Scab Ref Rips Greg Schiano

October 4th, 2012

A middle school geography teacher in Idaho is no fan of the New Schiano Order.

Zebra Jim Core wasn’t moving up the college football officiating ranks, so he applied to be a replacement referee in the NFL.

In this Showtime interview below, Core is grilled by James Brown and Chris Collinsworth about his experiences. Core is asked who the toughest coach was he had to work with. His answer? “Coach Schiano.”

“He’s college,’’ Core said. “I mean the rest of them acted at a different level. You could just tell working with them, they were at a different level than what I felt like he was.’’

Joe’s not sure what to make of this. Who cares if Schiano wasn’t liked by this scab referee? Is it a shock that an Idaho guy didn’t like a Jersey guy’s delivery? And it’s no surprise that Schiano gave the impression of a college style. Schiano still refers to his actions at Rutgers as “we” on first reference.

Core’s comments come in the six-minute mark in the video.

16 Responses to “Scab Ref Rips Greg Schiano”

  1. JBUC24 Says:

    I understand Schiano not caring about winning a popularity contest, but there have been other reports of him not having very many fans.

    What I worry about is bringing in new cordinators, coaches or personel. If he gets a label of a dictator or othe labels, how will that affect us down the road?

    Call me concerned, but I still stand behind our coach!

  2. OAR Says:

    Lombardi was king dictator, Mike Shanhan is one too, and head coaches, like Bill Parcells or Tom Coughlin rule so tightly, the joke is their assistants are anonymous enough to qualify for the witness protection program.
    Point; Some dictator head coaches can succeed and succeed highly!
    Personally, I dont know if Schaino is one or not, but I’m not that concerned over hear-say and some wanna-be-NFL-ref about his feelings or opinions.

  3. Mr. Patrick Says:

    And that is why he is nothing more than SCAB REF!

  4. Rob Says:

    Who cares what the ref thought?!! Is this even relevant? Were 1-3 and we were close to being 4-0. I ‘m not sold on him but I don’t care what a ref says about him. Dumeg of 620 played it to the coach live on his show and asked him to respond. [Now, now. Joe has a marketing contract with Clear Channel. You can be critical of on-air talent but you cannot personally attack on-air talent. Sorry. — Joe].

  5. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    The problem is not just his ridiculous rules, dress codes, compulsive lying, doghouses, nonsensical devotion to minute and meaningless detail, lack of on field coaching ability, being an asshole, lack of halftime adjustments, fear and indecision, obsessive secrecy, lack of comprehension, mediocrity. and national embarrassments.

    The real problem is that he feels he is successful. He has reached his goal of recreating Rutger’s Football here in Tampa Bay. We can look forward to being just a tad below average as long as he’s here.

    Evidently the Scab referees were NOT impressed by his butch factor.

  6. Orlandobucfan Says:

    And cue Miguel’s unbelievably incorrect assessment of schiano or as he calls him the little general.
    Oh wait he watched every episode of hard knocks nevermind preach on.

  7. Orlandobucfan Says:

    Oh man I missed that by seconds damn iPhone keyboard and big fingers.

  8. SteveK Says:

    Did the ref with comments officiate the Dallas game?

    Schiano had to use two challenges to be awarded fumbles, one which would’ve been an Eric Wright return for TD.

    I hope Schiano gave this big baby and earful.

    Schiano is not here to make friends. He is here to win games.

  9. Colorado Buc Says:

    Joe who? Next article please. This guy is not worth a mention, unlss he slap a studentat a paren teacer conference…thanks.

  10. Colorado Buc Says:

    wow my spelling was butchered. my bad

  11. Nick2 Says:

    UGLY ball headed scab thats all i will say.

  12. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    This is what I KNOW…throughout the passing of time, the historical individuals are the ones that did things differently from the norm.

    So in my book…this “replacement ref” just called all the other coaches “normal”.

  13. Ladyz Says:

    Why do we even dignify these attacts on Schiano? Give the man a little time and then an evaluation would be fare.

  14. 1976Buc Says:

    I think most agree this team needed a step up in the discipline category. Maybe Schiano is going to far but maybe not. Time will tell. I have a bigger issue with the apparent under utilization of players. Discipline is a great thing if it is done with respect.

  15. ChefPaul Says:

    Miguel’s comment makes me think he’s the slacker at work, that blames a grumpy boss for being mean to him and is out to get him

  16. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    “Except that Miguel was the boss and I never had silly rules. I never micro-managed and allowed my employees lots space to grow. Communication was key.