LeGarrette Blount Is Not Mike Alstott

October 22nd, 2012

Before Joe gets rolling here, let Joe be clear for anyone even slightly confused: Joe’s a big LeGarrette Blount guy. Regular readers know this. Joe just wants to be upfront about this fact as you read the following:

Never again should Blount be used as a short-yardage battering ram straight up the gut.

Yesterday, Joe literally did a facepalm when the Bucs, with first-and-goal late in the game at the Saints-1, tried to ram the ball up the middle using Blount.

Granted, Blount had little to no room to run. The Saints defensive front was getting penetration on the Bucs much of the game. First, when has Blount ever demonstrated he can be Mike Alstott, who, even without room, was able to move bodies at the line of scrimmage?

That’s not Blount. It wasn’t Blount as a rookie (remember the Atlanta road game when he couldn’t pick up a yard deep in Dixie Chicks-territory?) and it isn’t happening now, nor in the foreseeable future.

Blount’s specialty is when he gets past the front level, and gets two steps of steam, he is lethal, he needs 10-12 rushes to get heated up, minimum.

Those rushes are not consecutive up the one-hole with no blocking to speak of.

Joe loves Blount, but he is not a power runner, and trying to force him to be three times to no avail cost the Bucs yesterday just as much as the zebras did.

45 Responses to “LeGarrette Blount Is Not Mike Alstott”

  1. jlynch Says:

    Yea but he is practicing better…..

  2. snook Says:

    Martin would’ve scored. Or even Ware.

  3. Formerly "Brown Bag" Says:

    Thank you for saying it. Blount might be good in special situations. . . like the rare times we open gaping holes in the defensive line so Uncle Fester can hit ‘rabbit mode’ on her wheelchair. Otherwise, he is not a secret weapon.

    With running back getting 3 years tops out of a typical career, teams have enough film on Blount to render him relatively useless. We should get a draft pick in trade from a low level team this offseason and move on.

  4. flmike Says:

    I wouldn’t be shocked to see Mike Smith activated and Blount on the inactive list come Thursday.

  5. jlynch Says:

    Its aboiut time .People are finally seeing why olsen and sullivan use him in spots, he just isnt very good

  6. NJBuc Says:

    Ware has to be up and Blount has to be in a tee shirt against the Vikings. Ware is a a better back period. Bring up Smith and let’s get the return game going.

  7. raphael Says:

    for a guy that big, you would think he would just smash it in there..but he doesn’t.*&%$@#%

  8. SensibleBuc Says:

    “Never again should Blount be used as a short-yardage battering ram straight up the gut.”

    Thank you for manning up Joe.

  9. Tony Says:

    Not really sure what Blount can do…he would rather jump over than run over. What is his strength exactly?

  10. Macabee Says:

    The first 2 calls were on Blount. The 3rd call was on the coaches. Isn’t this the classic definition for insanity – doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get a different result. Not wanting to start a conspiracy theory, but it was almost like they were building a case for saying ‘when we trade Blount, we want to point to this as the reason why”.

  11. ATLBuc Says:

    This staff just does not know how to use Blount. He’s a damn good runner when used right. How do they not get this?

  12. BigEl Says:

    You’re right Joe, after the first run I was yelling and screaming at the tv. Could not believe they would do it two more times.Thats not Blount, never has been. I’m beginning to wonder if the coaches have even looked at the game films for the last two years.

  13. Name Required Says:

    If he’s not a power runner, 3rd down back, or a blocker… What is he, exactly? A change-of-pace back. He’s the punisher in the second half when the defense is tired. Seems a tad specialized to me. A 3rd back that doesn’t play special teams. I love his runs, too… but he’s not fitting right now. When Martin goes down, they will be forced to use him, but that’s just it… forced. He’s a luxury for a better team.

  14. FlBoy84 Says:

    Have to say that Martin seems to like taking on and running over people more than Blount does. Even Josh doing a QB sneak probably would’ve gotten more penetration. May have been a different outcome if they had punched it in.

  15. Name Required Says:

    Again, 6’6″ QB sneak lost in the playbook.

  16. Formerly "Brown Bag" Says:

    Tony Says:
    Not really sure what Blount can do…he would rather jump over than run over. What is his strength exactly?

    Carjack Bucs fans and simple assault. Maybe the Raiders will take him.

