“I Call Him Doug.”

November 20th, 2012

So finally someone decided to ask Bucs coach Greg Schiano about the moniker for Bucs running back Doug Martin that has caught the attention of the nation and beyond: “The Muscle Hamster.”

Appearing on “NFLAM” this morning seen only on the NFL Network, Schiano was corned by panelist Steve Wyche about what he thinks of Martin’s nickname, and Schiano broke out in a broad smile and gave the greatest political answer to date:

“I call him Doug.”

Schiano also talked about what the learning curve he has experienced coming from Rutgers to the Bucs.

“There is always a learning curve,” Schiano said. “Fortunately I had some experience coaching this league back in the late 90s so I had some frame of reference but it is a totally different deal when you are a head coach as opposed to a position coach.”

Schiano was also asked about the things that surprised him in his rookie season as head coach. “Two things: the talent level of the players, the quality of athletes and the [media] coverage that this league gets and all the outside calls on your time. But both of those things are easily manageable once you understand your time.”

Joe thought it was pretty funny how Schiano dodged the “Muscle Hamster” question, but Doug, embrace it. It’s cool and you could make loads of cash off of this thing.

14 Responses to ““I Call Him Doug.””

  1. Tommy Boy Says:

    I’m hearing Dougernaut is the name he wants. MUSCLE HAMSTER is way better

  2. Rich Says:

    I’m a fan of The Dougernaut!

  3. terry4505 Says:

    Bucs nation has started calling him Dougernaut.

    He is Muscle Hamster. Period.

  4. Adam Says:

    What about “In-shape Gerbil?”

  5. Dano Says:

    If he Hates that nickname why should he embrace it? I like Catch-22

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe says:
    ,but Doug, embrace it. It’s cool and you could make loads of cash off of this thing.
    Truer words have never been spoken.

    The possibilities are endless all the way into cartoons and children’s books. He could be the next Super Hero. Mighty Mouse, Underdog, and Now “Muscle Hampster”. I want the action figure already, for my office.

    Cha-ching $$$$$$$$$$

  7. Andrew Says:

    I wish i was called the muscle hamster.

  8. bucobruce Says:


  9. Rob Says:

    Double Deuce! Go Bucs

  10. Big Rob Says:

    I like Muscle Hamster, but I also like the Dougernaught.


  11. Smitty Says:

    I also love ‘The Dougernaut’


    I like Dougernaut, but, when I first heard Muscle Hamster, I pictured him getting paid to do a Kia Soul commercial, like they have with the hamsters driving around.

  13. Kevin Says:

    Me and my muscle Hamster are considering legal action against Doug!

  14. Dreambig Says:

    I will still don’t get why some of you guys want to shove a nickname down his throat that he hates. Are you really that big of jerks? Why even go there?