Raheem Defends His Discipline

August 29th, 2012

Raheem Morris hears about how his Buccaneers were undisciplined and the former head coach laughs.

That’s just one big funny misrepresentation of the Raheem era, so he told Rick Stroud on WDAE-AM 620 today.

Rick Stroud: Talk about just that criticism about whether or not you were able to instill discipline on what, at that time, the three years you had it, was the youngest team in the league.

Raheem Morris: First of all, we won 10 games [in 2010], we were a very disciplined team. We won a bunch of games in two-minute when you have to be disciplined. You got to do all the right things, things have to be executed exactly the right way in order to win those tight games and those close ones, which we did. You know, last year we weren’t able to accomplish those things, so you’re undisciplined. You know I kind of laugh about the rumors and I kind of laugh about the things that happen now because whenever you get fired, whenever you move on to the next guy, it’s always because of discipline. They said the same thing about Belichick. They said the same thing about Mike Shanahan in Denver. They said the same thing about most of those guys in our profession. And you can’t look at it like that. It’s just kind of the same story that’s going to be written every single time a guy gets fired, and that’s just what happens.

Joe finds Raheem’s line of thinking curious at best. The two Bucs coaches hired and fired before Raheem, Chucky and Father Dungy, were never accused of running an undisciplined program. So Raheem’s thought process of “every single time a guy gets fired” it’s about discipline makes no sense.

Raheem just doesn’t seem to get that a disciplined football team never would have performed the way the Bucs did over the final 10 games of 2012.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

51 Responses to “Raheem Defends His Discipline”

  1. Garv Says:

    WHY the obsession with Raheem Morris NOW? Because he was on WDAE? Come on Joe, nobody gives a damn. It;s OVER……thank goodness.

  2. OAR Says:

    “Joe finds Raheem’s line of thinking curious at best.”

    The problem is two things; Raheem and thinking.

  3. Sneedy16 Says:

    I just think he is just getting irritated. He is just need to watch and learn from the bottom again, because the way he coach he didn’t learn that. He look like he was learning on the fly as a head coach and got overwhelmed.

    Mike Shanahan didn’t get fired because of discipline he was fired because his defensive coordinator sucked.

    Belichick got fired because no one liked him, because he was a control freak like he is now. It was either his was or your out. Tom Coughlin is the same way which got him fired in Jacksonville and look at him now.

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Garv – Raheem did an interview. Joe found it interesting. Pretty simple process.

  5. Bucnjim Says:

    Just like in management; teams take on the personality of the person in charge. You can’t motivate someone when you were just out having cocktails with them the night before. It just doesn’t work! If you’re one of the guys; then players will treat you like one of the guys. Schiano IS the boss! No rap music; no dancing on the sideline; no getting drinks after the game; no talking crap; no Locker Room BS! The players are treated with respect, but there is no question who is in charge. Time to go to work!

  6. Brandon Says:

    I think what Raheem was saying was that Belichick got fired for being too disciplined in Cleveland Shanahan too undisciplined in Denver. There was even chatter about 5 years ago that Tom Coughlin was headed out the door because he was too disciplined.

    I think guys get branded one way or the other but the truth is that job security is all about the W’s and L’s.

  7. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Raheem said first of all, we won 10 games in 2010… LOL… that’s as bad as him scoffing at the media during the 10 game losing streak claiming that runner-up COYs don’t get fired.

    Also, he keeps telling Rick Stroud “you, you, you” … since when was Rick Stroud ever a coach? An NFL head coach (there are only 32 of them in the world) should be able to communicate in proper English for the most part. Raheem is a terrible communicator.

  8. Miguel Grande Says:

    Raheem was fired because he was stupid and his smarter opponents stole his lunch money. His platitudes like run faster, hit harder, and think smarter don’t work when you’re down 28 points in the 2nd quarter.

    His players were smart enough to figure out that their leader was a moron and if it was wartime, he would have been fragged by his own troops.

  9. OAR Says:

    Interesting the two HeadCoaches he mentioned have new HC jobs and have mulitple SuperBowl wins between them.

  10. Architek Says:

    Great point. The atmosphere determines a lot when you show up for practice when you are listening to Kanye West and 2 Chains versus focusing on the task at hand. I dont want to listen to the interview because Raheem is going to always be his fast talking, repetitive best self. Very predictable feedback or QA. I chalk it up as an experiment and we have moved on from him.

    One thing is certain in the time we have had Schiano there have been a more professional vibe about this team. Even scoring on the first drive and scoring in the first quarter in preseason is already a step forward.

  11. OAR Says:

    I bet the Giants wouldn’t have two SB wins, had they got rid of Tom Couhlin and his disciplined ways.

  12. Buc_The_World Says:

    It’s funny because I remember in 2010 with the exception on T2.2 and Eric most thought he should have been coach of the year. Ok he didn’t succeed in Tampa, it doesn’t mean he is dumb, an idiot, or a bad coach. He was put in a situation that he wasn’t ready for based on the moment. He was only meant to be an interim coach and he knew that. That is why he is not mad. Like it or not he was a head coach for 3 years of the buccaneers so Joe has every right to keep up with him and what he is doing especially since it’s the first time he is going to face his old team.

