Stinking Panthers At Bucs, Open Thread

September 9th, 2012

OK guys, welcome to Week One of the 2012 NFL season. Have fun. As always, no links of pirated Bucs video feeds but you may e-mail links among yourselves. Happy football season, everyone!

436 Responses to “Stinking Panthers At Bucs, Open Thread”

  1. Joe Says:

    FYI, tons of empty seats at the CITS.

  2. SensibleBuc Says:

    David was shot out of a cannon on 1st down. Woo!

  3. SensibleBuc Says:

    That Mike Barron guy looked pretty bad on that play lol

  4. SensibleBuc Says:

    GMC making a play? Who? Wha?

  5. SensibleBuc Says:


    Sounds pretty loud on TV

  6. BucNeckid Says:

    Almost a three and out

  7. flmike Says:

    Is David is making d calls?

  8. Andrew Says:

    Fair catch for crying out loud

  9. SensibleBuc Says:

    WOO Doug Martin looking good. Delivered a nice blow on the safety

  10. SensibleBuc Says:

    Man Doug looks quick. He’s gonna break some big runs this year Captain Obvious I know.

  11. BucNeckid Says:

    Three first downs already

  12. SensibleBuc Says:

    Lorig with the hands AND some quicks? What’s going on here?

  13. SensibleBuc Says:


    I coulldn’t tell. Who was in the middle of the huddle?

  14. canadianbuc Says:


  15. SkookumSmitty Says:


  16. canadianbuc Says:


  17. TRJ Says:

    Would someone please send me a link to

    I’d appreciate it.

  18. BucNeckid Says:

    Sure as hell is not Greg Olsen’s Offense

  19. David Says:

    If anyone wants to help me out with a link…

  20. SensibleBuc Says:

    This is what a versatile back looks like folks. Sorry I love Blount just like the next guy but our entire offense is opened up now.

  21. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Great throw, great catch under blitz pressure.

  22. the_buc_realist Says:

    huge difference with Doug in. We are now seeing how Blount pigeon toed the offense.

  23. SensibleBuc Says:

    I’m in heaven right now. It can’t possibly get any better than this.

  24. Mike078 Says:

    What, no slow start this year?

  25. Ray Says:

    No Slow start!!!! That’s Buc ball right there.

  26. BucNeckid Says:

    Anybody online at the game/stadium?
    Panthers Defense looks tired already,
    is it hot and Muggy?

  27. BucNeckid Says:

    points in the first quarter

  28. SensibleBuc Says:


    Pigeon toed! Pigeon holed! All of the above! lol

  29. NJBucsFan Says:

    Mile Williams…gonna have a great yr

  30. J-VilleBuc Says:

    touchdown Tampa Bay!!

  31. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:


  32. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Bucneckid, I am about 30 minutes from the stadium, and it is actually MORE pleasant out than usual, with all the rain.

  33. Ray Says:

    That beard

  34. Mike J Says:

    Defense looks big & mean; offense very efficient, passing short, & Martin looking like a star. catching or running.

  35. BucNeckid Says:

    So far Bucs Run Defense looks solid

  36. flmike Says:

    Yup, he’s calling the d

  37. SensibleBuc Says:


    You were right. David’s calling the D

  38. Ray Says:

    Tackling? HFS!!

  39. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Three and out

  40. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Bet Blount does well in the second half.

  41. BucNeckid Says:

    Bucs defense looks like it is picking up from where they left off…
    from 2010

  42. SensibleBuc Says:

    Ah man I had flashbacks of Dante Wesley & Peanut on that one

  43. T Says:

    With a Rays game in town i think that hurt the Bucs attendance some.

  44. Ray Says:

    Flashback of Clifton Smith

  45. BucNeckid Says:

    Cheap shot by Panther special teams,

  46. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Ronde to the rescue!

    They hit Stroughter on fair catch.

  47. BucNeckid Says:

    Panthers look stunned

  48. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Firing on ALL cylinders, right now…The run game WORKS, the play action WORKS, the defense WORKS.

  49. Bucfan4747 Says:

    Reminds me of peanut!

  50. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Okay, THAT play didn’t work, lol.

  51. SensibleBuc Says:

    WOW. Sully & Sheridan are calling quite the game. We look well drilled in every facet of the game offensively and defensively.

  52. flmike Says:

    Wow, really enjoying Martz, he’s a great analyst

  53. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Holy crap…I am so glad I BELIEVED enough to predict 10 wins.

  54. Ray Says:

    I’m pretty sure they have run the mall more in these first two drives than they did in the entire first game last year.

