Battle Of The Brothers

September 13th, 2012

Giants tight end Martellus Bennett is the brother of Bucs defensive end Michael Bennett.

Usually when Joe thinks of brothers and the Giants and Bucs are concerned, naturally Joe thinks of Ronde Barber and his twin brother Tiki. But there’s another pair, largely overlooked.

When the Bucs hit the New Jersey Swamplands Sunday, Bucs defensive end Michael Bennett will square off against his brother, Martellus Bennett, a Giants tight end.

Sometimes, the two brothers are so tight, this can create an uncomfortable moment as Martellus found out, told by Ralph Vacchiano and Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News.

There was a moment last December, when the Dallas Cowboys visited Tampa Bay, that Martellus Bennett forgot which team he was on. When his brother, Bucs defensive end Michael Bennett, sacked Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, he got caught up in being a fan.

“I was on the sidelines and I was like, ‘Yeah! Good sack! Good sack!’” Martellus recalled on Wednesday. “Then I turned around (and yelled) ‘Somebody block that MF-er, man, what y’all doing out there?!’ ”

Now Joe is OK with Martellus if he secretly cheers while Eli Manning lay prone to the turf Sunday.

To Joe, an unsung bright spot in a dark, dark season last year was Michael Bennett, and it seems his play has continued if not improved so far in 2012. That’s good news for Bennett and probably bad news for the Bucs (in the long run) as this is a contract year for Bennett and pass rushers are paid handsomely.

On Sunday, Joe just has a hunch that chasing down Manning will be a tad easier than trying to corral Cam Newton.

5 Responses to “Battle Of The Brothers”

  1. raphael Says:

    Tell me “what does Marcellus Wallace look like ” !

  2. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Joe

    Can you please devote a post solely for the purpose of ridiculing and/or celebrating one of the greatest nicknames I’ve ever heard? Martellus’ self-given nickname is freaking “Black Unicorn”. I died laughing when I saw it on Twitter last week.

  3. Chris FWC Says:

    LOL @ Raph

  4. Says:

    I want a Bennet Jersey

  5. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I second the want of a Bennett Jersey.

    Martellus has a Manning to make him look good. Michael only has himself.

    Michael has already proven himself better than his brother at his respective position. Bennett(Michael), barring injury, should register around 6-8 sacks, but a huge number of tackles for losses this season.

    Bennett is one of the few players opponents will game plan for. I expect a whole lot of runs towards Clayborn because of it.