Punch, Pressure Are Keys For The Bucs

September 15th, 2012

Veteran sports anchor Dave Wirth has a special weekly analysis for readers of JoeBucsFan, this time explaining keys to beating the Giants and dropping a curious LeGarrette Blount theory. Enjoy this WTSP-TV video.

14 Responses to “Punch, Pressure Are Keys For The Bucs”

  1. Eric C. Says:

    I agree, I think Blount is having issues accepting the back up role. And I think its affecting his performance.

  2. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I’m so sick of hearing people say this crap about Blount. What makes you think that? There is no evidence AT ALL to suggest there is a problem with Blount’s attitude. Stop making crap up just for the sake of it… nothing is wrong with Blount. Let the kid play ball.

  3. flmike Says:

    Geez, wish I could see the video, wonder when these locals are going to realize that more than 60% of all sports browsing on the interwebs is now done on mobile devices, most of which don’t support flash.

  4. Jbrooks Says:

    I’m with you silence. Though even if Blounts attitude is good, after hearing this crap long enough I’m sure it will negatively effect on him. People just won’t be happy until he’s gone. For some reason having two capable backs is a bad thing in Tampa.

  5. Have A Nice Day Says:

    This guy is really good at his job. His delivery is impeccable.

  6. PieRat Says:

    Oh my god…. Yes Lagarette said “coach I am going to fake a stinger so people can start conspiracy theories.”

    Hmmm I wonder if a player got hurt and it was decided that they should take it easy the rest of the game and thru some practices if that always means something other than….what it is. /sheeesh

  7. MTM Says:

    The Blount critics need to get more creative and come up with different story lines. The constant speculation about Blount’s attitude, work ethic …. I don’t think he would be on the team if Schiano didn’t want him there period.

  8. lurker Says:

    wow…nice reporting! (sarcasm)

    first, this guy states the obvious and then he makes up some crap without substantive evidence. how the hell did he get that gig? just report the scores dude, just report the scores.

    perhaps i should make up stuff about how this guy still lives with his mom, who still lays out his clothes for him.

    this crap gets tiring with miguel making stuff up, and now this pseudo-professional does the same….weak.

  9. lurker Says:

    dave wirthless rumor machine

  10. gotbbucs Says:

    You know what they say about opinions….

    Blount will be fine and we will need him the later it gets in the season. Martin will hit the wall if they keep feeding him like they did last week. It really will be a commitee by circumstance I think and if Blount gets on a hot streak they’ll ride it out and let Martin work 3rd downs.
    Against Carolina, Martin was getting just enough to keep shortening the game and playing the field position battle and Blount had a spooky looking injury so they just kept him out. It was nothing more than, nothing less.

  11. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Whatever Blount’s problem’s might have been, the fact is, he’s back on board. We need him mentally prepared because he will certainly get his opportunities. The only way the Buc’s can win consistently, with a new system in it’s infancy, is to unselfishly work together and execute as a team. No dramatics or distractions in the clubhouse. Unity, and respect for one another. Where the perception is that every role is equal and vital towards success. Go LeGarette! ..and ..Go Buc’s!

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    The Giants are beatable, but it will not be easy.
    Tampa must run, to slow down their pass rush, and keep the game close.
    If they make us one dimensional, and we get way behind, it will be a long day for us.
    Tampa should turn Freeman loose to scramble and extend the plays, or simply to run and gain yards.
    If he stays in the pocket all day, I see no way we can protect him.

  13. Noleriff Says:

    I swear to God if I hear another person say the Giants have had extra time to prepare and they’re pissed off I’m gonna break something ! First of all, the Giants didn’t have ANY tape on us until Sunday. So their EXTRA days were spent looking at themselves on film against Dallas and laughing. As for them being pissed ?!? SERIOUSLY ?!? Half the teams in the league lost last week…are they pissed too ?? Eli isn’t elite/ He’s won his superbowls with a very good defense, some above average bit players and at least ONE lucky catch. Brad Johnson won one for us ust like that……and so did Dilfer. Fact is we held the Panthers to 10 yards rushing after a week of everyone saying they had three elite backs. The Giant’s defense is still good, but getting older and they have ZERO talent in the secondary. VJax, Clark, Williams and Martin out of the backfield will have a monster day because trap runs…screens and mid level crossing routes will be open all day. If Josh ONLY plays as well as he did last week, we beat the crap out of them and they’re 0-2

  14. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Very well put Noleriff!!