  55. Oregano Says:

    Are these announcers scabs too. They’re terrible

  56. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Total yards

    TB 112
    Car 19

  57. blackmagic00 Says:


  58. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    can’t watch the game, whats the rain like guys? 8/8 start would be even more impressive in a downpour

  59. SensibleBuc Says:

    C’mon Larsen & Zuttah!

  60. SkookumSmitty Says:


  61. SensibleBuc Says:


    Apparently we have a safety named Mike Barron

  62. KBC2 Says:

    Win or lose, they look well coached and focused!

  63. TRJ Says:

    Anybody have a link

  64. Hugo Says:

    Yay no more slow starts !

  65. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    10 points in two drives…sweet.

  66. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ MichiganBucsFan

    Doesn’t even look like its raining on TV. Maybe Joe knows?

  67. King Says:

    #5 is alive baby! teams firing on all cylinders except kick off returns. Go Bucs!

  68. Biglebowski Says:

    Watching on Lovin it!

    As a humorous aside, for all the babbling Blount love on some sites, we see who the bell cow is.

  69. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Yes, David is calling the defense. But to be fair…they haven’t been on the field much, lol.

  70. Miracle Says:

    Coming from Charlotte, this is a great game for Bucs so far. Starting strong. Too bad its blacked out. It would excite the fan base.

  71. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ blackmagic00

    Sully & the incomparable Ron Turner have drilled Free well. Martz’s little anecdote about Free’s helmet being all over the place last year was spot on. His mechanics were horrendous last year. He never stepped into his throws.

  72. Joe Says:

    It appears the Bucs have a coaching staff that believes in preparation. What a novel concept.

  73. SensibleBuc Says:

    Cmon pass rush

  74. Ray Says:

    Defense is looking nice but a sack would be nice. Asking for too much?

  75. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Great 1st quarter. Exactly how you want to start a game.

  76. BucNeckid Says:

    the radio team even says that the Offense has their first ten to twelve plays scripted.
    Looks like they are prepared and are sticking to the plan

  77. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    we need more points…although the game is going by fast. At this rate we will finish the game be 6:30

  78. NJBucsFan Says:


    This coaching staff also believes in coaching up and using the players strength. That too is a novel concept that was not seen last year.

  79. King Says:

    Bucs 10 – Carolina Kitties nuthin, start of 2nd quarter

  80. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Ready for some SACKS, now.

  81. SensibleBuc Says:


    The previous staff most assuredly prepped as much if not more than this staff…they just didn’t know what they were doing.

  82. Ish70 Says:

    Great start.

  83. SkookumSmitty Says:

    NOT fooled. NOPE.

  84. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    They didn’t stop him from getting a first…but it was good effort.

  85. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Who gave that weak ass push?

  86. SensibleBuc Says:

    Way to go Ronde…then E. Wright gets played. *Sigh* Where’s Talib? lol

  87. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Am I seeing things right or is McCoy and Miller rotating positions?

  88. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Hah!!!! A dounble Ben-d around and Ronde stopped it lol

  89. Ray Says:

    His helmet came off. He out the next play

  90. SkookumSmitty Says:


  91. SensibleBuc Says:

    YES. SIR. Great play call Sheridan.

  92. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ SilenceTheCritics

    Yup. GMC was playing 1 tech on that last play

  93. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Okay, he made up for the push on that coverage.

  94. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    E-Wright didn’t get played. He saved the play.

  95. GenocideD Says:

    Quincy made a play??? Nice.

  96. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:


  97. Hugo Says:

    Anyone now a link the one im using is messing up ?

  98. GenocideD Says:

    Should be black.

  99. SensibleBuc Says:


    Getting played = Stiff armed in the face. It’s ok, he didn’t quit and chased him down so he made up for it

  100. BucNeckid Says:

    Helmet comes off
    off next play
    i think is a college rule only

  101. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    QUincy Black on the sack. Gary Gibson with pressure up the gut. Almost seemed like a busted play. Hard to tell.

  102. Miracle Says:

    @Dutcher.. I would just put team.

  103. GenocideD Says:

    Here comes Blount!

  104. SensibleBuc Says:

    I love the coaching by Schiano. He told Blount to cut that freaking guy next time lol

  105. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Great catch! Panthers defense is making stupid mistakes…Look alot like our guys did last year.

  106. the_buc_realist Says:

    that tip pass was blount fault, no idea why that guy cannot block

  107. GenocideD Says:

    Hmmm. Blount just blocked on that last play?

  108. Ray Says:


    I appreciate your explanation there but I know this. That was just my feeble attempt at being funny. I know the sarcasm doesn’t come through too well in writing. Go Bucs

  109. Ray Says:

    Hurdlin dudes again Geez

  110. SensibleBuc Says:

    LMAO! Well done Blount

  111. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Let me just say…offensive line is doing great so far.