  13. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    The idiocy around here is rampant as always. I was never a big fan of Raheem, just cautiously optimistic all along until 2011 happened. But I wonder what happened to all those Kool-Aiders that were jumping up and down out of joy when Raheem was hired and when we won 10 games in 2010. Criticizing a former coach is one thing, but it seems like many here hate him as if he raped your wife or daughter.

  14. Danny Says:

    Coughlin was close to getting fired before both SB wins.

  15. Piratic Says:

    Joe says: “You can listen to the entire interview below.”–There is NO WAY that I’m going to further subject myself to the idiocy that our former HC spews forth. I’ve had my fill of that garbage. I’m so very thankful that he no longer represents The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Thanks anyway, Joe.

  16. OAR Says:

    Buc the world
    I was one of the “WTF crowd” when they hired him myself and thought his inexperience would be his down fall. I did give the man his chance though, and yes was surprised at the 10-6 season, but his overall record, poor coaching, poor defensive schemes, and his “mushmouth” pressers were what we became to know him as. It is what he is!

  17. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Jonny 3.3 Says
    “Criticizing a former coach is one thing, but it seems like many here hate him as if he…”

    You mean the SAME way the Rah supporters hated Jon Gruden, a guy who holds the team record for wins and super bowls and play-off games won?

    Heck, Jon Gruden was home grown in Tampa for several years… how is it that a winner like him was villanized so much?


    In Raheem’s case… the guy deserves it… just read his dang quotes for pete’s sake.

  18. OAR Says:

    Buc fan #237

  19. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    The bottom line is this, Tampa never gave Raheem the time of day.
    Tampa had little depth under Raheem. How could he threaten to bench players, when he had no one to replace them.
    Like Garv says, it’s over. But I can not help but think what IF we had given Raheem what we have given Schiano ?
    Or, if we had given Gruden what he needed to win.

  20. canadabuc Says:

    Time to be our best self everyday !!! LMAO Thank god this dumbass is out of town. Listen to Coach Schiano vs. Raheem interviews. We definitely made the right choice.

  21. canadabuc Says:

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  22. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Did Raheem just round-a-boutly compare himself to Belichick and Shanahan? The word DILLUSIONAL comes to mind.

  23. Gus Says:

    If we had given Gruden we would have succeeded but the fact that Gruden only wanted qbs on the roster and didn’t want to give up much on roster responsibility he had to go. Several games Raheem was just simply out coached. No matter the talent if your out coached you will lose.

  24. mcbuc Says:

    I supported Raheem, until he did not deserve it with a 10 game losing streak. I also supported Gruden from day 1 until the day I was shocked by his firing. I also supported Dungy, who would have won more games than gruden if he had coached for the same amount of years (statistically speaking, maybe he would have started losing but probably not). Now I support GS, because I am a Bucs fan, not a coach (fill in the name) fan. If Thomas becaome the coach for next year, wel I guess I will have to support him as well.

  25. Scott Says:

    I didn’t listen to the interviews because I can’t understand him. Whenever they had a press conference, it should have had close captioning. Also, why are Raheem’s so big? At least he got some new teeth out of the gig!

  26. Architek Says:

    Why is that because people fall out of love in a no-love business fans loyalty is questioned?

    Doesnt pass the logic scan. The NFL is a bottomline, what have you done for me lately business and the fans relationship is also. Johnny 3.3 that is a moot point because people tried to buy into Raheem but nothing consistent ever evolved under his watch. Hence, he is in Washington. The numbers don’t lie. 10 straight non-competitive losses will do it every time doctor.

  27. Stevek Says:

    Raheem was not ready for this job. He was an interim solution at best.

    Why did Raheem head the post for 3 years? Why was our salary cap only 50-60% exercised?

    Oh well, this offseason has restored my faith in the Bucs. Going out and getting 3 top FA’s, and then 3 of the top 60 picks in the draft has been exciting to say the least.

    The highlight of my offseason was releasing Albert Haynesworth, and passing on Mo Claibourne in the draft (he is to darn SELFISH).

  28. TheRealVince Says:

    Sorry Rah, but the truth hurts huh?!

  29. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    I am glad Raheem is gone, but Dominik still remains. Dominik was a bigger culprit than Raheem for the way things turned out in 2011 imo.

  30. Adam L Says:

    I could read Raheem stories all day. He just flat-out doesn’t get it. There’s a reason for that. He’s retarded – and I mean that LITERALLY, not as an insult. The guy has a low-mental capacity. He is literally the shining example of falling upward (you promote the idiots to get them out from under you). The Glazers got scared when he was being interviewed to be the head coach in Denver. They thought they were losing the next Mike Tomlin who had a similar resume. So they panicked, fired Chucky late in January, and promoted Radio Raheem.

    I love that Morris thinks that he did everything right and that an act of God caused that 10 game losing streak.

