Rough Night For Lewis, Grimm, Asante

August 11th, 2012

Joe’s feeling real rosy coming out of the first dance of the New Schiano Order last night in Miami, but there was plenty of ugliness to go around, as well.

On defense, Joe was definitely down on Myron Lewis’ performance. He got beat multiple times, and didn’t look strong or to be playing fast. Dolphins receiver Roberto Wallace muscled him to the ground with the ball in his hands and scampered for a long gain. Lewis was impressive in practice over the past week, but in Joe’s mind, last night Lewis lost the ground he had gained.

Grimm was a surprise starter at safety alongside Ronde Barber, and he, too, had a tackle broken on him and didn’t flash any of his trademark physical play with the first team. At least Grimm was much better positionally than Lewis, and Larry Asante. Without the benefit of coach’s film, Joe’s quite certain Asante’s angles on the football were rather Sabbyesque.

11 Responses to “Rough Night For Lewis, Grimm, Asante”

  1. raphael Says:

    Grim does not look like the same player from 2 yrs ago and sry but lewis not a good CB…

  2. RastaMon Says:

    What I saw was Dolphins D line penatration of our OL on run plays…
    and lack of Bucs DL to distrupt much of anything…
    I was happy for the win but…that is was stuck out as the game unfolded…
    Tannenhill….has a real snappy release and is accurate

  3. Brad Says:

    Agree 100% on these 3 guys. If they weren’t on the bubble they clearly are now. I’d throw Parker on that bubble too..

  4. Truefan Says:

    I must say Grimm stuck out like a sore thumb to me. He just looked outright awful.

  5. aj Says:

    Grimm was still good on special teams, excellent at bringing down a runner in the open field.

    Parker isn’t going anywhere. He would be in Carolina so quick it would be ridiculous. The guy has the talent to be a very good slot receiver in this league. Yes, he had 8 fumbles last year, and yes 7 of them were on returns. So maybe the Bucs should take him off returns and let him focus on receiver.

    Where was Sammy Stroughter last night? I don’t remember seeing him, but with the webcast it is easy to miss someone. Not looking good for him if he is healthy, as he is nowhere to be found on the stat sheet.

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    Stroughter days are numbered, as ar Grimms. Parker may have had a bad night, but he makes this team. Too much talent. Lewis may make the team for depth, because we are thin and Talib has reminded us how fragile he is with those hammy’s.

  7. sandbagrudy Says:

    undersized guy body not nfl prototypical five eleven one eighty five pound safety’s are not a long term solution I admire the fire in his gut but we need a torch not a bic at safety

  8. Pruritis Ani Says:

    “Sabbeyesque”.. hahaa Good one

  9. hamilton Says:

    when need to pick up some more db,grimm is not going to cut it.

  10. hamilton Says:

    grimm looks lost with out raheem.

  11. Garry Says:

    If Grimm does it two games in a row we can condemn him, but i doubt it happens.