The Swarm Claims More Victims

November 4th, 2012

The stifling, punishing Bucs run defense was at it again today, knocking out running backs Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson, and holding the Raiders to a flimsy 22 yards on the ground.

Make no mistake. The Raiders wanted to run the ball. They couldn’t. Hell, Mark Barron hit McFadden so hard their facemasks became one, like two rams locking horns in the Rocky Mountains.

Many of Lavonte David’s 14 tackles were of the statement variety, and the swarm Greg Schiano covets was in full swing.

The Bucs entered the game with the NFL’s fifth-ranked run defense. It’s no fluke. There are no smoke and mirrors, just physical football.

17 Responses to “The Swarm Claims More Victims”

  1. SteveK Says:

    We were thumping them out there on the field today.

    Our D still needs some pieces, but they are playing with great effort.

    We should’ve traded Blount for a 5th or 6th.

  2. MR.T Says:

    This game exposed the fact we need secondary depth, lots of big plays given up, key penalties, we definitely need to draft some corners next year. We also need someone behind Doug Martin, if anything happens to him our running game is in deep trouble. I don’t know why they don’t give M. Smith a shot, he couldn’t do any worse than blount. still a great win, go bucs!

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Watch the replay of the fumble more closely. Freeman lost control of the ball and it slipped upward out of his hand and bounced into Blount’s left shoulder. Freeman never put the ball anywhere near the breadbasket where it should be. After reviewing the film I guarantee you Freeman ends up being charged as responsible for that fumble by Schiano sometime this week. Mark it down.

  4. Fear The Glow Says:

    People need to start talking about Schiano for coach of the year and Muscle Hamster for ROY.

    That run defense is down right nasty. 60+ TFL so far this year. Crazy!

  5. J-VilleBucs84 Says:

    5th in the run 31st in the pass defense. Get 2 good CB’s in the draft and some kind of pass rusher, our defense wouldn’t be half bad.

  6. BamBamBuc Says:

    Ok, this post is about D, so I’ll comment there first. Even with the loss of Clayborn and the trade of Talib, this defense is playing heads and shoulders above what most expected before the year began. Barron and David should both be in contention for DYOR. Foster could be a Pro Bowl player this year. Bennett should also see Hawaii, and GMC & Miller are doing well enough inside. The return of Bowers is welcomed and should improve the pass rush each week he plays, and Teo-Nesheim is playing well. Barber is schooling the young Safeties in this league on how the game is to be played. We need CB depth (Lewis is a waste), but Biggers and Johnson have stepped up with Wright to be adequate (better than with Talib in there, when we were the worst pass D in the league).

    Now, as to all the dogging of Blount… Shut up already. He sees the ball only a handful of snaps per game. When he was the feature guy, he did well. If something (God forbid) should happen to Martin, Blount would be the best option to see the full load of carries. More carries would suit his style better, as he tends to need to get in a rhythm. Ware serves a purpose as a 3rd down guy and Smith is inactive for a reason. How many teams have a guy that put up 1700 yards the past two seasons as their back up running back???

  7. Alex Says:

    Biggers got torched all game. Both bombs on the one drive that Oak scored on were Biggers. And lets not forget his 2 pt conversion defense. I don’t understand why people keep defending Biggers. We only need him because there is no one better, but the guy has been awful his whole career.

  8. BamBamBuc Says:

    Alex, Biggers got beat by two perfect throws and a spectacular catch. He’s in good position more often than not, and his coverage is responsible for a few Ronde picks as well…

  9. tha truth is... Says:

    although Talib isn’t tha most well liked individual, he’d still be our best cb. If u think differently then u obviously have a personal vendetta against him. No way on Gods Earth. Thank God tha offense is clicking.

  10. BucFan20 Says:

    Now consider he threw over 60 passes today. How the hell did he get that many off? WHY? NO PRESSURE 95% of the time. Give any QB in the league time and they will make a good secondary look like fools. He also made some good throws with good coverage just as some do. Talib the cancer is no loss.

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Ok, I’m not going to completely defend Biggers, but all this piling on the guy is ridiculous. In fact, it’s shameful and ignorant. The Raiders love to throw the ball deep, right? Anyone disagree with that? Did anyone see any safety help for Biggers today on a team that loves throwing deep? I sure as hell didn’t. Was he really burned, or was it just a great throw with Biggers very close? Would those catches have been made had we given him safety help (as the Raiders gave their CB’s)? I think you all know the answers to those questions, but I would bet none of you will ever admit to it. You know why? Because you love to kick a man when he’s down. The guys a 7th round pick that has busted his balls for this team for 3 years. He’s from a small school, yet he’s often been given the responsibility of covering guys like Calvin Johnson, Roddy White, and Marques Colston (more often than not being put on an island with them). And yet he is sorry and you want him gone because he can’t lock down receivers. I don’t get it, never have and never will. So because he’s not Darelle Revis, lets cut him? What a joke!

    I’m so glad you guys aren’t the coach or GM. Let’s go down the list of all the things that many have suggested: Cut Biggers, cut Lewis (can’t really argue that), cut Talib (same), start Heyward over Foster, start Blount, trade Blount, cut Blount, use Doug Martin only on 3rd down, bench Freeman, cut Freeman, cut Lorig, move Donald Penn to right Tackle, cut Wright, cut Quincy Black, move Ronde back to corner, cut Benn, cut Roscoe Parish, fire Schiano, fire Sullivan, fire Sheridan, fire Dominik. Should I go on, because I’m pretty sure I could go on. Look at how foolish many of those suggestions are now, but because you post anonymously, you don’t have to own up to your idiotic thoughts. This is why know-it-all couch potato fans are just that. Sometimes you really need to just shut up and cheer for the team, and let the big boys make the decisions.

  12. drbinshore Says:

    Don’t forget “cut Roy Miller” and “Roy Miller is useless” and “Roy Miller is terrible”……..”give Roy Miller`s job to Frank Okam”….”Frank Okam is much better than Miller” ect…ect…

  13. SacBucs Says:

    Hawaii Five O you are the police for this site.. You think your the best buc fan ever. Professor keen bean! Everytime i read the post your always grilling somebody for there opinion. Biggers a bum always been..Rah played tampa 2 point 0 and that came out of ronde’s mouth. What that means know it all! Is 2 safeties back and ej “burnt chicken” biggers still got burnt his @hole buccaneer career. I dont speak perfect english or i dont wana write a column for joe. Hawaiian

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    ” I dont speak perfect english”


    Really? Thanks for letting me know that bit of inside knowledge.

  15. HecticBuc Says:

    @ Hawaiian Buc

    I really dont know why you are so vocal you are the myron lewis of this site is that why you feel bad for him. If only we can cut you like the bucs are going to cut lewis !!!!!

  16. HecticBuc Says:

    @ Joe

    Thank you for the update on gaitor hopfully he can come back for the eagles game or sooner. Is thier any chance Tandy can see some action or black at fs and ronde back as a corner ?

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Apparently you struggle reading. Can’t help people who can’t read.