  17. Formerly "Brown Bag" Says:

    Tony Says:
    Not really sure what Blount can do…he would rather jump over than run over. What is his strength exactly?

    Carjack Bucs fans and simple assault. Maybe the Raiders will take him.

  18. Formerly "Brown Bag" Says:

    Or Bruce Allen. Heck, maybe Gruden will give him time in the booth.

  19. bucfanjeff Says:

    Finally it seems everyone is on the same page regarding Blount…finally.

    It was a bad play calling series for an otherwise good play calling day.

    I would have lined up in the same formation on 1st down and tried a QB sneak. I would have spread out the defense and tried Martin.

    In any event, we all know Blounts place on this team now.

  20. AK Says:

    Thank you Joe. I too have defended Blount at times and I think there IS a role for him on this team…but short yardage and goalline is not it. That’s been demonstrated before. On the list of other options available to them there, to give it to him 3 straight times would have been about my 67th choice.

  21. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    If the Bucs didn’t give to Blount then there would have been an uproar on JBF to why didn’t they just give it to the big man.

  22. AK Says:

    237 not if they’d scored a TD…ahh, monday morning QBing after a gutwrenching loss, what’s worse? I’d rather have a root canal.

  23. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    So, halfway into the season, we all agree that Blount is not the answer on the short and goal situation. So, shouldnt we have that guy by now? Activate Michael Smith, put in DJ Ware, or sign somebody off the waiver wire but we need to have that guy now.
    ….and I want Coach to stop saying we are a “run first” team starting now. If you cant move the ball one yard in four tries, then you are not a run first team.

  24. Caleb Says:

    Wow, just last week all of you were in love with LB after his garbage time TD. Now this week he is bad again? I cant imagine how bad you would all be crying if he didnt get the ball and we still didnt score.

  25. bucfanjeff Says:

    Martin had been running well all day. To take him out at that point was a mistake.

    Activate and cultivate Smith, work more with Ware, and trade Blount to the AFC.

  26. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Some of you seem to think this is Joe giving up on Blount and Joe is “coming clean” that he’s not much of a back. You would be mistaken. Joe is simply talking about short yardage, goal-line. In the recent NFL Films Joe linked to last week of Schiano on the sidelines, you see and hear him coaching BLount to hit the hole and make power commitments to his run, and those weren’t even short yardage. Clearly, the team knew Blount is a work in progress in short yardage. After Sunday, they might just give up — or they’ll use it as a teaching moment and we’ll see more of BLount in those spots.

  27. bucfanjeff Says:

    We lined up in a goalline formation and got punked like some little b!tches by a bad defense. We should have run out of 2 or 3 wide sets to get the defense to loosen up. I’m ok with 1 crack in a GL defense, but 4 straight plays with the same formation?

    We’re still learning…but we are making progress.

    PS – I’ve never liked Macdonald as a DB.

  28. skp Says:

    a big dude isn’t necessarily a power runner, but coaching staffs are always tempted to try and need to see the idea fail before they move on. if all it took was size, the refrigerator perry package (hand it to your enormous DT and see who can stop him) would be as popular as the QB sneak what it cam to ultra-short yardage situations.

  29. 1976Buc Says:

    This is on the coaches more than Blount. Everyonee knows he’s not a short yardage back and part of ooaching is to get players in situations where they excel. Schiano/Sullivan continue to put players out of position. Personell strength seem to be a coaching weakness. Anyone that has watched Blount for the past couple of years has to recognize the talent there. Today’s football is situational and our Staff does not appear to recognise that. When the middle is stuffed like it was all day go to something else.

  30. Bucnjim Says:

    Lorig would have scored if you gave him the ball three times in a row! In that situation it is about who wants it more; the defensive player or the running back. Doug Martin has proved he is the scrappy I’ll run up your A$$ back that fights like hell for every yard. I’m not sure what the heck Blount was doing! One yard per carry would have gotten him in the end zone. Shouldn’t need any trick plays or passes; just the drive to score.

  31. Eric Says:

    Greg figured we could eak out one stinking yard against one of the worst defenses in the league.

  32. blackmagic00 Says:

    I did a face palm too. but, this staff needs to grab a crate of tums and sit down and watch every 2010-2011 Blount play from scrimmage. He is a special kind of athlete. He should have been flying over that line. Get him in to open space where he can hurdle and he needs a little weight back on because that’s what gives him his wrecking ball ability. These guys are killing blounts game. Morris sucked but he knew how to use Blount.

