Greg Schiano Agrees With Ian Beckles

November 19th, 2012

Vocal Bucs critic Ian Beckles, who manned the guard position for Tampa Bay from 1990 to 1996, was a little unhappy this morning on the WDAE-AM 620 airwaves because he felt the Bucs didn’t stick with the running game enough when it was clearly working in the first half and Carolina was on the ropes.

The funny thing is Greg Schiano agreed with Beckles. Speaking before media this afternoon, the leader of the New Schiano Order was asked to identify what ailed his offense much of the day.

“We probably could have ran the ball better in the first half, or just more, you know, more opportunities,” Schiano said.

That was an interesting public critique of Mike Sullivan. But Joe can only speculate as to what/when Schiano was referring.

Perhaps Schiano would have preferred a run on 2-and-8 from the Carolina 30 yard line with the Bucs leading 10-0 with 58 seconds left in the first quarter? A positive run there puts the Bucs in better field-goal range and gives Josh Freeman a more manageable third down. Freeman threw his ugly pick-6 on the next play.

Or perhaps Schiano, after Doug Martin popped a 20-yard scamper to close the first quarter, would have preferred not to see three straight incompletions to open the Bucs’ next series?

Regardless of the specifics, it’s interesting to see the head coach and Beckles unknowingly bonding.

7 Responses to “Greg Schiano Agrees With Ian Beckles”

  1. Kirk Says:

    There is nothing in this world to measure my indifference to anything Ian Beckles has to say. Go Commish!

  2. Vic Says:

    If Beckles played for Schiano he’d be cut for horsing around.

  3. big007hed Says:

    Well played Vic… Not going to lie it took me a second!

  4. frank Says:

    My issue with ian is how he always talks down to the fans saying we dont know what we are talking about because we have not been in “the league”. if that is true then how can he try to tell anyone what it takes to win in ” the league” he was never on even a decent team.

  5. Brad Beymer Says:

    I haven’t listened to Beckles since “The Fan” came on. There’s a reason He sucks

  6. Ramdog Says:

    Ian had a good point though idiot or not. If you look at the stats you are running and averaging 5.6 yards per play you are passing and averaging 5.1 yards per play. Running has all sorts of hidden benefits, time of possession, lower likelihood of turnover or negative play. Like the future Hall of Fame Coach Monte Kiffin used to say “the easiest thing for the Quarterback to do is turn and hand the ball off to the running back”. Add to that the fact we have a great back who has shown the ability to take it to the house on any play and one must question why we didn’t run more. Especially when Freeman seemed off after he threw that pick-6. That really seemed to rattle him but he came back when it counted. At least our defense seemed to play much better this week. Hopefully we play awesome this Sunday and can win vs. Atlanta. GO BUCS !!!!!

  7. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    I can’t stop thinking about his MugShot (can a human beings face & head get any rounder??) lololololol