  112. GenocideD Says:

    Are you f**king kidding me! Blount’s on fire now! Imagine that. Catching a ball, too…

  113. SensibleBuc Says:

    OH CRAP.

  114. Ray Says:

    Probably the groin again

  115. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Blount down, holding right knee!

  116. the_buc_realist Says:

    cramp maybe, if it was a knee you don’t kick your leg like that

  117. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Hopefully just a dam cramp…

  118. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Maybe a cramp the way he was kicking his leg out?

  119. JGlazer Says:

    Don’t see any comments on this site. Do we have a problem?

  120. the_buc_realist Says:

    course i am a doctor

  121. Oregano Says:

    Looks like LGB tried to shake off a knee injury

  122. SensibleBuc Says:

    I thought was punch drunk with the way he was wobbling like that.

  123. Ray Says:

    I hope your right about it being just a cramp

  124. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Hope Blount not serious…we have zero depth.

  125. SkookumSmitty Says:

    FROZEN ROPE, great 22 yard completion.

  126. SensibleBuc Says:

    We havent seen that VJax in cut on those videos like 1000 times.

  127. SkookumSmitty Says:

    THERE’S the scramble! Twelve yards!

  128. King Says:

    Nice run Free!

  129. SensibleBuc Says:


    LOL well done

  130. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Freeman is moving nice in that pocket! Sullivan’s wacky drills seem to have worked!

    I knew Josh not running in preseason was smoke and mirrors.

  131. the_buc_realist Says:

    Freeman is actually doing very good play-action fakes, i used to think that if it was not for Marino that Freeman was the worst at fake hand offs

  132. SensibleBuc Says:

    That’s a big dude. Punch this thing with the Hamster

  133. Oregano Says:

    Nicks earned his $ there

  134. King Says:

    Nix just moved a mountain for extra yards

  135. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I think Nicks got them an extra three yards for that.

  136. the_buc_realist Says:

    We need a real FullBack!

  137. SkookumSmitty Says:


  138. JGlazer Says:

    Man I hope the bucs don’t burn out Martin like they did the Caddy.

  139. SensibleBuc Says:


    Lorig has been tatooing people this game and he actually has hands now. He’s fine.

  140. GenocideD Says:

    Can’t blame not getting a TD this time around on Nicks. He cleaned his guy completely out of the hole on those last two plays.

  141. BucNeckid Says:

    ZERO BUCS Penalties so far

  142. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Dominating time of possession which is great but we need TDs.

  143. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Taken 2 with Liam Nelson…sweet.

  144. snook Says:

    Meaningless FG there. Needed 7.

  145. the_buc_realist Says:

    if you mean no puch on a block is “tatooing” then yes, i don’t care if a fullback has 2 or 3 catches, i would rather see push on the line of scrimmage.

  146. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I agree with Silence…we need to put our foot on their throat. Otherwise there is danger of a comeback.

    Of course, our defense is fresh too.

  147. SensibleBuc Says:


    And you’re basing that one what exactly? Him getting stalemated on a goal line play by Pro Bowl linebacker Jon Beason? Gotcha.

  148. SensibleBuc Says:


  149. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I wasn’t sure if he made that catch…glad they challenged. Coaches were right there.

  150. BucNeckid Says:

    Called a time out anyway

  151. Ray Says:

    The receiva had two feet in bounds!! lol

  152. the_buc_realist Says:

    haven’t seen a pushoff like that since win-slow

  153. BucNeckid Says:

    ^worth a time out anyway

  154. SensibleBuc Says:

    Way to go GMC!

  155. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Oooh, so close!

  156. the_buc_realist Says:

    good hussle, bad finish McSofty

  157. Oregano Says:

    Someone tell Dini you’re supposed to rip his head off

  158. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Wow…I hope Newton takes chances like that the whole game.

  159. snook Says:

    No points. Gotta gave it at half. Let’s go D.

  160. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    LOL. Newton was stupid throwing that away…those moves usually end in a pick. McCoy did great.

    He’s doing great on all the plays.

    What I like so far is that even if there is an occasional mistake the defense recovers and stops the drives.

  161. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Nice work, Foster.

  162. Drew Says:

    Where is Miguel Grande? Is he at the game? @Joe is there anyone at the game wearing a large sombrero and taking a siesta?

  163. BucNeckid Says:

    caught In between five defenders

  164. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    The was a good catch.

