Dallas 16, Buccaneers 10

September 23rd, 2012

Wasn’t it last week that Greg Schiano boasted about how his Bucs fight to the finish?

Joe calls “Baloney!” to use Schiano’s word. Down 16-7 with just over two minutes left, the anemic Bucs ran Doug Martin up the middle on first down. Then they ran him again on 3rd-and-10 on the same possession. That is NOT fighting. That’s playing scared in anyone’s book wasting precious seconds.

If Mike Sullivan doesn’t know how the New Schiano Order is supposed to operate, then cut him.

Sullivan has a hell of a lot of explaining to do. He was miserable today. Josh Freeman was almost worse. What a horrendous time for the worst performance by Freeman in a long time — 10-for-28 for 110 yards. That’s totally unacceptable from a highly paid offense.

The Bucs’ defense was mighty and stout. They deserve all the praise one could heap upon them. Gerald McCoy and Michael Bennett were game-changers. Mason Foster made plays. The Bucs were buzzing behind the line of scrimmage and swarming. The defense had a touchdown stolen from them by the zebras.

It’s another tough Sunday afternoon to be a Bucs fan.

Joe will have much more through the afternoon and night.

43 Responses to “Dallas 16, Buccaneers 10”

  1. OptimisTroll Says:

    I remember everyone worrying about the defense in the pre-season.

  2. Aldo Says:

    Josh Freeman sucks so much!!! seriously, the kid is lost as hell!!!

  3. D Says:

    Real talk.

    Was it Freeman or Sullivan?

  4. simeon 97 Says:

    Holy Sh1t, that was awful. Someone needs to get fired over that offensive effort. Probably the worst called game i have ever seen.

    Not sure if Greg and Sullivan are watching the same 3 games as me, but Doug Martin’s 2 or 3 yards on 1s AND 2nd down are not getting it done.

  5. Charlie B Says:

    I’m positive Schiano took over offensive playcalling after the 2 minute warning. He was talking into the mic looking at the sheet.

  6. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Freeman played awful, no question about it. But nothing in that game was worse than the offensive play calling. It was pitiful. It was incompetent. It was ugly. It was predictable. It was vanilla. And last but not least it was downright dumb. There is no excuse for Sullivan and really no excuse for Schiano allowing the play calling to be that bad. Man I have never seen anything like that before in my life. Never.

  7. MR.T Says:

    What can you say, the offense was horrible.

  8. Jason Says:

    Sullivan is a joke and I beg of you to ask him what the F*** he was thinking today….It was miserable to watch and almost had me wishing we had that joke, olson, from last year back. Worst offensive performance I have seen in a VERY long time in any level of football!! And for the fumble that was returned by Wright but wasnt even called a fumble, that is why we need these refs back!! That dum a** ref was right there and should have seen the whole play right in front of him, what a JOKE!!! On a positive note, The defense played outstanding but it doesnt matter with a L on the record!! Should easily be 3-0 but this team, coaches included have a lot of work to do.

  9. bucsfanalltheway Says:

    why even have any wr or te for that matter a qb just have the center hand off to doug up the gut every play we dont even need an oc or a qb or wr coach. what a joke how I miss brad johnson.

  10. houstonbucs Says:

    I call baloney on the whole run first, punch you in the mouth, two headed monster, talk on coach Greg…

  11. bucyea Says:

    as i stated, we’re gonna be force fed the hamster whatever the results, cuz Shiano’s ego knows no limit. PATHETIC!!!

  12. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    @ Jason. I think you will be very dissapointed with Sullivans answer. There is no good excuse. There is no reasonable response for what happened play calling wise. It was so bad that it’s hard for me to believe he is that incompetent. It had to be intentional.

