Lots Of Fingers To Point

October 22nd, 2012

Yeah, the Mike Williams phantom touchdown stunk. But don’t blame the refs, in a manner of speaking, is what veteran sports columnist Gary Shelton explains. There were a lot of reasons the Bucs lost to the Saints, as Shelton details in this Tampa Bay Times video.

6 Responses to “Lots Of Fingers To Point”

  1. flmike Says:

    Wow, that was one hell’va game, fun as hell to watch, so we lost, we’re 2-4 with 10 games to go, did you really expect to be in the playoffs this season, if you did, you’re delusional. That goal line stand by NO was pretty awesome, great play on their part, really bad play calling on ours, so VJax gets run down by a guy who is fast as hell, if he would have got caught at the 15 would you still be belly-aching? Inconsistency is the mark of a young team and that is what we are seeing, but as each week passes it becomes less and less inconsistent. Did you ever think Freeman would throw for 400+ yards in a game? If this is what this offense is capable of against a motivated Saints team think what it will do to lesser teams, the Offense is just hitting it’s stride, yes there will be screw-ups in play calling and execution, but those things are fixable, my main worry is the defenses’ inability to cover anyone who can take the top off the coverage, we will absolutely be drafting corners and safeties come April.

  2. raphael Says:

    @ Fl mike…agreed, great post…lapses in coverage and lack of pass rush were the downers,but wow this team is gonna be something..After just a half a season with the new coaching staff you can see what a difference it is…Great game !

  3. Macabee Says:


    To be fair, Jackson had a calf injury and could not run at full speed and he was clearly slowing down as he neared the end zone. Jenkins is not really a fast guy. He was drafted in the 1st rd as a CB but was switched to FS because of his speed at the combine of 4.53. Jackson had a faster time of 4.46 at his combine. I give Jackson credit for getting the Ball to the 1yd line. By the way that was the longest pass play in 40 years or since 1972 according to NFL Network. The problem was not getting the ball into the end zone with a 1st down on the 1. Both V-Jax and Freeman had career days!

  4. flmike Says:

    I wasn’t knocking VJax, I think he did everything he could to get into the endzone, he just got caught, it happens. Where we screwed up was not taking advantage of the field position he got us. Try at least one pass, but I think it was more a test of Blount than anything else and he failed it, time to move on from him as a short yardage runner, he just isn’t one, also, the Saints were set up for a quick slant to the TE on that second running attempt, they bunched the line and had no outside coverage, Freeman should have seen that and motioned the TE to the left, have him run the shallow slant to where he’s just over the goal line and just zip it in there.

  5. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Why point fingers at your team?

    It is not time yet to start a bandwagon to toss the coach. Way too early for this.

    All this scrutiny must be a result of the election tension.

  6. Dave in Cape Coral Says:

    Bucs left 10 points on the field: the goal line stand where the Bucs should have simply had Freeman run a QB sneak and the missed FG. If Barth made that FG, the dynamic of the game could have changed. The unsportsmanlike conduct on the Bucs during the Saints FG attempt was a killer as well. The defense was simply bad, this and too many mistakes on special teams and offense cost the Bucs this time. Bucs were outcoached as well: Sciano is still learning as well.
    I am willing to bet that the defense will show up vs the Vikes but watch the offense struggle against a team that has a defense. Lets face it: the Saints defense is the worst in the league: worse then the Bucs, Panthers, Bills or Titans and that is saying a lot as is the fact Blount got stiffed by them 3 times in a row at the goalline. This Buc team is improved from last season but it may not be reflected in wins and losses as the Bucs play poorly on the road and are squandering good opportunities to win at home. Close does not get it done in the NFL Coach Sciano…… To quote Ian Beckles today: its tough to win when your defense is putrid with no pass rush, you miss field goals and commit penalties on opposing FG attempts and your offense is too predictable in the red zone…….