  33. Bucnjim Says:


    No speed; No power; No Drive! O.K. so the offense needs to open a hole that a truck will drive through to make him useful? He had other chances against the Saints as well!

  34. dan Says:

    wasnt it blount who dove over the top earlier this year reminscent of the a train for a touchdown?

    THAT play would have worked if they had told the oline to block really low get everyone down and told blount to dive over the top.

    Or had free keep it up the middle.

  35. kh Says:

    Worst short yardage/goal line RB I’ve ever seen.

  36. K1ngAdroc Says:

    they should use Martin at the goal line. He’s hard to see and hits the hole if it’s there. He has a low center of gravity, can stop, spin off and change direction to beat defensive players to the pylon.

    Blount is a good running back when he can plant and cut, but if his legs don’t get going he’s ineffective and that’s what seems to happen to him in short yardage situations.

  37. K1ngAdroc Says:

    I will finish by saying if we can’t get that yard (which is the same yard we didn’t get against the dirty birds 2 yrs ago, thus missing the playoffs) we don’t deserve to win as an organization. PERIOD

  38. Eric Says:

    Blount is the most misunderstood man in pro football.

  39. 1976Buc Says:

    It’s basic math: Force = Mass X Exceleration……
    You have a 240 lb back moving in one direction that runs up against 900 lbs of Center, Guard and Tackle moving in the opposite direction. The O-Line was knocked back on their ass 2 yards. When you are wrapped up high and low the o-line did not do there job. There was no hole to hit. Go back and watch a replay.

  40. BucFan20 Says:

    Give me a friggin break. First you bitch he did not wait for the hole to open in ATL. Now he does, Wrong again. I got some news for you. The GREAT Alstott was turned away many times as well and you turned on him the same way. You loved him just a few weeks ago when he scored. Now he sucks. You don’t know if Martin would have scored or not!!! How the HELL could you. Our great QB calls a Bootleg instead of trying a pass. BOOTLEG? Made about the same great decision as my helmet went out let’s run. Remember that? They tried it did not work. Non of you know what would have worked. Is he Alstott? NO. Is McCoy Sapp? NO. Get over over it. Try writing a real story. BUCS BLOW 14 POINT LEAD!

  41. BucFan20 Says:

    They did not blow a 14 point lead onceTHEY BLEW IT TWICE!

  42. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Cant Muscle Hamsters fly? Give it to Martin and have him launch over the line.

  43. Adam Says:

    Why are Bucs’ OCs so scared of Freeman taking a sneak for a yard. The freakin’ guy is 6’6″. He’s a 2 yard gain if he TRIPS.

  44. J-VilleBucs84 Says:

    I agree they need to use the QB sneak in a situation like that. Blount had no chance, he was getting hit in the back field as soon as he got the ball on those runs. Bad play calling on Sullivan right there. Overall I like were this offense is going were 12th in the league on points scored in a game and Freeman looks more comfortable out there throwing to his WR’s. The defense lost us that game. Watching Brees made me realize we desperately need CB. D-line also, but Brees gets it out so fast. It’s not like lots of DE or DT that get to him anyways but ‘s our CB were horrible. Wright is a #2 CB and Biggers #3 at best. Talib to me has #1 CB abilities,but is too inconsistent and would be a solid #2 in my opinion. If were playing man we need to get some better CB’s if that’s the was were going to do as a Defense or some true DE pass rushers.

  45. Mike J Says:

    J-VilleBucs84 , yeah, the DBs are, well, incomplete. Wright was paid a fortune by Dom to come in & be a first-line starter (even though he had never shown that ability in the past).Had an awful game:

    Eric Wrong

    In a game in which little defense was played, Eric Wright was one of the worst offenders. Coming off a strong showing, albeit defending Brady Quinn and the Chiefs, Wright took a big step back with his worst performance to this point in the season. Targeted nine times, he allowed seven receptions for 147 yards and a TD. Twice, including on the touchdown, he was victimized by Brees pump fakes and allowed receivers to get behind him for big plays — and he badly missed a tackle that allowed Morgan to reach the end zone. Adding insult to injury, Wright was spectacularly flipped into the air on the ‘attempt’ to bring Morgan down. Not even a pair of pass break ups for the second straight game could salvage the day for the Tampa Bay cornerback. Brees had a near-perfect passer rating of 155.8 when throwing at Wright.