“I Appreciate The Panic”

November 8th, 2012

Gerald McCoy loves Bucs fans. He adores them, almost as much as Chucky loves, well, everbody not named Clayton or Glazer.

McCoy heard the anguish and wild commentary of Bucs fans earlier this season, when the Bucs were losing painfully, in tight games they could have won.

And McCoy says he loved every minute of it, so he explained on the Buccaneers Radio Network last night on WDAE-AM 620.

“I think, you know, people panicked a little too early. But fans, that’s what we expect. You know, they’re fans. They’re fans. They’re concerned about their team,” McCoy said. “And honestly, if you’re hearing me say this, I appreciate it. I appreciate the panic because it means you care. But that’s where I step in or the team steps in and let’s you guys know, ‘relax.’ You know, relax, it’s a long season. And we can’t panic. We’re not allowed to. We have to stay the course, keep doing what we’re doing until things start to pan out and work the way, you know, we know they can work.”

McCoy went on to say the early games of this season were just “growin’ pains” and the team is now “really tickin'” and “clickin’.”

Joe was pleased to hear that McCoy understands what being a fan is all about.

McCoy must be enjoying anchoring the NFL’s best run defense, a nice middle finger to all his “fans” that were convinced he was a horrendous football player a few months ago.

22 Responses to ““I Appreciate The Panic””

  1. Steve From Oregon Says:

    I hope Gerald tunes into your sight Joe. Yes, he and the rest of that front four has stepped up to stop the run, but with the lack of playmakers/talent at corner, that front four needs to kick it into another gear to help mask the horrid corner play.

    Thats not a fan panicking….its a fact GMC.

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    Wasn’t it Thomas that was all over McCoy? I guess Karma worked in our favor this time! Whenever you dog someone to that extent; it’s bound to turn out the exact opposite. Looks like we should say thanks Thomas for sending good Karma McCoys way.

  3. raphael Says:

    GMC can flat out ball…if he is healthy he is pro bowl bound..

  4. voice of reason Says:

    might take him over suh at this point.

  5. Mavsmoney Says:

    Take that Thomas/Miguel!

  6. AqibSwagTalib Says:

    I am still waiting on Quincy Black to come out and say, “Hey Joe! How do you like me now!” I have to say us Bucs fans are way too quick to start bashing our players. I heard stuff about Mike Williams not being that good, Mason Foster not being a middle linebacker. Where is all this talk now Joe?! Mr. Black deserves some love for his turnaround of play. I like how the coaches this year take out Black on passing downs, something the old coaching regime never seemed to understand is that Black was not at good at pass coverage as he is playing the run down-field.

    And I am glad to hear McCoy say this, he speaks the truth.

  7. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Black has improve since last year. Last year he was graded dead last of OLBs. This year he is only 3rd from last. #Baby steps.

  8. Colorado Buc Says:

    Great way to respond. If GMC does tune in, we are starting to be able to wear our Bucs gear with a renewed sense of pride. #1 against the run is amazing, dead last in pass defense not so much, but you know what? I see the promise of a bright future and big 93 is a cornerstone that I am proud to call a Buc!

  9. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    No way GMC makes the Pro Bowl. He needs to put up some numbers. JJ Watt type numbers. Talk about disruption!

    I sorely miss Thomas 2.2.

    For NFL smokers, weed is now legal in San Fran, Oaktown, San Diego, Denver, Seattle and now…………….. Detroit. 33 states total.


  10. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Hey Miguel,

    Just so you know, Gerald McCoy doesn’t play the same position as JJ Watt. DT’s don’t put up stats like DE’s do (even though Watt plays in a 3-4 and DE’s in a 3-4 typically don’t do what Watt is doing). He’s very much in the running for Pro Bowl.

  11. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Hark! Miguel & Thomas – Janus has risen!

  12. Gus Says:

    @miguel that doesn’t matter it’s against the collective bargaining agreement. So players will still get suspended if its found during a drug test regardless of when they do it

  13. Gus Says:

    Of where they do it

  14. Mike J Says:

    Er, I think Mr. Miguel
    was referring to legal liability,not NFL sanctions.

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    I believe the CBA says “if drugs are used illegally”, so if pot is legal in the state and not illegal, it becomes gray because the fed govt still says its illegal. Best bet is stay clean because the weed won’t help you much anyway. Sooner they realize it the better. But it is still beginning to fall in the gray area, or so my lawyer son days.

  16. Oahubuc Says:

    I beg to differ with anyone who says Gerald can’t make the Pro Bowl as is. Anybody who’s played against him is voting for him, that’s for sure. He’s getting great national press for how well he’s playing. Fans of other teams that I know can talk about him and think he’s awesome. He’s buying me a Heineken and some pupus this winter. Pass the Koolaid, fools.

  17. Ladyz Says:

    McCoy is a serious practitioner of the game, articulate and a real man beast. We could use a couple more men like him.

  18. SacBucs Says:

    Free Dekoda Watson

  19. Pete Dutcher Says:

    BigMacAttack Says: November 8th, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    I believe the CBA says “if drugs are used illegally”, so if pot is legal in the state and not illegal, it becomes gray because the fed govt still says its illegal.


    I believe there are over-the-counter meds that are banned…so it doesnt matter if dope is legal or not. At any rate…dope won’t be legal long. Watch and see.

  20. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I believe GMC is playing at an “almost probowl level.” He still needs to score more sacks. Don’t tell a tampa fan DTs don’t get sacks…we had Sapp and know different.

    GMC’s sacks dropped when we lost Clayborn…right now GMC is the best player on the line so teams are double teaming him. Miller is doing well…but he is not a threat to quarterbacks.

    I like Miller…but he’s quality depth that is good vs the run. We NEED another stud next to GMC. If we get a solid DT pass rusher there, this team could put up huge numbers.

    Clayborn is obviously solid. Bennet is slightly above average. Bowers…as much as I want him to be great, still has to prove he can be. To me, if Clayborn were playing, Bowers has not earned starting over Bennett yet.

  21. princespanky Says:

    C’mon Dutcher…. “Bennet is slightly above average.”

    That comment is ridiculous, the guy is a machine with no holes in his game. All the analysis I have read so far leads the market to believe he is the best DE available next year in free agency and if he keeps producing like he has been he is going to get insane money tossed at him.

    “Behind quarterbacks, defensive ends have the highest average salaries in the NFL”. That’s a fact; look it up. The franchise number on a DE is over $12 mil. Sign him long term right now. We need our biggest sack producer to stay in town.

  22. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    BigMac says, “I believe the CBA says “if drugs are used illegally”, so if pot is legal in the state and not illegal, it becomes gray because the fed govt still says its illegal. Best bet is stay clean because the weed won’t help you much anyway.”

    Where in the constitution does it say the Federal Government can declare a vegetable illegal? I know Bush wanted to make broccoli illegal but he couldn’t.

    Interesting note: the US Constitution is written on paper made from hemp. Possessing a constitution is illegal? There were laws on the books that say farmers had to raise a crop of hemp for national security.

    Chuck Pagano of the Colts could use a little help from weed and no one would have to shave their heads. Leukemia can be cured with hemp oil, with no bad side effects.

    Chemotherapy has never cured anyone of anything and often kills care givers who are exposed to it. Doctors do not allow their family members to be treated with this deadly poison.