Holes Expected For Muscle Hamster

November 20th, 2012

There’s no denying the Falcons are soft against the run.

And Falcons beat writer D. Orlando Ledbetter already is sounding the alarm in Atlanta while exploring how the Falcons possibly will contain Doug Martin when they’ve struggled against lesser running backs.

Stephens-Howling was the third back to rush for more than 100 yards against the Falcons this season, joining Denver’s Willis McGahee (113 yards) and Washington’s Alfred Morris (115 yards).

Fortifying the run defense remains an ongoing construction project for the coaching staff. In eight of the Falcons’ 10 games, the defense has given up at least one run of 29 yards or more.

Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles had a 46-yard gain. McGahee had a 31-yarder. San Diego’s Jackie Battle broke loose for a 52-yard gain. Carolina quarterback Cam Newton had a 31-yard run. Morris had a 29-yard run. Oakland’s Mike Goodson had 40-yard gain.

Yes, the Falcons get gutted and gashed on the ground — 26th in the NFL against the run — but there’s also no denying the Falcons are a great football team. Hell, Mike Smith’s career regular-season record is 52-22! That’s better than a 70 percent winning percentage, which is simply amazing in the NFL.

The Bucs absolutely need a big day Sunday from Muscle Hamster. Thankfully, that seems likely. But the Bucs will need to be strong in all phases to pull out a victory.

Lord knows Bucs fans are still stunned by the Maurice Stovall non-tackle of Eric Weems that cost the Bucs a playoff berth in 2010. (Here’s the heinous video of that historic choke)

24 Responses to “Holes Expected For Muscle Hamster”

  1. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I think a Buccaneer victory will likely hinge on Martin’s ability to exploit that defense. If he can get going early and often then we can go up against a gassed defense in the fourth quarter and hopefully pull out the win.

    The Falcons just barely held on to a win against the Cardinals after Ryan’s FIVE interceptions. If we can grab two or three and dominate on the ground we got this one in the bag.

    Go Bucs!!

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    The big question is if the Falcons get Wspoon back at LB. He is stout and makes a difference in their defense.

  3. canadianbuc Says:

    Joe the thing im worried about is matt ryan just lighting up the bucs awful pass defense. How can we win with there amazing pass attack?

  4. Max Says:

    I’m so glad I was a homer and took him in Fantasy, Free too!

  5. bucsnbeer Says:

    One can see why he despises the nickname.

  6. Pete 422 Says:

    I suspect the Falcons Offense is going to bounce back and play very well this week.

    So the key is to run the ball A LOT, sustain drives, score and keep Matt Ryan off the field as much as possible.

    If we do get a turn over, that must translate to a touchdown. I see this being a high scoring game.

  7. sharkcoasttactical.com Says:

    It makes me so happy to eat crow. I was wrong about Sully, GMC, etc. From the standpoint of we we have done this season, we can beat any team we play from here on out. It is known.

  8. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Pete you nailed it. I have finally resigned to the fact that we aren’t fixing this pass d in the least bit this year. I thought we might be able to at least make it respectable but now I know it’s just not going to happen. Any competent QB will get major numbers against us so we have to counter act that by leaning on the run and short passes. Take up as much time as we can and keep Atlanta’s opportunities to as few as possible. Hopefully then we can keep the game close and have a shot at the end.

    The schedules going to be pretty tough so as long as our pass defense is this bad, our game plan should involve a heavy dosage of Martin.

  9. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Two thoughts…

    …I agree with Pete 422. And would take it a step further. This might be a week when we see all 3 active RBs get playing time.

    Also…it won’t happen but this would be the week to have Michael Smith return kicks.

  10. kh Says:

    Just checking, you guys did see Ryan threw 5 picks last Sunday right? And you also know the Bucs are 3rd in the league in interceptions also right? Honestly, I can’t think of a better time to be playing Ryan and the Falcons.

    I’m feeling very confident in a Bucs win this Sunday. I’ve seen almost all their games this year and while you are what your record is, I don’t think they’re a dominant team. Then again, I’m not sure the NFC has a dominant team.

  11. kh Says:

    I was at that 2010 Falcons game Joe and was trying to forget that play 🙁

  12. Mike G Says:

    Can you please refer to Doug Martin as “The Douggernaut” and not as “Muscle Hamster” ~ Tampa Bay already has cow bells at Tropicana. We don’t need a hamster thrown into the mix. After all his amazing games we should at least grant the guy a nickname he can embrace. Enough already.

  13. Joe Says:

    Mike G:

    Can you please refer to Doug Martin as “The Douggernaut”


  14. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I have practically no confidence the Bucs can win this game. Falcons are really, really, really good.

    That said, it is a division game and anything is possible. Heck, the Saints swept the Bucs during the Buc’s Superbowl run.

  15. BucfanBF Says:

    @have a nice day, don’t you worry man, the muscle hamster is going to light them falcons up. I don’t think that this game is going to be close. Bucs win 38-21. That’s right, you heard it here first. Go BUCS!!!!!

  16. RastaMon Says:

    I like the simple nickname of Dug

  17. flmike Says:

    I’m diggin’ the monicker “Martin-Scores-Easy”

  18. Mr Lucky Says:

    Doug just embrace the moniker and milk it baby!


  19. Mr Lucky Says:

    Be GLAD they’re just talking about you – in a GOOD way; Don’t believe me ask Michael Vick


  20. Formerly "Brown Bag" Says:

    It feels good going into a game against a great team where they are worried about our offensive attack.

  21. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    Mike G, I agree but goodluck trying to get Joe to call him something other then Muscle Hamster. Wont happen, even though its not very respectful to call him that over and over after he has expressed that he does not like that nickname, if you’re his teammate thats a different story but thats not the case for Joe over here.. oh and Doug been amazing for the team and fans this year so why not pay him back and atleast start calling him a nickname he likes? + Muscle Hamster is just old and boring now..

  22. Bucnjim Says:

    The Falcon’s know they need to protect the ball this week if they want to win. Look for them to use Gonzalas early and often. The Bucs should be able to handle their running game without stacking the box so that will free up some nickle & dime packages to at least slow them down. Blitz the crap out of them and try to get pressure with 3 & 4 down lineman. Send Ronde Barber every chance you get. If you can take away the long ball and force Matt Ryan to dink and dunk he will get frustrated and hopefully make a mistake or two.

  23. Wade Says:

    He’s small but effective like Doug Flutie. How about calling him “Doug Scootie”?…I like it.

  24. Bucamania Says:

    Hey ATL – Whatcha gonna do when the Muscle Hanster runs wild on you?