  165. SensibleBuc Says:

    Ronde on the sack! lol

  166. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Good GOD, he is fast…They had him back 17 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

  167. BucNeckid Says:

    Forced out of bounds behind line of scrimmage –
    Does that count as a sack for Barber?

  168. the_buc_realist Says:

    great would have been to finish the play ( Like Coach Schiano is always talking about, ) McSofty did good to get pressure and grab the quarterback, let the quarter back drop 3-4 yards and still made a throw.

  169. BucNeckid Says:

    Sack for Barber

  170. snook Says:

    Pick 6 here. Now.

  171. dan Says:

    sack for barber

  172. snook Says:

    Kitties can’t handle the noise of that non sellout crowd!!!!

  173. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:


    Lol…I notice you haven’t said the same on anyone else. No agenda there is there?

  174. dan Says:

    these refs are soo slow.

  175. SkookumSmitty Says:


  176. houstonbucs Says:

    Is our ref british?

  177. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:


    Now that was funny, lol.

  178. SensibleBuc Says:

    GMC…again with his 4th or 5th pressure. Strange.

  179. Ray Says:

    Sheffield ?!?

  180. the_buc_realist Says:

    i expect big thing from gmc as does most, that is my agenda. i would like to see him be great, not just good

  181. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Did he just fake a punt catch?????

  182. snook Says:

    I f-in hate Carolina.

  183. SkookumSmitty Says:

    This team looks GREAT. Better than I expected. I know it is early, and much can go wrong, but:

    1) They showed up PREPARED
    2) Defense is NOT panicking when they make mistakes
    3) Good pressure on QB
    4) NO penalties
    5) Free looking VERY good

  184. SensibleBuc Says:


    Yeah. He’s at every game. I feel like he’s Tampa’s lone celebrity. lol

  185. BucNeckid Says:

    Before the season started
    If somebody told you it would only be 13-0 at half time,
    You’d be happy.
    the score is 13-0 actually Bucs though
    what do you think aout that?

  186. Ish70 Says:

    No, Massachusetts or one around it, but not British.

  187. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Very good half. Defense is disruptive and effective. Offense is on fire just need to finish off with TDs. Penalty free and keep up the pressure on Cam and I think we walk away with a W!

  188. snook Says:

    Amazing how Newton can’t do much when he actually faces a team with a defense.

  189. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Shut out for the entire half!

    Cam is looking like the Michael Vick did during his later years in Atlanta…when the Bucs had his number.

    Falcons won.

  190. Drew Says:

    Where is Miguel Grande? Is he at the game? @Joe is there anyone at the game wearing a large sombrero taking a siesta?

  191. the_buc_realist Says:

    night and day from the Rah/dom regime

  192. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    according to panthers have -1 rushing yards right now : )

  193. snook Says:

    One word for the D: FAST

  194. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Josh is 12 of 15…Sullivan bump!!!!

  195. Bobby Says:

    Well, I’d say that’s about as good as it can get for a half of football. Three possessions and three scores. I know the McCoy haters are gnashing their teeth that he’s having a great game. LOL! Now if we can just duplicate that play in the second half….. If we can score a TD when we get the ball to start the second half I think it will break their back.

  196. Mitch Says:

    Against any other qb besides RG3 or Vick GMC has 2.5 sacks in this game. But overall a great half of football by this Tampa bay team!

  197. BamBamBuc Says:

    Love this game so far… wish I could be there in person! GMC looking good. Lorig showing he’s not just a converted DE, David and Barron flying around, VJax and Clark in the mix. Beautiful. Let’s keep this up for another 30 minutes…

  198. NJBucsFan Says:

    @Drew hahaha

  199. dan Says:

    idk that i would call mccoy fast, maybe… active.

  200. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Do we know whats up with Blount yet?

  201. the_buc_realist Says:

    i am not positive, but i think i saw Miguel Grande. past out in the back off his Isuzu truck with a bottle of tequilla on gandy beack ( the redneck rivera) but i was driving pretty fast.



  203. Rick330 Says:

    One of the best starts I have seen in a long time. I would like TD’s instead of FG’s. but they are points on the board.

  204. Drew Says:


    I thought that might be the case.

  205. SensibleBuc Says:

    LMAO @ “his isuzu truck” That’s messed up.

  206. snook Says:

    I just figured out what’s wrong with Carolina’s offense. Mike Shula is their new QB coach this year.

    I’m not joking.

  207. Rick Says:

    Mccoy has been quick to get in the backfield. Getting juked hard by Cam, but not many other qb’s will be able to elude the pressure.

  208. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Proud of this display & transformation into a physical, focused team.. Hut Damn it that is a lot of points left out there.

