as well as Lewis.

  16. 1976Buc Says:

    Hell, I know a couple of high school seniors that can cover just as well as Lewis.

  17. Andrew Says:

    Joe what the heck are you talking about! you blame Lewis for an 11 yard td when the defensive secondary as a whole gave up well over 400 yards passing to Carson Palmer. Myron Lewis didnt do that all by himself. is he great, no, but he still can be of some value to this team. if you want to blame anyone you should blame the cover 1 defense thats putting our cb on an island all alone that we constantly play. plus EJ Biggers had a worse game than Lewis.

  18. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Biggers has been burned on more plays than I care to remember. He needs to go..Yeah he got an interception at the end today. It was gift wrapped.. My abuela could have made that pick.

  19. thibs5599 Says:

    Pretty sure Biggers gave up 2 Touch downs today

  20. Patrick Says:

    JOE, i’m serious, you need to start a petition right now to cut Myron Lewis and send it to Dom!!

    COME ON, i bet we could get a lot of people to sign it!

  21. Joe Says:


    Myron Lewis didnt do that all by himself. is he great, no, but he still can be of some value to this team.

    Care to elaborate about Lewis’ “value?”

    Tackling dummies are far cheaper. So are those plastic orange cones.

  22. Patrick Says:

    Philip Buchanon is a very decent cornerback. Dominique Foxworth= decent. Both are better than Lewis.

    CUT Lewis!

  23. SensibleBuc Says:


    “Joe what the heck are you talking about! you blame Lewis for an 11 yard td when the defensive secondary as a whole gave up well over 400 yards passing to Carson Palmer.”

    That’s the problem Andrew. The MOMENT MyLew comes in he gets cooked. Biggers played the entire game, was playing well then he gave up a couple big plays. He’s the lesser of two evils at this point.

  24. Andrew Says:

    Exactly. Biggers had a hell of a lot worse game than Myron Lewis. some corners can handle there man to man responsibilities and some cant. this cover 1 style of defense does not suit the corners we have and yet we keep playing it. but hey, i give Schiano credit for sticking with it.

  25. Andrew Says:

    ok Joe, his value is not much with our style of defense as he struggles with man coverage, but im still not giving up hope on him. you can but I wont.

  26. SensibleBuc Says:


    Dude at least Biggers got beaten on TDs by wide receivers…MyLew got beaten on Cover 2 with nobody going to the flat while he was covering a *gasp* fullback. I’m sorry but that’s freaking terrible lol

  27. Nole&aBuc Says:

    Hey Joe, we all know how you love LeGarrette and detest Myron, however, an impotent male could hit a hole harder than Blount. In addition a virgin male teenager can holding his load better than LeGarrette can hold onto the ball. LeGarrette provides the same that Raheem díd. False hope from the 2010 season. Yes, Myron is not an NFL player, but neither is LeGarrette. It’s time to cut both sea anchors lose and sail into the future. If I had to choose between them, Myron is staying. There are more unemployed RB’s than CB’s on the street. Just my 2 cents worth.

  28. Andrew Says:

    @ SensibleBuc

    Like you said he is the lesser of two evils. all im saying is dont put all the blame on Myron Lewis. thats all.

  29. morgan1672 Says:

    I wouldn’t be concerned with Biggers. He has improved dramatically over last year. I watched the big plays that were on Biggers again, most of the players are good coverage. Carlson Palmer and the receivers made the plays. Myron Lewis needs to be cut. Glad to see our offensive line play well. And Eric Lorig is becoming a good fullback.

  30. J-VilleBuc Says:

    Martin needs to work with Smith and take him under his wing. The Development of Smith could be lethal if Martin continues to have this kind of success. Schiano knows Ray Rice, they could get together in the offseason and workout together. Just Hopes!!

  31. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Andrew

    Agreed. Biggers should be a dime back tops but he’s playing against #1s. We’ll fix the corners it in the draft and free agency next year hopefully.

  32. j lynch Says:

    Maybe Blount should have opened his eyes on the handoff you gonna blame freeman for him mishandling that??

  33. Joe Says:

    Maybe Blount should have opened his eyes on the handoff you gonna blame freeman for him mishandling that??


    You learn in the third grade football that a quarterback’s most essential responsibility is to put the ball right square in the running back’s gut, not on his left shoulder. Martin — or Jim Brown — would have fumbled the ball to if Freeman did the same thing to him.

    That was absolutely all on Freeman.

    But don’t let simple, basic fundamental football get in the way of the Blount haters.

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Actually if Freeman did that to Martin, it would have bounced off his facemask. But seriously, that was not Blount’s fault, not one bit. It’s amazing to me how fickle some fans can be. You loved Blount a few weeks ago, now people are wanting him to get cut. Just be happy that Doug is one of the best backs in the league, instead of hating Blount. Amazing how people get off on being negative.

  35. Josh Says:

    Bigger a gave up 3 touchdowns… Torched on 2, then a pass interference in the end zone and he was covering the guy who caught the 2 point conversion…. Biggers needs to go!!! If you watch closely, he is always targeted by opposing QB’s when he plays… Especially last year. Why does joe hate Lewis but refuse to call out biggers?!?!

  36. BucFan20 Says:

    j lynch
    you should have opened your eyes and seen the play. Maybe your eyes will be open if you see the replay sometime and see where FREEMAN STICKS the ball!

  37. HecticBuc Says:

    lewis is garbage and biggers is garbage if we where to play black fs and move ronde back to cb our d would be much more dangerous they are both a waste 2 many chances and cant do nothing 22 rushing yards our pass d is horrible cause of those 2 guys

  38. tha truth is... Says:


    Your 2 cents is worthless. Blount has shown far far more than Lewis ever has. Lewis wouldn’t make it in tha XFL.

