Michael Smith Turns In His Resume

August 10th, 2012

One reason the Bucs drafted scatback Michael Smith was a chance to give an anemic offense a change-of-pace guy who can also return kicks, sort of the Bucs’ version of Darren Sproles.

Well, the way Michael Smith played tonight, it had to open some eyes from Bucs coaches and management. Smith used his lightning quick wheels to break through a small hole up the middle on a kickoff for a 34-yard gain. Then, Smith damned near took one to the house on a 74-yard return.

Now Smith didn’t show a whole lot at running back, but part of that perhaps was the future beer truck drivers and bouncers who were blocking for him. Imagine what Smith might do behind the Bucs’ first string offensive line?

With Preston Parker putting the ball on the ground, later getting a stupid personal foul penalty, and the way receiver Tiquan Underwood played and how explosive Smith was on returns, Parker may just play himself out of a gig.

And Smith would be the beneficiary.

10 Responses to “Michael Smith Turns In His Resume”

  1. BucNeckid Says:

    Smith got caught from behind but fought off 2 tackles where he should have been down.
    Good run and Good effort.
    Definitely somebody to watch

  2. Brown Bag Says:

    If Raheem was watching, Parker has a future.

  3. loweredexpectations Says:

    “but part of that perhaps was the future beer truck drivers and bouncers who were blocking for him”


    the bitter reality. i can always count on you, joe.

  4. Architek Says:

    There are always the Bucs North, washington.

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Not to take away from his excellent return, but he doesn’t really look blazing fast to me on that return. I know he slowed down when he got hit, but he had plenty of time to get his speed ramped back up, but he was chased down from behind. I was very surprised by that. However, I will say that he’s a lot bigger than what I thought too, which will hopefully make him much harder to bring down. Regardless, I would much rather see him returning kicks than Parker.

  6. Ty Buc Says:

    Hawaiian i do not believe he was able to run full speed do to tired legs from training camp.

  7. raphael Says:

    very impressed with Michael Smith !


    I liked how home boy tried horse collar tackling Smith and he shook him off for another 30 yards

  9. Alan Bucs Says:

    Hawaiian Buc, when I saw the run live I agreed with you that Smith was not as fast as advertised. After watching the run a few times on NFL.com you can see that he broke two tackles that clearly breaks his stride. By the time he was gaining full speed, he was caught from behind by Marcus Brown of the dolphins who is also a legit 4.3 40 yard dash guy. I have even seen Darren Sproules caught from behind in a similar run. Just some insight.

  10. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yeah, watching it again I see what you are saying. I also didn’t realize the Dolphins guy was a 4.3 guy too. Regardless, loved the return!