Carl Nicks Says O-Line Failed Freeman

September 30th, 2012

The manbeast of the Bucs’ offensive line, Carl Nicks, shouldered quite a bit of blame for the Bucs’ first-half woes while chatting in the Bucs locker room following this evening’s heinous loss to the Redskins.

Yeah, Josh Freeman wasn’t playing well, but Nicks wouldn’t put it on the quarterback. 

“We weren’t executing. We weren’t giving Freeman enough time. Just a culmination of just mess-ups,” Nicks said of what went wrong in the first half.

Nicks went on to express more responsibility for the sad first half. “[Freeman’s] pretty accurate when he’s got time,” Nicks said.

Clearly, Freeman had more time to throw in the second half, though Joe can’t assign much blame to the offensive line. Demar Dotson was a bit overmatched by Ryan Kerrigan, but Freeman wasn’t making wise decisions, stepping up, or playing confidently during the first 30 minutes.

Watching the second half, even a novice fan could see there were two different Josh Freemans in this game.

6 Responses to “Carl Nicks Says O-Line Failed Freeman”

  1. Bobby C Says:

    Crap just got home from the game, stop making excuses for this guy, there was play after play that he looked totally lost, one time, slid a couple of yards short for a first down because he didnt want to get hit, even on the last drive where they hit the field goal to take the lead, he almost three a interception that would have stopped the rally, you guys kill me, he makes mistake after mistake, doesnt throw the ball away when he needs to, still cant look off his receivers, we are not looking a player that is in his first year, it is his fourth year, he cant continue have issues, RG111 looked leaps and bounds better than josh, time to move on.

  2. Vic Says:

    Nicks was being very kind.

  3. gotbbucs Says:

    I still didn’t notice too many designed plays to get Freeman out of the pocket today. The right side of our line isn’t good enough to pass block straight up the whole game, they need to roll Freeman out ever three or four drop backs to get those DE’s to slow down a bit. I don’t understand the logic behind not taking advantage of Freeman’s legs. These coaches are tryig to fit too many square pegs into too many round holes with the players on this team.

  4. Drew Says:

    Turn on the headlights and Freeman freezes like a Deer with glossy eyes. Don’t be surprised if you see him thrown across an opponents bumper and tied down after a Free jacking (similar to Deer Jacking). Franchise QB? LMAO and LMAO more.

    He lacks the aptitude (low Wonderlic score for a QB) to be a NFL franchise QB.

  5. Eric Says:

    Raheem Morris was the one who insisted on drafting him, what does that tell u?

  6. Mike Says:

    Na.. Freeman failed Freeman… Nicks didn’t throw behind countless receivers