Notes From Day 6 Of Training Camp

August 2nd, 2012

Joe was out at muggy Bucs training camp this morning (what, you expected Joe to blow off a training camp practice?), which was closed to the public. Here are some observations:

* There is no detail too small under the New Schiano Order. While running red zone walk-throughs, everyone on offense runs past the back line of the end zone and then circles around the pylons.

* During place-kicking drills, Schiano stands directly behind holders and watches handing of snaps and holds intently.

* The defensive backs were doing a drill where they dive and slap at ankles, in order to bring down a wide receiver who may have burned them.

* Joe was not sure what drew the ire of Greg Schiano, but Joe could hear him hollering from the far end of the field.

* Despite Michael Bennett being unable to participate in drills, it didn’t stop Schiano from having Bennett and his mysterious illness suit up in full pads and go through what Schiano likes to call “mental reps” with his fellow defensive linemen.

* Receivers were working on coming back to poorly thrown balls along the sidelines. Joe wonders if this tactic is used by Brett Favre at the Mississippi high school team he coaches?

* Doug Martin running and pushed outside to left because of strong pressure up front by the defense.

* Josh Freeman was doing a solid job of stepping into the pocket to buy time.

* Anthony Gaitor had a solid breakup of a pass while guarding Mike Williams, which Williams even got his mitts on.

* Though working with the second string, defensive end Jayme Mitchell of Ole Miss raced in one play and nearly beheaded Dan Orlovsky before the backup quarterback just avoided Mitchell. Overall, Mitchell was getting heat on quarterbacks and playing disruptively.

* Overheard from another member of the Tampa Bay pen and mic club: “Look, Myron Lewis made a play!” He made a couple in fact.

* Bucs wide receivers were practicing stripping the ball away from defensive backs, simulating interceptions. The receivers tried to punch balls out from the would-be defensive backs.

* LeGarrette Blount  powers up through the one-hole for a score.

* George Johnson tips a Freeman pass which results in pickoff. Overall, Johnson consistently got heat on Freeman.

* Sammy Stroughter totally loses Myron Lewis in the corner for a touchdown. Later, Tiquan Underwood spun around Leonard Johnson in the back of the end zone to break free but Freeman didn’t see him.

12 Responses to “Notes From Day 6 Of Training Camp”

  1. Mike J Says:


  2. Lion Says:

    Joe, what do you think the odds of Leonard Johnson making the final roster? From what I’ve gathered it looks like he has a great chance, but I have yet to go to attend camp practice. However, tomorrow will be my first.

  3. Joe Says:


    With all the injuries in the secondary, Johnson has a shot. He’s playing better than a standard free agent rookie, but he’s still a rookie. Whenever receivers make a catch against him, trust Joe, they pay. Dude can hit. He positively flattened Sammie Stroughter yesterday.

    Joe’s pretty sure Johnson was on Stroughter’s mind all last night.

  4. Knucknbuc Says:

    Good to hear the name Myron lewis’s name without the words “toast” or “burnt” behind it. Jeez

  5. Larry Says:

    No sighting of Rachel Watson today? Today must have been quite a let down compared to yesterday.

  6. Piratic Says:

    Thanks Joe!!

  7. Chris FWC Says:

    Awesome work! As usual!

  8. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Being 1/2 Italian, I can say that I think it may be a “genetic thing” that Italians yell ?
    My Grandpa Alessi was a Block Mason, back in my hometown of Detroit.
    Grandpa was 5 ft 7 and 225 lbs, a big boned pure Italian Mesomorph from head to toe.
    Once, after hockey practice, my friend neglected to take off his shoes, and got snow and dirt all over Grandma’s floor.
    My Grandpa started yelling in 1/2 Italian and English, and my friend turned white from fear.
    After apologizing to Grandpa Alessi, my friend said “Chris, your Grandpa is a very scary guy, and I don’t think he likes me” ?
    I assured him this was not the case. I explained that because my Grandpa took the time to yell at him, there was still hope. I also explained to him that yelling is “Italian Love”.
    But, I also told him that if he ever saw Grandpa Alessi coming at him in silence, to run fast, and climb the nearest tree!

    I don’t know Coach Schiano, but I bet he is tuff as nails on the outside, with a heart of Gold, on the inside.
    I greatly look forward to this season.

  9. Lion Says:


  10. Miguel Grande Says:

    Nice gushing.

  11. David Says:

    “Look, Myron Lewis made a play!”

    Too funny.
    Myron has the body style and brains to be good… in a zone. Not sure if he will be a fit here if they go to a more attacking style.
    Days may be numbered.

    Gaito,r on the other hand, could end up being a tarter within 2 years… he is better than many think IMHO

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    Cool, I feel like went to Camp today and didn’t even break a sweat.

    I’m all for the new blood like Gaitor and Johnson. Lewis wouldn’t be missed along with a few others.

    I am ready for some football though.