The Leonard Johnson Loaf

November 26th, 2012

Ronde Barber also was guilty on the same play

Joe hates loafs, especially after serial loafer Sean Jones treated Bucs fans to far too many.

So since last year’s heinous 10-game losing streak, Joe has been particular sensitive to loafing. And, through Joe’s eyes, there was an ugly one committed yesterday by Leonard Johnson. (Here’s the video.) The loaf was clear as day in person but less so on the video.

Johnson was beaten deep by Julio Jones and then Jones broke Johnson’s attempted tackle en route to the end zone. OK, stuff happens. However, Johnson gets up after the missed tackle and doesn’t hustle after Jones streaking for the end zone.

In Joe’s mind, not only should Johnson have finished the play hard. He especially should be doing that after getting beaten — twice. Joe’s confident Johnson heard about it during film sessions at One Buc Palace today.

Yeah, Joe knows some fans will think Joe’s an ass for writing about this, but Joe’s all on board with the New Schiano Order. Joe’s not tolerating any loafs.

*Update: Upon further review, Ronde Barber also loafs badly on this play. Joe hadn’t noticed previously since Joe was dialed in on Johnson’s effort after first noticing Johnson’s loaf while viewing the game from the press box.

37 Responses to “The Leonard Johnson Loaf”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yea Joe, I kinda agree with you. I think it is a partial product of his youth and frustration of getting burned. Just mentally didn’t recover quick enough to hustle after Julio. I’m not excusing it, but think he’ll bpunce back. I think the Bucs were a little off rhythm yesterday except Ronde, he was everywhere.

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    O would like to see the Bucs draft Elam from Florida. He’s not big but he can play and hit hard. It’s a bummer that a CB like Myron Lewis with good size just can’t use it to make plays.

  3. Kansasbuc Says:

    I don’t think Johnson was a loaf. He stumped and got beat for a big play. It sucks but it happens.

    Even if Johnson had gotten up to try to tackle Jones again, by the time he got on his feet Jones would have already been in the endzone.

    Johnson is not a loaf from just one week. We were all singing his praises for the 3 (maybe 4) Ints he got these past games.

    Joe, this is by far your dumbest article.

  4. Morgan Says:

    from what I see, the safety is loafing and quits on the play….I believe it is #20

  5. SteveK Says:

    Leonard Johnson was not loafing. He just stumbled, maybe because of indeceision, but it was for dang sure not a LOAF.

    Sean Jones,thats a loaf… Albert Haynesworth, now that’s a bread truck.

  6. Have A Nice Day Says:

    That wasn’t loafing. He got beat. There was no point. If you are gonna nail him for “loafing”, you should nail the DL on every single intermediate to deep passing play for not sprinting down the field.

  7. Vic Says:

    You’re right Joe. It looked real bad live.

  8. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Right on Joe, I thought the same thing when watching the replay. Think about the play on Vincent Jackson versus the Saints when he was dragged down at the 5 yard line because of the amazing hustle by the safety.

    Julio Jones was playing with a bum ankle. What if he hurt something on the way there but hobbled in to the end zone because no one chased him? If Leonard was going to get beat like that he should at least have the guts to chase him down.


  9. BigSombrero Says:

    Nothing wrong with bringing up facts.

    Johnson has a good head on his shoulders bu it’s a fact he didn’t finish hard there. I’m sure it won’t be an issue but it did happen.

    Ronde has shown on occasion to loaf as well. Not the first time for him.

  10. FloridaGirl Says:

    This is the second time LJ has blown a tackle and the receiver goes into the end zone for the TD. Someone needs to teach him how to wrap up a receiver and bring them to the ground.

  11. Kyle Says:

    Ronde loafing was really bad. I think he could have easily tackled Jones had he hustled there. Johnson had no chance at him after he missed the tackle . . . i.e., the original point of this article is rather stupid.

  12. Morgan Says:

    Coach Schiano is an expert

  13. Andrew Says:


    maybe you should teach him.

  14. SteveK Says:

    Give LJ a break. Not a phucking loaf there, and not a loaf of Vincent Jackson a few weeks back.

    Making something out of nothing.

  15. kh Says:

    Loafing implies the player had a chance to do something but didn’t strictly from a lack of effort – neither Ronde or LJ had any chance of tackling Julio, this wasn’t crippled Vincent Jackson vs the Saints, so I can’t call that a loaf. Plus Ronde has earned the right to loaf on a play like that.

  16. SteveK Says:

    One tough loss, and we start “pointing fingers” and fantasizing “loafs”?

    We played hard, but just got beat by a better team.

    Did Barth “loaf” bc he shanked that kick? Dudes making exponentially more than our 4.7/40yd undrafted QB

    Did Koenan “loaf” bc he failed to deliver a touchback?

    Did Freeman “loaf” on that crap throw to Williams?

    Did Larsen mentally “loaf” on his penalties?

    We can play the “loaf” game all day.

    I am going to go drop a loaf, but I won’t be “loafing” it out.

    This is not 2011, “Loafs” have left the building.

  17. SteveK Says:

    4.7/40 yd CB LJ*

  18. Phil Says:

    This is football, for those of you who never played a snap. Plays last 4 to 10 seconds. There is ZERO tolerance for not going hard and finishing a play. even more so when you’re IN it.

    As my old coach used to say,”if you don’t have 10 fuc*ing seconds of juice, get off the fuc*n field”

    Barber and Johnson loafed!!

  19. J-VillesBuc84 Says:

    Johnson undrafted. Jones 1st round pick. Did we really expect Johnson to Revis his ass? No!!! The only way we will get better is to put more into our CB position than 7th round picks and undrafted free agents.

