Sean Jones Cut

August 27th, 2012

Joe likes to keep tabs on select former Buccaneers, and Joe finds it noteworthy that serial loafer Sean Jones is back on the free agent market after being cut today from the Lions.

With Cody Grimm teetering on the Bucs’ roster bubble, that means the Bucs’ starting safeties  from 2011 — aka The Wolfs — are battling to stay in the league. Though Joe has no doubt Grimm will latch on somewhere if he were cut from the Bucs.

Keeping with the same theme, Luke McCown was axed from the Saints, sackless Kyle Moore survived today’s first wave of cuts in Buffalo, and Kellen Winslow and Dezmon Briscoe caught touchdown passes this weekend. Briscoe has drawn great reviews up in Washington.

21 Responses to “Sean Jones Cut”

  1. Illuminati Says:

    Briscoe has enough raw talent to make a name for himself somewhere. He’s just wasn’t a “Buccaneer Man.”

  2. Jwayne Says:

    you can’t polish a turd!!! sorry sean…

  3. Garry Says:

    Hayes will stick for now but dont know about Price. I thought JJ would do better also.

  4. Jersey Buc Fan Says:

    Tanard Jackson appears to be working his way into the starting safety role opposite Merriweather in Washington. Also, Brian Price and Geno Hayes also seem to be latching on with the Bears and seem like good bets to survive the final cuts. Bunch of ex-Bucs still proving themselves on good teams, proving again that talent wasn’t the issue last year, coaching was.

  5. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I must admit I’m one of the fans who were screaming at Dom & Rah when they traded McCown away for a seventh round pick and kept “Slow Motion” Leftwich in his place. Now I see it was a great trade, because McCown has done squat since then.

    As for Hayes, our LB corps is better without him; and Briscoe was undisciplined and uncommitted and I’m glad he’s gone too. He may be a flash in the pan in D.C. but he won’t be long for this league in my opinion. Our WR’s are better off without his negative influence.

    I must give tremendous credit to Dom, though, because although he took some time getting the draft right he’s always shown he knows exactly when to send a player packing. He’s quite good at it.

  6. Tom Says:


    When are the first cuts due for the Bucs?

  7. JonBuc Says:

    Briscoe looked like the best Buc receiver at times last year ( suppose it’s not saying much.)

  8. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Wasn’t this one of your rockstar DomDom’s key free agent signees? Along with his huge Reggie Brown acquisition? LMAO

    How about a little poll Joe? Is Mark Dominik’s performance more worthy of which nickname? Rockstar or DomDom.

  9. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Um FlaBoy – what has leftwich done?

  10. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Didn’t say Lefty did anything. Saying it was a wash either way, and we ended up with a draft pick. Stop reading into things so much.

  11. thegregwitul Says:

    Thomas 2.2; The very fact that you obsess over the nickname of Rock Star for Mark Dominik while failing to understand that it was originally given to the man due to his popularity on Radio Row during the Super Bowl week the year Tampa finished 10-6, along with the fact that at the time, Dominik nabbed some legit talent from the scrap heaps of the waiver wire, is enough to warrant calling Dominik a Rock Star even if he handed out 100 more Michael Clayton-esque contracts. I don’t care if LeGarrette Blount couldn’t block all 180 pounds of me rushing the passer or if he couldn’t catch a cold; the man ran for 5 ypg and over 1,000 yards when used consistently. Dez Briscoe, who was cut from the Bucs by Sciano only because of his off the field ‘drama’ which was deemed a distraction, led the team in TD catches last season. Ted Larsen filled in admirably at times and there are other examples going all the way back to Donald Penn. This always seems to be ignored over the blind and near manic hate for Mark Dominik, which has only increased since he’s been labeled a Rock Star GM by Joe.

    Here’s the funny thing; if you didn’t lead the pack of people who couldn’t comprehend why Joe gave Dominik the nickname, it probably would not be referenced today. Yes, Mark Dominik has made some mistakes. Yes, the man has offered some moronic contracts to scrubs like Michael Clayton, traded for Reggie Brown who was released him a short time later, missed on Brian Price and some others, but it’s not like Price wasn’t a border line first round prospect. It’s not like Dom ever really reached on someone. He didn’t give up a 2nd round pick for Reggie Brown. He didn’t trade down a second round pick that could have been used on Desean Jackson only to pick Dexter Jackson, who may be just as fast as Desean, but can’t play the game of football. He’s not perfect by a long shot, but my God, he didn’t pick Aaron Maybin over Brian Orakpo in a position of need.

    But now, Thomas, the damage is done. Mark Dominik could trade the entire team to the Premiership and he’d still be labeled a Rock Star. If he drops the ball and loses his job, Joe will lead the article making reference to the Rock Star. Just remember that you brought this on to yourself. You couldn’t just let a silly nickname mentioned a couple years ago pass, you had to keep bringing it up and now it’s something that will always be attached to Mark Dominik, at least on this website, and I love it. I just hope Dom lives up to the name, so I can find it funny for all the right reasons in the years to come

  12. sl55090 Says:

    Joe Martinek was cut today. Time to see if Coach tries to get him to our practice squad. We have enough RB’s and he is a tweener but he seems to be a Schiano type of guy.

  13. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    I will accept most of your comments. However, if DomDom had not had the worst 3 drafts and free agency periods in recent NFL history – you would not have to inject so many undrafted free agents exposed by other teams into your starting lineup.

    You see Greg, the cart follows the horse.You are not urgently plucking castoffs into your starting lineup if you have not missed with acquiring talent customarily.

    If Derrick Ward was any good – there would have been no Blount.
    If Mike Clayton was any good – there would be no V Jax or Briscoe or wasted 2nd rounder on Benn.
    If Biggers was any good – no Wright.
    If Xavier Fulton or Kyle Moore or Price or Winslow or Bowden or (insert wasted draftee or FA here) = get it.

    It is not a compliment to say: this GM built his 17-31 team through players that he didn’t draft or sign by being exposed by another team. You see DomDom has a huge advantage – his teams typically have very high waiver wire priority (so if Dom and any other div opponent claim a player Dom has priority bc his teams suck).

  14. Vic Says:

    Thomas, you’re a clown. Clayton got two years guaranteed at No. 2 wide receiver money. Bad deal, but that has nothing to do with VJax. Biggers was a seventh rounder. … Winslow gave you three years at top production.

    Wake up. The shelf life for players in the NFL is short.

  15. Bobby Says:

    Thomas will never get it. His football IQ is low.

  16. mcbuc Says:

    You guys should stop feeding the troll. It took me a long time to stop feeding him, but it makes the sight much better when he is unable to hijack the thread.

  17. Buddhaboy Says:


  18. Max Says:

    Any word on the roster cut yet?

  19. Joe Says:


    Any word on the roster cut yet?

    Nope. All precincts reporting but Bucs.

  20. patrickbucs Says:

    Some of you guys that hate Dom so much should go and check all of the teams top 4-5 round draft picks in the same timeframe and see how they have done, probably not so well. Maybe 30-40 percent of players actually stick and the NFL and justify their high picks, very few do. Looks like if you go by draft record the Pats brass should be out of a job.

    If this team had actual talent left behind by Allen some of these missed picks wouldn’t be so prevelant!!

  21. lurker Says:

    don’t feed the troll!