    This guy let CHARLIE BATCH beat him. Charlie Batch… the guy who ADMITTED that he was still playing football for a paycheck to fund a youth outreach program.

  31. Eric Says:

    Why all this criticism over the next Chuck Noll?

  32. McBuc Says:

    @Architek…I hope you did not misunderstand my post. I am not questioning anyone’s loyalty to the Bucs. I am simply saying I support any one in a Bucs uniform or on the Bucs sideline, until they are gone. I agree with your post above. That being said, I do question some people that seem to want the team to lose because they do not like the coach, or look for a player to fail because they do not like that player. I think they really just want to be right. I admit I thought Raheem was the man after winning 10 games, and I admit that my mind was changed after losing 10 in a row. Call me a flip-flopper, but new information has a way of changing rational minds. BTW, I love the “fall out of love in a no love business” line. Perfect for the topic.

  33. Eric Says:

    Lay off the guy, if his uncles had not routinely kicked his ass things mighta been different.

    Mental Midgets.

  34. robert Says:

    he’s got nice teeth

  35. Eric Says:

    What about the magnificent game plan of doing absolutely nothing offensively in the first half, then follow it up by allowing 7-8 yards per rush……………….

  36. bucswin Says:

    “The two Bucs coaches hired and fired before Raheem, Chucky and Father Dungy, were never accused of running an undisciplined program.”

    Not true.


    But either the officials had no pockets or the Bucs have no discipline, because they were assessed 17 penalties for 160 yards against the Panthers, three penalties short of the team record set in 1976.

    Theories abound as to why the Bucs draw flags the way a windshield attracts lovebugs. They had 39 in five preseason games.

    Special teams are filled with young players who make mistakes early in the season; the offensive line has been outplayed into committing holding penalties; the Panthers’ rivalry has turned ugly; the officials are blind.

    But the one that makes the most sense is that the Bucs have been undisciplined.

  37. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    @Eric… there were idiots on JBF who actually posted that as THE gameplan.

    Whatever happened to Capt Jack anyway? Was it Capt Jack?

  38. McBuc Says:

    uc Fan, I do not think the Capt ever said that, but I kind of miss his crazy posts.

  39. Bucnjim Says:

    You mean the pirate Captain Tim? I wonder what happened to him. He was getting a sour attitude about the team towards the end, but usually had a funny take on things. He loved Barrett Ruud who I didn’t care for so we went at it a few times.

  40. McBuc Says:

    Buc Fan…I was not messing with your name, only the uc showed up, not sure why.

    Bucnjim…Remember when he wrote everything like a pirate, and Joe had to step in and tell him it may be funny drinking beer what was getting old reading it. The good ole days at JBF.com. He was turning negative near the end last year, maybe he will show back up in the reg season. You may have went at it with the Capt once or twice, but you are most famouse for the epic battles with the Joes over Zuttah.

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, I think you should just give Thomas a time out instead of a permanent ban, but please make him grovel publicly.

    I think Rah’s definition of discipline and Schiano’s are night and day different. I was so impressed at how the team warms up before games no. No wasted time or motion.

    I supported Rah because he was our coach. I am a self proclaimed homer or koolaider but I am not sheeple. I just love our team in whatever shape or form and that works for me. I see it as there are Bucs who I love and everybody else who I hate. Now Raheem falls into the latter class and I caaaaan’t staaaaaand him

  42. McBuc Says:

    fayne just signed with the bengals.

  43. BigMacAttack Says:

    Capt Tim said he had major health problems. I hope he is okay and may God bless him. For that matter, God bless you all.

    Tebow made me do it.

  44. MTM Says:

    Raheem needs to just stay quiet for the next couple of years regarding the Bucs HC position he once held. Rah is not doing himself any favors by speaking on discipline. He should just work with his over enthusiasm of NFL players and maybe he can be “Chucky’s” replacement in Monday Night booth.

    GO BUCS !!

  45. OAR Says:

    Good for Faine. Funny, he’ll be working for a Gruden.

  46. McBuc Says:

    OAR, I thought the same thing. I hope Faine has a good year up there, just not too good of one.

    Bigmac, kudos on the Tebow comment. God may be mad at him for going to work for the J-E-T-S.

    I hope the Capt is doing well too.

  47. OAR Says:

    Son: What’s a touchdown?
    Dad: I’m not sure son, we’re Jets fans.

  48. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BucsWin – Nice try, but Joe clearly was referencing the Dungy and Gruden programs and the way they were run, not Rick Stroud looking at August and early September penalty stats in 2003.

  49. Fritz50 Says:

    I have to agree with Raheem, last years team were very disciplined…they all quit on him together, in a disciplined manner, for the last 10 games of the season…Nuffield said

  50. j lynch Says:

    Raheem is an idiot go break down some fil;m,,, oh by the way the new DC said the defense weas out of position on most plays last year RAH!!!

  51. bucswin Says:

    Nice try, Joe. I can post other articles from other writers not named Stroud that point out the penalties and lack of discipline from the Gruden coached Bucs in 2003.