  209. Rick Says:


  210. houstonbucs Says:

    Weather alert?! Noooooo, I waited so long for bucs football!

  211. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Rain delay. That’s not lightning…the Bucs are electrifying!!!

  212. Biglebowski Says:

    Proud? I’m stoked, but why is a fan proud? What role did the fan play?

  213. Drew Says:

    That’s not lightning, it’s Miguel Grande lighting Tequila fart$ on Gandy.

  214. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Positive thoughts….oh, wait…thesexare Tampa fans!

  215. Ray Says:

    I am happy the way they have played so far but to me the best thing has been the penalties or lack of them.

  216. SkookumSmitty Says:

    “Proud? Iā€™m stoked, but why is a fan proud? What role did the fan play?”

    Yeah? Well that’s just, like…Your OPINION, man!

    The Dude would not abide your pedantry.

  217. SensibleBuc Says:

    Wow shouldve stayed in Smitty lol

  218. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    The only negatives in this game for us so far is the lack of TDs after long drives and the possible injury to Blount.

    No halftime injury report?

  219. SensibleBuc Says:

    There ya go Josh. You know what? Its clear now that he was too damn fat to actually scramble last year which is why he didn’t do it. *sigh*

  220. Ray Says:

    Well There it is.

  221. SensibleBuc Says:

    1st penalty. Hope everyone is happy for continuing to bring it up lol

  222. Drew Says:

    Figures… Larsen

  223. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Link to radar loop…Looks like that’s the last cell for awhile:

  224. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Our first punt?

  225. SensibleBuc Says:

    DJ Ware is no Kregg Lumpkin that’s for sure.

  226. SkookumSmitty Says:

    LOL…GET OUT THE WAY, number 22!

  227. Hugo Says:

    Link anybody please?

  228. SkookumSmitty Says:

    šŸ˜‰ Sensible

  229. Ray Says:

    Linebackers in the backfield šŸ™‚

  230. SkookumSmitty Says:

    A stifling D like this…I don’t even want to SAY what it reminds me of. The feeling that points would be GOOD, but a turnover is coming any play, now.

  231. SensibleBuc Says:

    Bennett loves to go inside. Geebus man keep contain.

  232. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    David is ding great. Foster not bad.

  233. SensibleBuc Says:


  234. SkookumSmitty Says:


  235. Ray Says:

    Barron looked confused on that touchdown

  236. SensibleBuc Says:

    Blown coverage probably by Ronde.

  237. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Wow. He was out of bounds when he hit him though. Regular refsxwould have called it.

  238. SensibleBuc Says:

    I think Barron was right. It was probably cover 2

  239. Ray Says:

    was barber playing too shallow?

  240. snook Says:

    Ugh. I hope. We don’t just get one half of good football.

  241. snook Says:

    Barron will get fined for that in the new pussified NFL.

  242. SensibleBuc Says:


    Yeah I think so. He was in Wright’s back pocket on the throw and I’ve never seen a zone with two guys in the same zone side by side lol

  243. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Already with the negative thoughts? Lol

    Don’t give into fear.

  244. SensibleBuc Says:

    Holding *sigh* bet it’s on Trueblood

  245. Ray Says:

    Got that right I think he forgot he was playing safety lol

  246. SensibleBuc Says:

    Cmon Larsen

  247. Drew Says:

    Have to love Larsen.

  248. Ray Says:

    field position

  249. snook Says:

    Got a bad feeling this is gonna be a long second half. God dammit.

  250. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I don’t know what is wrong with the people upthread…I am loving Mike Martz.

  251. Drew Says:


  252. Oahubuc Says:

    Trueblood suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!

  253. BucFan20 Says:

    The Matador strikes again.

  254. snook Says:

    That missed block by Zuttah on the goalline may come back to haunt.

  255. Ray Says:

    just saw the sign Barth vader

  256. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Oh, hey! Hi! I am RONDE BARBER!!

  257. SilenceTheCritics Says:


  258. Ray Says:


  259. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Nice throw superman spam

  260. poolfixer70 Says:


  261. SensibleBuc Says:


  262. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Ronde Barber is approaching ‘Greatest Buc Ever’ status. He has to be in the discussion. He has an int and a sack today, at SAFETY.

  263. the_buc_realist Says:

    we need a fullback that can block. might as well as put Blount in as full back.

  264. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Play calling has gotten conservative. Not as mixed up as it was in the first half. No play action.

  265. raphael Says:

    can we please run a screen pass

  266. JGlazer Says:

    Dang wasted pick. Wasted fan enthusiasm. Needed at least a field goal there.

  267. Tristan Berry Says:

    They must be saving play-action for the 4th quarter.

