Do Your Job!

August 27th, 2012

One of the great things about having the NFL Network from its inception is the tremendous content from NFL Films. It truly is artwork what the Sabols do.

(Out House customers: How does it feel now to know that your satanic cable outfit has you in shackles after Time Warner last week became the lone top 10 cable distributor refusing to allow sports fans to enjoy one of the most popular networks, holding football fans hostage while shoving channels down your throat like NY1, LOGO, countless shopping channels which is a gigantic waste of natural resources, and that nonsense yenta news channel that rebroadcasts tripe like a lost rabbit in Westchase 12 times a day?)

Last year, in its series, “A Football Life,” a particular episode was devoted to Bill Belicheat. An NFL Films crew shadowed Belicheat for a full year and it was really cool insight. During one game, Belicheat implored his team over and over to “just do your job!”

Apparently, that cry has been heard by Bucs defenders after being echoed by one of Belicheat’s disciples, Greg Schiano.

The Bucs defense played lights out against the Tom Bradys Friday. Better than any Bucs defense has played in some time in Joe’s eyes. Yes, it was preseason, but that was against the Patriots’ No. 1 offense.

What, you think Belicheat wanted Brady to get punished the way he did Friday?

What amazed Joe was that the Bucs shut down Brady and Company with several backup players filling critical holes.

Mason Foster was nursing a tender hamstring and didn’t suit up. Gerald McCoy was the victim of a borderline dirty hit to the knee and logged just four plays. Adrian Clayborn had the rare but dreaded elbow/scrotum injury.

And still the Bucs defense smothered the Pats.

Why? Michael Bennett told Joe it was simply a matter of players just doing their jobs.

“Coaches are doing a great job of coaching us and guys are buying in every single week,” Bennett said. “Guys are buying in more and more. The defense is working.

“Guys are out there doing their job. It’s good to see guys doing exactly what they are coached to do. I think that is exactly what happened. We can’t go with many highs and lows. I just want to be consistent each week. I try not to let the highs and lows of plays get to me.”

Guys are doing what they are instructed to do. Imagine.

Joe knows one reason why Geno Hayes was benched last year and is no longer with the team is that he tended to do a little too much freelancing.

There is no such thing as freelancing in the New Schiano Order. And just look at the results.

14 Responses to “Do Your Job!”

  1. Oahubuc Says:

    Could not agree more, Joe. I haven’t seen defense remotely that good since Monte was here. It’s also clear that these coaches know WHICH jobs our players are capable of, and puts them in that position with schemes. The mindlessness of the Raheem crew is becoming even more obvious with them gone.

  2. Teddy Says:

    Yes, McCoy was chopped by a tackle just after disengaging from the guard, which I think should be an illegal chop block, but I have to give him credit. I watched the game on NFLN yesterday, and McCoy came back in and played three more plays after sitting out the one mandatory injury play, so I doubt the severity of the injury. Frankly, the block he took to the leg isn’t that uncommon in the trenches, and he’s going to have to develop a sense for using his peripheral vision and watching for guys chopping at the knees. If he learns to keep his feet moving in the trenches, he’ll have a better chance at preventing a leg injury on such a block.

  3. Colorado Buc Says:

    I was stationed in New England when the Pats won their first 2 Super Bowls of the Brady Dynasty. The only saving grace to me was the Bucs 2002 Championship. New England has the most obnoxious fans of all time, and Brady is there Tebow. I hate Tom Brady….so when Bennett blindsided his ass and the ball came flying out I was so fricken stoked that I actually got off my butt and went to the computer and ordered his jersey. Joe, if you could tell Mr. Bennett next time you see him that some guy named Marty in Denver said thanks for knocking Tom on his ass it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t have a Twitter, but hell I may join and follow you if you do that for me. I will be sporting my Michael Bennett Jersey on December 2nd when he comes to town to wipe the same smile off of Manning’s face!!

  4. chrisfwc. :) Says:

    Lol! @Co Buc..

    Agreed Teddy.

  5. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I too was impressed by what I saw. I thought New England would just kill us, after what the Titans did. I am truly excited for the Bucs this year, and in awe of the changes Greg Schiano has brought to Tampa.

  6. DallasBuc Says:

    Joe- any idea why the roster cuts haven’t been announced yet?

  7. robert Says:

    the coach does his job and is respected then the players do their job and learn to respect themselves ….hmp, imagine that.

    rah will never be a head coach again.

  8. the_buc_realist Says:

    @dallasBuc – rumor is that the rock star lost his permission slip to release the roster cuts, as soon as he gets another from schiano then he will release them.

  9. Joe Says:


    Joe- any idea why the roster cuts haven’t been announced yet?

    No clue.

  10. Mike J Says:

    Geno Hayes? Hate to be a dinosaur, but the first Bucs free-lancer to be exiled was Dave Pear, a VERY popular NT. Randy Crowder–dare I say it??–turned out to be a better player.
    Lordy, I am getting old. Apologies to all.

  11. Miguel Grande Says:

    They need to do their jobs and announce the cuts so they might find a job elsewhere.

  12. Buc N' A Says:

    @ Colorado Buc – You took the words right out of my mouth. Watching Brady get crunched was so satisfying. You took it to another level by buying Bennett’s jersey. Mad props to you , sir. GO BUCS!

  13. HolyMoly Says:

    Really enjoy any time Mrs. brady gets bitch slapped but especially enjoyed our BUCS slapping his whining , please Mr Ref throw a flag because someone touched me Brady ! Hopefully a sign of good things to come .

  14. Rob Says:

    That picture is frickin’ awesome Joe. If that doesn’t get you fired up I don’t know what will. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks. I’ll be sporting that picture any where I can.