Bucs Have Highest-Paid Practice Squad Player

September 8th, 2012

You know Joe can’t wait for some real freakin’ Bucs football when he starts the day off with a couple of posts about payroll. Let’s see some football already!!

When the Bucs plucked Dezmon Briscoe from the Bengals practice squad a couple of years ago, Marvin Lewis cried like a baby because he thought the Bucs over paid Briscoe and broke unwritten NFL rules. Then last year we learned the Bucs were paying a practice-squad ransom to keep George Johnson, now a key member of the defense.

And it seems the Bucs are it again, making it rain on practice squad DE/LB Markus White, per NFL.com.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Markus White  is currently the NFL’s highest-paid player on a practice squad, earning $17,647 per week, or $300,000 over the season. White, a seventh-round draft pick in 2011 by the Washington Redskins, appeared in two games last season and each of the Redskins’ four preseason games this season.

Well, the Redskins sure had better depth than the Bucs, as evidenced by the final preseason game.

Now securing White, a former Florida State DE, won’t take the Bucs to the playoffs this season. But it’s interesting that the Bucs’ free-spending ways this season haven’t stopped the flow of cash to the practice squad.

4 Responses to “Bucs Have Highest-Paid Practice Squad Player”

  1. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    What a lot of fans don’t know about the practice squad is that the player has to agree if another team wants to take them and put them on their active roster. It’s not like the draft where the player has no say in where he goes. They can tell the interested team, “Nope, I’m staying with the Bucs.” That’s the reason the Bucs pay highly for their most coveted practice squad players, because no player is going to want to leave a $300,000+ salary in order to make a tiny bit more on another team. That salary builds loyalty and keeps them in Tampa. Good move, even though the Marvin Lewises of the world cry about it.

  2. Mike J Says:

    Wonder if Dale Moss got a bonus?? He really is an interesting prospect.

  3. Mavsmoney Says:

    I don’t care about this. Just throwing that out there.

  4. BUCTIME Says:

    practice..practice…not the game… we talkin about practice…not the game…not the game…practice??? We suppose to be a franchise team and we talkin about practice….not a game…not a game…not a game…we talkin about practice man…we talkin about practice man….what are we talkin about???…we talkin about practice…we not talkin about the game…When we come to the stadium we see the Bucs…we see them play right? but we talkin about practice…we not even talkin about the game…the actual game…when it matters….How the ___ can we make the Bucs better by practicin? lol