  13. gracelivin Says:

    What a pathetic offensive performance! Both Freeman and Martin need to be evaluated, Free is totally scared in the pocket and his throws were uncatchable, Martin is not a “bell cow” his 2yd per carry stinks, we need to add Blount to the equation. Now on the other hand the D was stout, great great game, even the plays that were made by Dallas were contested. We do need to shore up the edge on runs, Wright and Mcdonald cannot keep the edge. Next week is a new week need to come away with a win!

  14. Justin Says:

    Instead of being 3-0, we are 1-2 with quite possibly the NFLs worst offense.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m pretty much always positive, often to a fault. That was awful. They used about as much creativity on offense as a 6th grade girls flag football team. Freeman was awful, blocking was awful, receivers were awful. Hell, we sent out the punt team with 2 minutes left in the game down 9!!!! I don’t know what else to say, pure awful.

  16. stvcl Says:

    I agree Joe….Sullivan has a lot to answer for in this one. When FORCED to throw at the end of the game we finally made some plays. SMDH

  17. J-VilleBuc Says:

    I am not sold on Freeman as a QB, Doug Martin as a #1 RB, and most of all Mike Sullivan’s play calling. There was three time we were in field goal range and we threw it all three times not once running it just to get in the distance to kick it and at least put points on the board, Now I will give him the benifit of the doubt that we had some penalties push us back. We would be in field goal range then BOOM!!! “False Start” to many 1 in 20 putting us right out of the grasp to kick it. All that money on the offense and we can’t even put up three. Why can’t we move the ball like we did with minute left in the entire game not when the game is almost over and your 2 scores behind.

    Now the Defense, Mad respect today. You didn’t play perfect, but you did good holding the Cowboys to 16. We all know it could have been way worse hadn’t to sack fumbles not been recovered by us. Good Job Defense!!!! We can get better on the big pass plays, but you continue to stuff teams on the running game.

    Blount? Why not more of him? He didn’t do bad for the time he was in there for. I’d like to see him more in the first half and Martin in the second have. Let Blount bruise and Martin get them when there tired in the 2nd half were he could use is ability to break free while the tired and he’s fresh.

  18. vivek Says:

    freeman dosent seem to have it..hes got 13 more games and his sample size as a starting qb will be more than enough to make an accurate assessment. as of right now, its not looking good. and truthfully, I’ve never seen a 4-5 game run where he looks like a franchise qb..he has an occasional game here and there..seems like raheem is still screwing us over even after he’s gone..this was ‘his guy’ after all..none of the experts even had him in the first 2 rounds, only raheem likes freeman for some odd reason..we got raheem out, seems like only 13 games till freemans gone too!!!

  19. Eric Says:

    They must be listening to Jimmy Raye. Same damn offense we had in his prior tenure here.

  20. Oahubuc Says:

    Time to turn the page on Freeloader and Olson-lite.

  21. SensibleBuc Says:


    The punt team thing was particularly alarming. It seems to be completely out of character for a Schiano coached team.

  22. grif4foozball Says:


  23. tha truth is... Says:

    freeman sucks and had plenty of opportunites 2 win point period.

  24. Jason Says:

    Joe take one for the team and punch Sullivan in the face

  25. Ladyz Says:

    We don’t need a bell cow, we need a bull or a stallion ! We also need a new QB and play caller. Let’s see some heads roll….

  26. Nonamebucsfan Says:

    Freeman isn’t a good QB. No more excuses. Time to look forward to the draft so we can get a winning QB. He absolutely, unquestionably, is one of the worst QBs in the league. Better off getting M. Spurlock back and start him instead. He was a QB at some point. What is C Simms doing? Are we still waiting to see if plummer comes out of retirement? J/k

  27. raphael Says:

    LOL Freeman didn’t call a running play on 3rd and 9 with 2:00 mins left…smh

  28. grif4foozball Says:

    Tell me the didnt think about punting with 2:00 left.

  29. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Yeah Griff, they did. But is that any crazier than running on 1st and third down in the last 3 minutes of a game down by 2 scores?