  268. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    seems like they are afraid to pass almost, they need to stay agressive!

  269. snook Says:

    Ugly football.

  270. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Josh… Come on please.. 4th Q .. You own it!!!

  271. Tristan Berry Says:

    At least we got the ball back on their side of the field. I’ll take that.

  272. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Snook…take those negative vibes and keep them to yourself.

  273. SensibleBuc Says:

    LOL Black

  274. SensibleBuc Says:


  275. SkookumSmitty Says:

    GOT to get a helmet on Newton. He is getting confident.

  276. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    They held our guy in the pocket there.

  277. Tristan Berry Says:

    We must be getting pressure again if CAR is starting to hold us. I like it.

  278. SkookumSmitty Says:


  279. SensibleBuc Says:

    Love that big nickel! Black pick!

  280. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    WOOO theres are future FS from gator nation!!

  281. the_buc_realist Says:

    we brought the house on that pick, gutsy call



  283. KBC2 Says:

    Fast Fast Defense! They are flying!

  284. Tristan Berry Says:

    ANOTHER pick!! WOOHOO!!! Go, Ahmad Black!

  285. canadianbuc Says:

    YESSS!!!!!!!!! We have to get points on this drive Carolina is more than capable of a comeback.

  286. BucNeckid Says:

    Captain ovious here
    It is now the Fourth Quarter
    need some points

  287. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Another pick! Woot!

    Now score 6!

  288. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Were winning turnover battle and time of possession. We need to score a TD!!


    Any word on Blount?

  290. King Says:

    Lets hope the extra conditioning will pay off this 4th quarter. Both teams are wearing down. lets run it down their throats.

  291. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Bet our defense is #1 in week one šŸ˜‰

  292. SensibleBuc Says:

    LMAO @ Joe’s favorite PJ Fleck jumping up and down

  293. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    a turnover and we go 3 and out. Come on were gonna give this game away like this.

  294. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:


  295. Ray Says:

    Damn we need to take advantage of these turnovers. Panthers have sucky field position though

  296. snook Says:

    Are we sitting on a 6 point lead? Looks like it. Where’s the offense??

  297. SensibleBuc Says:

    Bennett you’ve got to be kidding me man

  298. JGlazer Says:

    Throw the red flag

  299. Ray Says:

    Nice discipline today on run D

  300. BucNeckid Says:

    6 yards rushing???

  301. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I just realized…this really is like the Dungy years. Nail-biting endings and all, lol.

  302. the_buc_realist Says:

    when players get tired they will revert to the sloppy Rah ways. will take awhile for Coach schiano to install all game discipline

  303. SensibleBuc Says:


  304. KBC2 Says:

    Barron = Stud!

  305. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Good job Barron!

  306. SensibleBuc Says:

    That’s the ole long arm Coach Ron Cooper technique!

  307. Ray Says:

    Goin Nuts!!!!!

  308. SkookumSmitty Says:


  309. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    WOOOO blocked a punt!!

  310. SensibleBuc Says:


  311. GenocideD Says:

    …and THAT’S why we drafted a safety in the first!
    And Nice job on the block, Talib!!!!

  312. Ray Says:

    Lets go now score!!!

  313. JGlazer Says:

    This is where we need Blount. Throw the big guy in there to take some time off the clock.

  314. SensibleBuc Says:

    Sit down Stocker. Geebus.

  315. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Okay…Dominick did great in the first round this year!

    Blocked punt!!!!!!!

  316. BucFan20 Says:

    The D has done everything they can. Get off your ASS offense!!!

  317. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Argh!! I love this, AND hate it, all at once. They are SO close to slamming the door, and then…PENALTY.

  318. GenocideD Says:

    Wow, nice spin move right there!!

  319. Rick330 Says:

    Freaking penalties are again killing momentum..

  320. snook Says:

    Our O looks like Raheem.

    That’s code for SHI*

  321. Tristan Berry Says:

    Luke! I am NOT your father!

  322. SensibleBuc Says:

    We can’t do crap in the passing game. Cmon Free

  323. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Running the ball. Holy sh*t.

  324. JGlazer Says:

    Ware….nice pickup. Who was predicting Blount was going to be out.

  325. Tristan Berry Says:

    First down Bucs!!! Doooo iiiiiiiiit!

  326. JGlazer Says:

    Oh yeah. We are definitely going to burn this Martin guy out. I give him 2 or 3 seasons before he is toast. AKA Caddy William.s

  327. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I’d be happy with 3 here.

  328. the_buc_realist Says:

    our receivers need to stop begging for flags

  329. KBC2 Says:

    Yes! Two score game now!

