Evaluating The Three-Man Rush

October 24th, 2012

Bucs defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan explained what went wrong

Within 10 minutes of the final whistle Sunday, Joe had already deatailed the struggles and bang-your-head-against-a-wall use of the three-man rush against the Saints.

It didn’t work, and the Bucs were burned repeatedly. In a candid moment yesterday at One Buc Palace, Bucs defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan laid out what was going wrong.

“They blocked us up,” Sheridan said of the Saints offensive line.

“We weren’t able to pressure [Brees] well enough on three where he was going to throw on timing. In my mind, and it’s easy to say this after the fact watching the film, when he felt it was a three-man rush, he held on to the ball and waited for the down-the-field routes to get open. And even though we had eight guys back there and the windows were very, very small, he still fired it in there and hit, you know, 10-to-15 yard hits on those. And, so yeah, shoulda, woulda, coulda, throw the house at him and at least the ball’s going to come out sooner and the issue will be declared early in the down. You know what I mean? So, yeah, some of those definitely backfired on us.”

Joe appreciates Sheridan’s detailed breakdown. Jimminy Christmas! That three-man rush must have smelled like fresh-baked doughnuts to Brees, and it wasn’t just “10-to-15 yard hits” Brees was nailing down field.

To be fair, Brees is Brees, and there’s no great way to stop him if you can’t generate a pass rush. The Bucs didn’t do that with four men on Sunday.

11 Responses to “Evaluating The Three-Man Rush”

  1. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    I hate overreacting but Sheridan makes some terrible decisions. Now he deserves some credit for our run d turn around but the fact that he even considered going with three man rushes that much against a guy like Brees scares me. He made at best questionable calls against the giants and skins as well. He blitzes when he shouldn’t and he lays off when he should blitz. It’s like he doesn’t have a clue.

    I think barring a turnaround, he’s got to go at the end of the year. He just makes to many head scratching calls.

  2. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I’m just a fan and not a coach and even I know you don’t rush three and drop eight against Brees, because he can fit the ball into the smallest of windows. And Sheridan didn’t see this coming? What gives? You could drop 20 and Brees would still hit his receivers if given enough time. What a stupid strategy…basically you’re saying we’re gonna give you all the time you want to find a receiver and hope we have enough guys in coverage that you can’t fit the ball in. Freaking ridiculous.

  3. vic Says:

    Where was the in-game adjustment??

  4. k1ngAdroc Says:

    honest assessment and takes responsibility. Bucs run D has been “swarming” very impressive but I am very concerned with the Pass D…. so far it simply is not working and getting burned all over the field inspite of some spectacular individual efforts (Ronde, Biggers, Barron, Wright)
    Why was Macdonald covering Colston in the 3rd and 4th quarters when in man coverage???

  5. JBUC24 Says:


    That seems to be the common theme w/ this coaching staff! Hope it’s just growing pains and won’t continue to be the trend down the road!

  6. k1ngAdroc Says:

    I was concerned about the Pass D and then I read this from Stephen White ~


    We are in worse shape than I thought. Looks like the players aren’t at all on the same page (which was evident watching the game) and not aware of down, distance and obvious probability. OUCH (thanks Mr. White!)

  7. Nick2 Says:

    Fresh baked doughnuts Joe???? I was thinking more of a powdered Beignet from Cafe Du Mond… Nothing like giving Drew Breeze all day to throw oh well…….

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    “They blocked us up.”?!?!?! That’s the F’ing answer?

    Well what they heck do you think the probability of a sack is when you rush 3 vs 5 (or 6)? LOW, VERY LOW

    You’re basically saying we’re going to play defense on the back end and try to contain you with 3. The back end is our sore spot.

    Rushing 4 or 5 consistently would have been better.

  9. bucyea Says:

    Scary…very scary.

  10. stevek Says:

    All those draft picks on the D-Line, and not a pro bowl to show for it.

    Adrian Clayborn, Gerald McCoy, Brian Price, Daquan Bowers, Roy Miller are all draft picks from rounds 1-3….

    We need to sign a pass rush artist in Free Agency. We need to overpay for passrush, because clearly we are having issues drafting consistently healthy difference makers.

  11. 1976Buc Says:

    No team should be able to get pressure with a 3 man rush. I’m surprised it took Sheridan “after the fact watching film”. It was pretty obvious after a short time and would have been easy to make an adjustment. This is basic stuff and concerns me a great deal with this staff.