The Day Of The Scrubs

November 11th, 2012

Bucs cornerback La’Quan Lewis, picked up off the street earlier this year, had a key pick in the fourth quarter, one of many backup players that came up big for the Bucs today.

Yeah, often if a team is relying on free agents off the street and late-round draft picks to make plays, the team is in dire straights.

Not so with the Bucs today. Rather than dire straights, one could suggest the Bucs actually have a deep roster.

Let’s look at what some players call camp meat did for the Bucs this afternoon.

First, of course one cannot overlook how the Bucs scored the winning touchdown. Undrafted free agent rookie Leonard Johnson got a gift from Trent Dilfer Philip Rivers and raced 83 yards for the game-winning score.

Then there was Dekoda Watson, a seventh-round draft pick out of Florida State. In the first half, Watson raced in and blew up Chargers punter Mike Scifres after blocking his punt attempt that Adam Hayward scooped up for a score.

Oh yeah, Hayward. a sixth-round pick by the Bucs. He got the job done when he corralled Watson’s blocked punt and, while biting the football, returned it 29 yards for a touchdown.

Not to be forgotten, undrafted cornerback LeQuan Lewis, a free agent pick up this season, activated from the practice squad this week, had a key fourth quarter interception of Rivers that helped keep the Chargers off the board.

Not a shabby performance by a quartet of guys who aren’t expected to make big plays.

Nice job by Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

4 Responses to “The Day Of The Scrubs”

  1. Bucnnole Says:

    Myron Lewis is an out and out BUM. A third round pick out of Vandy, Dom should be criticized for this pick. Please, please stop putting him out there. We’d be better off putting Ronde at nickel and putting Black at free safety. Anything but Lewis. The worst pro I’ve seen since… Well, um… Sabby.

  2. Micronole Says:

    “Scrub” Lequan Lewis has made more big plays than his namesake Myron -and he’s played only 1 game.

  3. stimpy Says:

    Winning is contagious. It lifts everyone up. Congrats to the guys who have stepped in and made plays.


  4. SacBucs Says:

    Dom does not deserve praise..he can do a better job..the rock star has done better then our previous GM’s..Remember Kenyata Walker? Or worst Dexter(scary) Jackson. Dom adds players all year long. Now that Schiano’s here we getting better and creating depth mid-season. Keep it up Dom & Schiuno!

    F&#$ the grammer police