“Improved In Each And Every Phase”

September 7th, 2012

“I’m talking about you, Free. Your time is now.”

Earlier this week defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan heaped a pile of pressure on Gerald McCoy, emphatically saying McCoy will be a “dynamic playmaker.”

Now, offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan is proudly spouting that Josh Freeman “has improved in each and every phase” of the game, so Sullivan said yesterday at One Buc Palace.

Joe loves how the coaches aren’t dancing around setting high expectations for key players.

Fans know that Freeman, who we’ve learned has now improved in every phase, also has been given loads of new weapons in Dallas Clark, Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin, plus a Carl Nicks upgrade on his line.

Freeman has to, absolutely has to improve quickly. Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik even said this week that Freeman’s aware “he has two years left on his contract.”

The pressure is on, No. 5.

18 Responses to ““Improved In Each And Every Phase””

  1. Bucnjim Says:

    Even though we’re not Super Bowl bound; this team will surprise some people!

  2. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I’ll say it again, and I know there are a couple who will insist Freeman has to play “lights out” this year. The success of Freeman will strongly hinge on the offensive line.

    Regardless of how people assume Zuttah will perform at center, he has not YET proven he has staying power to remain the starter there. I’m not saying he won’t…I’m saying that until some regular season games are played we won’t truly know for certain.

    And then we have a substitute guard as well. Anyone who doesn’t think teams will focus attacks between the twoxare fooling themselves. It will happen until and unless it is proven that it’s not a weak point.

    So far as Freeman, being the first year in an offense give him a little slack. If he keeps turnnovers low and has an acceptable passer rating this year, he’ll have done well enough. “Lights out” is not required, especially since we are a run first team now.

  3. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I think though that we will see Freeman start a little rough and improve rapidly.

  4. Miguel Grande Says:

    If I was a 1st year coordinator, I wouldn’t stake my reputation and career on an inherited player especially Geraldini the Disruptor. After his preseason debacle of one tackle, I would be searching the waiver wire to replace him.

    Josh Freeman didn’t show anything in the preseason either.

  5. robert Says:

    I dunno Pete……in the past he has done best in jail break situations when he scrambles and has to throw on the fly or run it. seems when he has a pocket guy doesn’t know what to do except wait for his one target he sees to either get open, force it to him or throw an INT. I’d rather have him scrambling and not thinking IMO.

  6. Gusjackson Says:

    I would love it if Freeman comes out and picks apart Carolina.

  7. Gusjackson Says:

    Freeman needs to be a playmaker. not a game manager. He is at his best when he is moving around and making plays ala Big Ben.

  8. Eric Says:

    Break the ten game losing streak, then brag.

  9. stevek Says:


    Freeman has a lofty expectation because he was a 1st round draft pick, and we traded up for him.

    Same goes for GMC. Also, Baron and Muscle Hamster.

    Freeman needs to show he can make better decisions. He has the physical gifts to be a top tier QB, does he mave the quickness of mind and footwork? That remains to have been seen.

  10. Adam L Says:

    Freeman BETTER perform. He’s one of 2 Dominik draft picks in 4 years that has actually DONE something.

  11. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Josh may be mastering the offensive playbook but his biggest knock is reading defenses and making on the field adjustments. This is a reason why it is crucial that our running backs be able to also read defenses and communicate with the QB. This is why D.J. Ware, being a veteran, is so important on 3rd downs. Besides his blocking and clutch receiving skills, he offers experience on deciphering defensive schemes.

    When Josh is flustered and under constant duress, he has the tendency of staring down his receivers. Josh needs to go back to his 2010 form and take a play out of Cams playbook. Tuck and run the ball when lanes open up and coverage is tight. If this has one positive effect, it helps to slow down the pass rush from DE’s who who have the tendency of over pursuing.

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    Freeman WILL be a Buc past 2 years and WILL get a contract extension. His play will determine the monetary value. Dominick is posturing.

  13. BKNYfootballhead Says:


    You are correct.

    When has Freeman ever had time sit and make all his reads in the pocket?

    Freeman’s biggest plays have come when he’s running on the fly, using his feet to allow receivers and tight end’s (Winslow) to break their routes and find space in coverage.

    Hopefully losing his spare tire will bring back the QB that wasn’t scared to pick up tough yards with a scramble and be second in the league rushing for QBs like in 2010.

    If in fact Sully has created a Gilbride-style offense, Freeman will only benefit using his feet. Case in point, Eli is amazing when he’s flushed from the pocket. Look at drills Sully is making Freeman do like Eli where he throws off-balance.

    I know this isn’t a recipe for success for a QB, and obviously Freeman is better off learning to first sit in the pocket in a run and shoot offense; but I have to think the coaches are quite aware that Freeman has the physical skill set to avoid pressure and make bigger plays with his feet.

  14. Macabee Says:

    I’m concerned about the way Josh Freeman is being portrayed as the savior of the Buc’s season and it being a make or break year for Freeman. I say this because Freeman or his play is not the reason we are where we are and therefore it is unreasonable to make him the scapegoat for our anticipated lack of success this year. Most pundits, including our local punditry isn’t giving us much of a chance.

    As a team collective, we have not drafted well, spent money on FAs, retained senior or experienced players around whom you could develop and bring promising talent along to take starting roles when they are ready. Freeman isn’t the only example. We’ve done the same thing to Mason Foster by casting him into a role before he was ready expecting a performance that it takes years to master. There are others too. Count the number of rookies we have as starters this year.

    Somebody explain to me why Aaron Rodgers, also a 1st round pick, was drafted in 2005 and kept in the lab for 3 years before taking his first snaps in 2008 and only managing a 6-10 season. By that yardstick, Freeman would be taking his first snaps this year and would have been given the time to develop like Rodgers who through a thoughtful and unrushed development program went on to win a SB.

    We’re asking our young players to pay for the sins of fathers. In 2009, the year Freeman was drafted our fathers took this team and put it into the hands of a position coach, paid him 900k when the average salary of an experienced coach was around 5mil and now we expect for our young players who were thrown into the fire way to early and without proper coaching and we want to excoriate them for our failure. Give me a break, please!

    We appear to finally have good coaches and we are now investing in FA, and moving in the right direction, but it is evident that depth is our biggest problem because of our failure in the past to retain experience and develop our young talent. We will not be able to turn this around overnight and it is not all Freeman’s fault and we should not put the weight of this team’s success solely on his shoulders!

  15. McBuc Says:

    Macabee…I agree wth you, but I do have the answer to your Rodgers question…Bret favre is the reason he was able to sit for three years.

  16. Mike J Says:

    Well, Macabee , the Bucs didn’t have Bret Favre for Josh to sit behind & watch. Still, I agree in general; I have pointed out in a few places that at the age Freeman was at the end of last season, Rodgers had yet to start a game.

  17. Macabee Says:

    McBuc and Mike J,

    You guys are right and therefore makes my point. Why would a team be drafting a QB in the 1st round if they already had an elite QB? Because GB is a team that plans for the development and evolution of the next generation of players. We should have and should be doing the same thing.

  18. PRBuc Says:

    This is how its going to go down: Freeman 2.0 will take care of business. We will methodically march down the field, take a few shots down field on play action, dominate time of possession, and make enough plays on defense to come down on top. Also, look for Dougie Fresh to run over and around Kuechly.