  30. james Says:

    why not try using blount a little more if martin’s not ripping it and by the way if freeman is not getting the job done lets not forget about orlaskvy don’t be afraid to pull free after 3.5 quarters of futility and give the other guy a shot with enough time left to turn the game around! you know diffrent cadence,and snap count coulda been the diffrence. run run pass punt. i’ve seen enough of that over the last 30+ years! hey greg remember that big comeback game in the 80’s oilers and buffalo it can happen! i recall you saying this greg”we use who gives us the best chance to win” tba my ass oh well should be 3-0 not 1-2 poor offensive play calling in my opinion,great job for our defence sorry guys our offence stayed at the hotel!!!!

  31. Oahubuc Says:

    Open up the playbook so the big dummy can throw even more picks.

  32. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Blount comes in at the end of the first half. Breaks an 11 yarder, then a 4 yarder then we never see him again. Nothing that happened made sense in that game. Nothing. It was pathetic.

  33. Pruritis Ani Says:

    I m glad someone else sees it… I thought it was just me.. Horrific play calling. I mentioned earlier that he may not have that many plays in his playbook. In the preseason, I thought they were just holding back and looking to unveil the more creative, imaginative and explosive plays during the regular season. Maybe he just doesn’t have any. After almost 8 months on the job, that is a scary proposition.

    I m not sold on Martin as the feature back either. Clearly Blount did much better the few plays he was in. Nothing against Martin as he’s obviously talented, but Blount had greater success when he ran the ball. There is a reason Blount is not in there and clearly it’s not due to injury.

  34. bucsfanalltheway Says:

    lets give vince young a chance he can run the ball too jk. free has to go

  35. Miguel Grande Says:

    “Down 16-7 with just over two minutes left, the anemic Bucs ran Doug Martin up the middle on first down. Then they ran him again on 3rd-and-10 on the same possession.”

    The Little General was just maneuvering to get us into our 2 minute drill.
    There was about 37 seconds that they had to waste.

    Another week of this crap and the Glazers will blowing up Gruden’s cell phone.

    I’ll bet he won’t answer it.

    How much is the fine for dropping an F bomb on national TV? Coach?
    Probably more than the hands on hips fine.

  36. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    The offense and the playcalling was so bad I am agreeing with Miguel. This is a sad day.

  37. NYBuc Says:

    I’m not throwing in the towel on Josh yet. Eli Manning had the same deer in the headlights look for his first few years under Sullivan’s (QB) coaching, so hopefully Josh will make the jump to becoming an elite QB this year or next. He has the physical skills. Agreed that Sullivan needs to get more creative with the play calling and attack defenses better.

  38. Facts Matter Says:

    Actually Sullivan was the WR coach except for the last 2 seasons as QB coach.

    The playcalling at the end was FREEMAN’S. His radio headset was out, time was running out, so he called the running play instead of a pass play. When the situation is 3rd and long, a QB should know to call what to call instinctively especially since Tampa practices a lot of situational plays.

    Freeman did not look good at all today.

  39. Teddy Says:

    Maybe Josh needs to go on a Taco Bell bender…

  40. dan Says:

    offense lost the game, i was there, i saw, our D was better than the cowboys D, but our offense was horrible, dropped passes and poor play calls killed us the most though.

  41. 507 Bucs fan Says:

    This lost didn’t hurt like the ones last year.. this one drove to the edge of MADNESS… mike sullivan is making Greg Olson look like a damn Bill Walsh… Freeman is not the answer! We lost a beast at DE (Clayborn)… So angry right now… On a positive note WOW WOW WOW Mason Foster is looking solid at MLB and Bennett and Mccoy today played really well…

  42. BucFan20 Says:

    Freeman is the number 28 rated QB. Need say anymore?????

  43. Greg Says:

    @ BucFan20

    Wow, that’s four positions higher than I would rate Free! He sucks, and all the negative thoughts everyone had when the Bucs drafted Free have all pretty much came true!