Learn Why “A Shoe Is It” At 8:30 P.M.

September 15th, 2012

Want a taste of what it’s like to play defense for the New Schiano Order?  Then you must set your dial for Sound FX on NFL Network tonight at 8:30 p.m.

(If you subscribe to a Satanic cable TV outfit that doesn’t provide NFL Network, then Joe thinks you’re nuts. That written, hopefully NFL.com or Buccaneers.com will post a link to the segment later.)

Essentially, the four-minute Schiano segment blends practice footage and last week’s game footage against Carolina, with the head coach “miked up.” Among the highlights, Schiano explains why “a shoe” is what sends a player to Hawaii, and Schiano outlines and demonstrates the “brake-foot-drive-foot” mentality of the swarm, the key to the Bucs defense. It’s phenomenal stuff.

6 Responses to “Learn Why “A Shoe Is It” At 8:30 P.M.”

  1. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I saw it yesterday, and it really is great. It’s no surprise that we actually look like a professional football team this year. I don’t understand why, at this point, people could say anything negative about Schiano.

  2. Jbrooks Says:

    Yeah saw it myself. It’s awesome to see what they a practicing translated to the field on game day like that. They are definitely picking up a lot from Coach.

  3. Oahubuc Says:

    Some of their swarm tackles look like a deck of cards shuffling. Pleasing to the eye, for sure. Very effective. There is actual coaching going on here.

  4. Miguel Grande Says:

    Thanks for the head’s up, Joe.

  5. MadMax Says:

    Its on the tube now


  6. Miguel Grande Says:

    I watched the 4 minute segment twice in absolute astonishment. Coach Schiano has devised a way to stop running and then to start running. Then instead of running in a normal fashion, stoop down like Lon Chaney in the Hunchback of Notre Dame because we’re now swarming. What an earth shattering revelation.

    I think the Little General must stay awake late at night getting ideas from classic horror films. I think Alfred Hitchcock’s film, “The Birds” was on this week. He’ll probably have them flocking and flapping their way to victory over the Giants.

    He then taught Clayburn a 3 step hand technique to shed a blocker, #94 must be a freaking genius because in the next second it showed him shedding a blocker with a one step hand technique to make a sack fumble.

    He also showed us how a shoe on the line could send them to Hawaii. Since he’s been to the Pro Bowl so many times.

    I can just imagine him strutting around the Buc Palace taking credit for every positive play and collecting his fines.

    “Let’s see #70, I got you for 4 hands on hips, 2 cursing violations, 1 shoes untied, 8 shirt untucked and 1 premature helmet removal. That’ll be $1600. Oh yeah, Daddy needs a new pair of Hawaiian shoes.”