  39. HecticBuc Says:

    @ Hawaiian Buc

    That is not true not everybody is a blount fan I think he is terrible he is going to hurt one our o linemen running into thier backs all the time. I would love to have M smith get those carries instead of blount he is a real running back but we will see if it happens now. FREE MICHAEL SMITH !!!!!!!!!

  40. Jason A Says:

    They both suck and should be cut before they leave Oakland

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I said “some” fans. As for Michael Smith, going out on a limb and saying you’ve never seen him play in college. He didn’t start for Utah State. You have no idea if he is a real running back. Just because you like what you see on YouTube doesn’t mean jack. The coaching staff knows more than you, I can promise you that.

  42. HecticBuc Says:

    lol we will see oh and by the way they know so much they cut underwood when they shouldnt have when smith does get his chance we will see what you say then. I might just be a fan but I know a play maker when I see one and he is that and by the way the other runningback he played in college is pretty good to if you didnt know.

  43. Teddy Says:

    Myron the Goat??

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So does that mean you have seen him play in college? Because I have twice, in person.

  45. Jwayne Says:

    Well we got rid of Talib already, might as well clean house. I say get rid of both of um! We all know what we are getting out of Myron! he’s a bum! was anyone that shocked that he was in like 2 plays and got beat for a td? The thing that annoyed me was watching Biggers allow the Raiders to stay in the game with his crap coverage! BTW great game by johnson, looks like he could be a solid #1

  46. SacBucs Says:

    If Dom is so great? Buc fans! Why does he think we need cb ‘s now when we have always needed fricking db’s. Aqib&lewis we’re our 2 big cb who was suppose to beat opposing receivers to death..7th round (always been a scrub) biggers has gotten Lewis playing time since day one. The last 4 years most of the big plays has happened on biggers. Its ridiculous how i keep seeing him defend the best wr’s every sunday for the last 3 seasons. I cant blame it on rah now. Dom is the one for keeping ej around. Lewis missed out on good nfl coaching. We should have made him a fs like malcolm jenkins. For all the Mark Dominic supports take this. Here’s a list of player we could of sign this year.

  47. SacBucs Says:

    No disrespect to Vincent i think he is a helluva guy on and off the field.. Big play Big time receiver who deserves a big contract no doubt. San Diego didnt appreciate him. Lol bet they do now. Here’s my cuda wuda shuda list. We gave Vjack 55mil when we cuda got moss/ placxico/edwards for less money there all the same kinda player..I wont say T.O.or Ocho! Alll these wideouts wuda still made it easy for mike will to become a standout #2. We cuda got all of them for the money we gave Vjax. Lmao On that list I dont care about chants of old washed up i see decoy so mike will can ballout! We sign Eric ( the get pushed down like a little kid by AP and flipped by a rookie receiver) Wright to a 35mil dollar contract when we cuda got samuels/newman/carr/clements cromartie awshomonga 2yrs ago. At safety if we cuda got landry or atari bigsby anyone of them teamed with the red barron its lights out! Hard hitting! Dom knew we were passing on clayborne so thats not far fetch. Carl Nicks great acquisation but the way Zuttah is blocking just show me faine and trueblood was the weak links. Zuttah true place is center he thrives there. Thats why we need Nicks. Andre carter is the only d-linemen i seen abuse Penn thats why we shooda signed him when he got cut. We keep george johnson(who just got cut) teo and company when carter can get pressure on worst day. I guess I must live in a diffremt world then most buc fans or Im watching the wrong team because all those players wuda help us this year with our draft picks..Look what Harbaugh did in SF! Thats how its done!

  48. Bucnjim Says:

    You guys have to watch the replay of Blounts fumble! You’re telling me that Freeman hands the ball of PERFECTLY to Martin ALL game and then when Blount comes in he messes up the handoff? Blount changes directions to more of an inside move where Freeman had the ball set for a continued outside run. You can’t make a move before you get the ball securely in your hands!

  49. Adam L Says:

    All this talk about lack of quality CBs… passing on Maurice Claiborne is looking like a dumber and dumber idea. I know Mark Barron has been good, but could you have gotten that kind of production and stats from someone in the later rounds or in free agency. YES.

    They should have taken Claiborne and not gotten cute. It is VERY obvious the Bucs need a QUALITY corner.

  50. HecticBuc Says:

    @ Adam L

    hell no what are crazy barron is going to be one of the best safeties in the nfl dont worry his stats are not crazy yet but they will be.

  51. HecticBuc Says:

    @ Hawaiian Buc

    So what you have seen him play two games you are acting like I want him to start over martin no but the carries that blount is getting will help Michael Smith in the future that is what you dont understand blount will not be with us next year michael will be. Im not sure if you are a scout or think you are but are you not the same person that was arguing with me over leanord johnson saying he has no speed he is going to get burnt on every play how is he looking you cant use youre speed if you cant get of the line. Thier is a reason why I said he was our best cb when talib got traded and he is proving me right I expect the same result from Smith that we are getting from Jonhson. Im pretty sure we are going to see Smith in soon and when we do and he blows up talk to me then !!!!!!

  52. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’ve never argued with you about Leonard Johnson. You got the wrong guy, so you are excused. I don’t claim to be a scout, but I bet the coaches know more than you. The first time he fumbles or missing an assignment and gets Freeman sacked, you’ll be the very one screaming for his head.