Selling Cody Grimm

September 1st, 2012

After some Internet wackiness yesterday, Cody Grimm is, in fact, a Buccaneer. This is good news, as Grimm battling with Ahmad Black for reserve playing time means the Bucs have solid depth, with rookie Keith Tandy learning the ropes.

Bucs icon John Lynch joined Gary and The Commish on 98.7 FM yesterday and shared some great takes and stories. One explained how he personally lobbied Grimm’s case to Greg Schiano this week. Definitely an enjoyable listen.

Lynch also explains why he believes Greg Schiano will get the 2012 Bucs to “max out.” However, Lynch doesn’t believe that Bucs’ 2012 ceiling includes a winning season.

11 Responses to “Selling Cody Grimm”

  1. ben Says:

    anyone that wants to listen to it the audio doesnt start till 1:51 into it

  2. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    speaking of safeties Tanard Jackson is suspended for the year with out pay for violating the leagues substance abuse policy AGAIN! guess the Redskins brass will be in the market for a new safety. so how is Rah gonna coach that up? oh well not our problem anymore, almost time for REAL games. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!

  3. Stanglassman Says:

    Mr. Know it all Hawaiian that likes to correct everyone even when he’s wrong quote yesterday: “Bottom line is you have to be able to play to be on this team. Injuries have apparently prevented him from doing that, as this is not the same Cody Grimm as 2 years ago. He’s done absolutely nothing but look terrible all preseason. He’s been embarrassingly late in pass coverage, and has been no help in run support. I can’t remember one good play he’s made all preseason. I wish him luck, but unfortunately I think the injuries have really damaged a very promising career.”
    You can wipe the egg off your face now!

  4. Patrick Says:

    Look like Tanard Jackson NEVER learned!!

  5. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:

    @Stanglassman, apparently the Buc’s and Lynch don’t see it your way. I trust they have made a professional and up close evaluation of Grimm based on what they have seen and already know. Unlike you, judging from your couch. 🙂

  6. Vic Says:

    Great interview

  7. Stanglassman Says:

    This was Hawaiian’s quote from yesterday. He was correcting me as he does everyone on this board that has a different opinion than his own. I was just pointing out to him how he is not as all knowing as he believes.

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    Cody Grimm is not a lock to make the team. He may have made the cu so far but. O guarantees. If he continues to suck he’ll be out soon.

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    This iPhone is kicking my a$$. Can’t get anything right

  10. lurker Says:

    your first mistake was getting an iphone. lol 😉

    or maybe it’s an unfair fight.

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    First of all, I have said repetitively that I like Cody Grimm. I would love to see him turn it around, as it’s great to see a 7th round pick become a great player. It was all heading that way until 2 leg injuries. He looked awful in preseason, but either they saw something I didn’t (which obviously they would see and know much more than I), or they are keeping him around because he has the only experience at Safety on the team, or he’s going to eventually be cut anyway. We shall see. I hope he turns it around and sticks with us for the rest of his career. If you knew anything about me or have read my posts for the last 3 years, you would know that’s how I feel. I don’t spew hate on any Buc. I don’t believe he earned a spot on this team based on his preseason performance. I don’t like the fact that guys get cut, as this is their careers. However, I trust that the coaches know a helluva lot more than me and they made the right decision. But be real careful about pounding your chest, because the season hasn’t started yet. That egg that I’m wiping off my face may come right back at you.

    I’m far from a know-it-all. I’ve never played or coached football at any level. I’ve never claimed to. I’ve admitted the numerous times I’ve been wrong. I was wrong about Raheem, and I’ve been wrong about many players. Looks like I may have been wrong about Grimm. So what? You can have your opinion, and I can have mine. I’m not a f-ing pro scout, but neither are you. This is a board to discuss the team. Wipe your tears and be a man.