  330. JGlazer Says:

    Yippee…and we gave the defense a little break.

  331. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:


    Caddy wasn’t burned out…he was injured.

  332. Tristan Berry Says:

    JGlazer, what’s wrong with you, man? If someone sent you a cake, you’d probably complain it was fattening.

  333. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Connor Barth Game MVP

  334. BucFan20 Says:

    Spend all that money, draft and looks the same. Good for 1 TD then FG,FG ,FG.

  335. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    3 points makes it a two score game. Extended drive rested our defense some more. See what being positive does?

  336. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Wow, some of you guys must be GREAT fun at parties!

  337. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Ronde will be game mvp

  338. Tristan Berry Says:

    Wow, some of you Negative Nellies really crack me up. We’re winning, ffs! *ROFL*

  339. SensibleBuc Says:

    You beat me to the punch Pete. Caddy had a freak injury. Also, I think Caddy was too big for his frame whereas Martin carries his weight well. He doesn’t look like he’s 225 lbs

  340. JGlazer Says:

    How do you get injured? You get beat up and beat up. Eventually you get injured.

  341. the_buc_realist Says:

    with a real full back Doug would have a 100 yard game

  342. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    GMC GETS A SACK! Just like I predicted!

  343. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    McCoy havin a great game, even if that wasnt a sack which i dont think it was.

  344. Tristan Berry Says:

    GMC got his sack! (GMC haters can STFU, now.)

  345. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    McCoy in the backfield all day long. Where are the haters today?

  346. the_buc_realist Says:

    lol Mcsofty cannot put a quarterback on the ground, needs a ref to get a sac

  347. Drew Says:

    Where’s the McCoy hater Miguel Grand and Thomas 2.2?

  348. Ray Says:

    3 man line

  349. SkookumSmitty Says:


  350. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Hate to say it but my feeling going into this season seems to be confirmed: the defense will be the Bucs strength and the offense will under perform relative to expectations.

  351. Ray Says:


  352. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    LMAO our defense is so improved though its only one game.

  353. Have A Nice Day Says:

    We wanted a more physical football team…. We have it.



  355. the_buc_realist Says:

    side note, has Mr Thomas 2.2. been banned. i have no seen his insightful posts in a while

  356. SkookumSmitty Says:

    FlBoyinDallas…I remember several years when that was the case, and we went to the playoffs.

  357. SensibleBuc Says:

    Cammy Cam is a hard dude to corral.

  358. GenocideD Says:

    Finally some consistant penetration from our Dline!!!! Genocide? …not yet, but on our way! šŸ˜‰ yAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAr!!!

  359. Rick330 Says:

    Our defense is playing well. The D-line is firing off the ball. I don’t care if McCoy gets sacs. Disruption is just as good.

  360. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Was ruled a sack for GMC. Bennet got one also. Bucs number of defense week one.

  361. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    We need a long drive right now to finish this game off!! Come on BUCS!!

  362. raphael Says:

    Mccoy is playing awesome !

  363. Tristan Berry Says:

    Thomas 2.2 was banned, but he’s come back with a new account, 3.3.

  364. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    Not complaining man, just pointing out. I’m happy with how they’ve played today.

  365. Tristan Berry Says:

    ^^ (something) 3.3

  366. SensibleBuc Says:

    Can we complete a pass? At all?

  367. SensibleBuc Says:


  368. BucNeckid Says:

    Passing game is still pitiful

  369. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Yes Thomas is banned. Weeding out the GMC haters!

  370. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Another 3 and out and barely took any time off the clock. Completely different half for the offense. I hope its just them learning the scheme still.

  371. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Jackson should have held onto that.

  372. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Schiano seems to be mad at the offensive line…especially Penn for some reason.

  373. BucFan20 Says:

    2.2 has been banned.

  374. the_buc_realist Says:

    good to know that you cannot keep a good man down

  375. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Foster has 4 tackles. 3 for a loss of yards. Awesome.

  376. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Tolbert looks like a midget lineman running around out there.

  377. Ray Says:

    Over the top!!

  378. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:


  379. SensibleBuc Says:

    Welp that’s actually the 1st time Talib got burned today. Been pretty quiet

  380. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    If we lose this falls on the offense. Defense has done everything they could and then some.

  381. BucNeckid Says:

    That’s a Passing game

  382. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Stop them at the 7th!

  383. SensibleBuc Says:

    Nice play Talib!

  384. Ray Says:

    stuffed!!!! ha good show

  385. Tristan Berry Says:

    Hold ’em!