  20. Jim Says:

    No way L.J. catches up with J.J after he falls down missing the tackle, I have seen much worse over the past few years. I have to give L.J. a B for effort against one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.

  21. Dave Says:

    Sorry to call JOE out, but this is a HORRIBLE example of “loagfing” by Joe.

    This is not loafing. Jones had about 25 yards left with no one near him. Deion Sanders could have turned on the Jets and never even gotten close at that point.

    “Loafing” would have occured if he had 40 yards to goand defenders to dodge. THEN you get bck into it because he mightcut sideways.

    Trotting the last 20+ yards with no one around…. pointless.

    This should not have been written

  22. Dave Says:

    Morgan Says:
    Coach Schiano is an expert

    The concepts presnted there are evident in the BUCS play this year: Swarming and stopping the run is part one.

    Deny big pays and turnovers are the others.

    Their only issue right now is another pass rusher and CBs to deny those big plays.

    They are definately up and coming but ATL is just better right now.

  23. admin Says:

    JOE here,

    @Dave – Look, Joe made it clear that the Johnson “loaf” is less visible on the TV copy. If you saw it live or pulled up the All-22 tape, you’d have a different opinion. Second, Julio Jones was playing on a bad ankle and the Bucs cornerbacks are TRAINED to not give up on a play regardless. Schiano always says “trust your training.” Well, then freakin’ play hard to the whistle since you’re trained to do so. It was a clear loaf. –Joe

  24. SteveK Says:

    Ronde didn’t loaf Phil. What good is it to chase air, and how dare you question the NFL’s iron man.

    There’s a reason your coach,”coached” high school.

  25. Jim Says:

    @Dave & Admin/Joe,
    I for one have to agree with Dave this time.
    It’s not very often that I disagree with this site and I don’t want you to take it personally Joe, how in the world could anyone catch J.J. with clear sailing from 25 yards out? Please don’t ban me for voicing my opinion, I visit frequently to check all of your posts Joe. We all have opinions don’t we?

  26. Macabee Says:

    Of all the upside that LJ has, if he’s going to play man in this league, he’s going to have to learn to jam or bump the WR at the LOS, hence the term bump-and -run. He seems to be aware of his speed and plays off of his man to get a 10 to 15 yd start to prevent giving up the big play. Elite QBs see this and will throw the slant every time for 10 to 15 yds. He will learn!

  27. admin Says:

    JOE here,

    @Jim – First, no reader/commenter has ever been banned for simply voicing an opinion. People are banned for misrepresenting Joe’s opinion, or lying about Joe, or being annoying for months at a time to the point that Joe feels like their unpaid babysitter.

    That written, a “loaf”has nothing to do with this “clear sailing” you’re talking about. Johnson is trained to finish a play, not give up after his own missed tackle. Again, it was more clear live and on the All-22 film. … That point is not debatable. … If Johnson or any other Buc doesn’t want to play as he’s coached, then that’s not going to work.

  28. Pete 422 Says:

    CB should have made the tackle and stayed with it (no loafing) and bad angle from the Safety, plus he assumed the CB was going to make the tackle that is why he started to slow down (never ASS-U-ME).

  29. Jim Says:

    Appreciate your response as usual Joe. I see your point and it is hard to argue with that. I hope that L.J. reads this and takes it to heart, he can be a good corner as long as he learns from his mistakes. IMHO

  30. Sam Says:

    I think you are being overly harsh? Yup. Jones had 20 yards on him by the time he popped to his feet. Ronde di get caught assuming the rook would make the tackle. He had th angle but he eased up an then tried to catch him. He MiGHT have made the play at the goal Line IMO.

    This was not an effort loss. This was a lack of planning for the secondary depth. Trading Talib ( even though I’m glad he is gone) was not wise with Wright’s situation.

  31. houstonbucs Says:

    Is there a difference between loafing and quitting. 2011 style???
    The q word might start peeking his ugly little head…

  32. ryan Says:

    sometimes you have to wonder if the author of this “story” ever played sports.

    Joe probably thinks a batter who lines out to the pitcher is a loaf for not sprinting down to first base.

  33. Nobleskid Says:

    Ronde seemed to be the one who loafed there. LJ got beat, attempted to make the tackle and, had Ronde run and not assumed LJ was going to make the tackle, Julio should have been stopped.

  34. dmatt Says:

    I wouldn’t say he was loafing,but it’s obvious that he didn’t hustle or put forth extra effort after the the missed tackle. Something you’re taught during the Pop Warner days. Never give up on a play until the ball crosses the goal line. My belief is that Johnson knew he couldn’t catch Jones, and was embarrassed. If you look at the beginning of the play, it clearly shows that Jones put on the jets once the ball was snapped. And, especially after catching the pass, his legs were moving like a true track sprinter. 4.3 speed will make 4.6 look like loafing all the time.

  35. Big Rob Says:

    Ronde was definitely the loaf. He could have been in position to tackle Jones but he let up when he saw Johnson going for the tackle.

  36. 76buc76 Says:

    Johnson was beat period.Barber letting up voided any need for Johnson to hustle.If Barber goes all out he would have had a shot to make the tackle or delay jones enough that Johnson could recover.If a 4.7 corner and a 4.9 safety let a 4.3 WR behind em.The only hope they have is an under throw.When a 4.7 hit’s the ground a stride behind a 4.3 WR what’s the point of hustling.

  37. Dave Says:

    Unfortuantely Johnson has shown promise at CB and at this point (like Joe mentions elsewhere on the site) might be the only returning CB, although Bigger might be back as well.