  386. SensibleBuc Says:

    Newton tackled by 17 Buccaneer defenders

  387. SkookumSmitty Says:


  388. Ray Says:

    they bendededed but didn’t break šŸ˜›

  389. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Defense has played lights out. Holding them to 10 points, you cant ask for a better performance.



  391. Tristan Berry Says:

    That was the right call for CAR, the way the teams have been playing. We’ve got to keep holding them, though.

  392. BucNeckid Says:

    Still only aout 10 yards allowed rushing

  393. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Come on offense all we need is a couple first downs to put this game away!

  394. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Onside? Too soon?

  395. SensibleBuc Says:

    We just need a couple first downs and this game is ours. Finish the game. This is what they trained so hard for. Lets go men

  396. SensibleBuc Says:


    You’re one smart man šŸ™‚

  397. the_buc_realist Says:

    our full back gets no push

  398. SensibleBuc Says:

    Did Martz just give Lorig a shout out?

  399. Rick330 Says:

    Does anyone know what Blount’s injury is? Groin, ankle?

  400. SensibleBuc Says:

    We completed a pass!

  401. JGlazer Says:

    Nice to see we can run out the clock.

  402. BucNeckid Says:

    Clutch play

  403. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    FINALLY a completion!! lol

  404. Tristan Berry Says:

    A first down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  405. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Still gonna need another 1st down though.

  406. the_buc_realist Says:

    i think josh has 16 yards now for the second half

  407. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Realist…Ixchallenge you to say something positive.

  408. SensibleBuc Says:

    Go Doug! Give him a hundy!

  409. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Doug Martin: the definition of workhorse.

  410. Tristan Berry Says:

    Nice run!

  411. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Another first.

  412. BucNeckid Says:

    Kuechly is just being taken out of the game by Lorig
    Barron has made at least five stand out plays.
    So i guess Barron was the better pick after all.

  413. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Did you see Martin dragging that defender who was holding his jersey from behind? That’s some power right there.

  414. SensibleBuc Says:

    I didn’t want to say anything until the game was over but did anybody hear Kuechly’s name at all besides the end of the game?

  415. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Wooo Love to see that victory formation. Havent seen it in soooooo long.

  416. Ray Says:

    Well Gentlemen its been a pleasure

  417. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    10 game losing streak official over!

  418. SensibleBuc Says:

    10 total yards rushing! Run D is fixed!

  419. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    This one is in the books. I wonder…all those 6-10 predictions…did they consider this one a loss?

  420. KBC2 Says:

    So happy for our young team and Coach S! Great win Bucs!

  421. King Says:

    Welcome to the NFL Coach Shciano! Congrats on breaking that losing streak Bucs!

  422. canadianbuc Says:

    Great win! Nobody picked us in any of the pre game shows we just gotta keep proving everyone wrong!! GO BUCS GO!!!!!!!!

  423. Bobby Says:

    Buc football is back baby!!!


    only Sterling Sharp picked us to win today>

  425. Rick330 Says:

    That was a pleasure to watch. Improve each week and good things will come..

  426. raphael Says:

    impressive Bucs !

  427. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Things the Bucs showed that were essential:

    1) Run defense
    2) McCoy effective
    3) Freeman no turnovers
    4) Running game
    5) Swarming, hard-nosed defense
    6) Pressure on QB
    7) Contain QB running threat
    8) Professional coaching!!!

  428. GenocideD Says:

    Proud to be a Buccaneer fan! Way to go, team!!
    Barber was great at safety.
    Martin performed better than expected.
    Barron should strike fear in our future opponents.
    McCoy was an animal in the backfield blowing things up all day long.
    Freeman didn’t make any dumb mistakes.
    The right side of the line did better than I thought they would.
    We shut down Carolina’s rushing attack!

  429. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    actually Sharpe picked us to lose, it was McNabb and Baldinger that picked us to win

  430. SensibleBuc Says:


    …and EVERYBODY on the NFL Network Countdown show picked the Panthers.

  431. lurker Says:

    it was only 1 game, but what a great game against a division rival! impressive defense, good offense, and even some special special teams.

    bring on the giants.

    ps hope miguel payasito bet big against the bucs again.

  432. BamBamBuc Says:

    Sensible: Kuechly’s name was mentioned by the announcers when they were talking about how Lorig was blowing him up!!!

  433. SensibleBuc Says:


  434. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Hey Miguel and Eric, [Eeesssee now. — Joe] AND GO BUCS!!!

  435. BigMacAttack Says:

    Wow awesome win! Loud crowd today. This was Buc ball with stifling defense.

    Record comments yes?

  436. lurker Says:

    “[Eeesssee now. — Joe]”

    what does ese now mean? is it a hispanic saying i don’t recognize? šŸ˜‰