McCoy Enjoying Veteran Presence

August 8th, 2012

Since the Bucs installed Gerald McCoy as the “face of the franchise,” McCoy hasn’t had much of a veteran presence around him to lean on and learn from, unless you count noted bust Ryan Sims hanging around for part of 2010.

Joe was a big fan of former defensive line coach Keith Millard, but a coach isn’t a teammate.

Things are different now with 30-year-old Gary Gibson in the house. The former Rutgers/Schiano DT battled his way to the NFL via NFL Europe and spent the past five seasons with Carolina and St. Louis.

Speaking on SiriusXM NFL Radio this week, McCoy went out of his way to mention Gibson’s influence.

“He’s real smart. He’s helping me out because he’s vet. He sees a lot coming before it happens. He’s helping me recognize,” McCoy said of Gibson.

This has been some offseason for McCoy. His back has loosened up. He’s learned tackling technique. He’s healthy. And he gets to hone his craft every day working against the human armoire, Carl Nicks. Per McCoy, Donald Penn routinely tells him, ‘You’re playing in the Pro Bowl every day.’

Everything is pointing to a great season for McCoy. Now he just has to deliver.

22 Responses to “McCoy Enjoying Veteran Presence”

  1. Canadbuc Says:

    The hype for glass McCoy is ridiculous. I have heard the same stuff for 3 years but he has yet to deliver. Pretty soon he will run out of reasons on how/why he is getting better. I would rather hear articles about Adrian Clayborn. In one year he has done for the DLINE then glass McCoy.

  2. Canadbuc Says:


  3. raphael Says:

    if he stays healthy..he will be in the probowl ..

  4. Canadbuc Says:

    raphael – I disagree. Even when healthy his numbers have not been good enough for a probowl. The hype around glass McCoy has been unwarranted. Let’s be happy if he makes it thru a full season.

  5. Bobby Says:

    Hey, what did I tell you about posting before we see your papers ya stupid Canuck???

  6. raphael Says:

    Oh canadaaabuc…I guess we will find out soon…

  7. Canadabuc Says:

    Bobby – LOL. Shhhhh. I snuck across the border.

  8. Canadabuc Says:

    Raphael – Don’t get me wrong….. I would love to see a probowl season out of McCoy. I’m tired of the hype, excuses and never ending blabber coming out of his mouth. Talk does not make him a probowl player.

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Damn Canadabuc, I’ve never met a Canadian that’s such a tight arse. People need to STFU about him doing an interview. News flash: all players do interviews. McCoy’s may tend to get published more. Do you want to know why???? Because he was the f-ing 3rd pick of the draft! Get over it!!! My goodness, some people never left the 50s.

    What do you want, to hear nothing about how he’s done in training camp? Sorry, but I happen to be very interested as to how he’s doing (as well as everyone else). Sue me! If you don’t want to hear about it, don’t read it. Pretty simple in my opinion. But to get all pissy everytime he tweets or does an interview really makes you into nothing more than a bitter arse hole. Why don’t you find something more meaningful to complain about, because I’m sick and damn tired of hearing it.

  10. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And please stop talking pro bowl. If that’s how you judge the value of a player to a team, then no wonder Canada hasn’t won a gold medal in a team sport in like 80 years.

  11. lurker Says:

    Hawaiian Buc says. “Damn Canadabuc, I’ve never met a Canadian that’s such a tight arse.”

    never met a person from montreal? lol

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Even a dip sh!t like Thomas knows and understands that pro athletes in America do interviews. I guess I just have to get used to the idea that some people just enjoy b!tching, as if it’s some sort of hobby. If Canadabuc had his way, there would be no observations from training camp allowed, unless it is an observation of a Pro Bowl player. There shall be no players allowed to do interviews, unless he is a Pro Bowl player. Players should not even allowed to be injured, unless they are a Pro Bowl player. Twitter shall only be used by Pro Bowl players. In fact, all actions by non-Pro Bowl players must first be approved by Canadabuc. Otherwise, they must lock themselves up in a room, grunting and snarling all day.

  13. Bobby Says:

    I personally love that McCoy has such a loyal fan base and he stays in touch with them via twitter and is accessible, unlike some of the “it’s all about me” athletes that are out there. Gerald takes his fans out to the movies and does some cool things to impact the community so I’m glad he’s not some standoffish @#% like some pro athletes are. He’ll do just fine on the field now that he’s healthy.

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    No Bobby, no player is allowed to take fans to the movies until they make the Pro Bowl.

  15. Canadabuc Says:

    Hawaiian Buc
    Who ever said I disagreed with player interviews and commentary from the bucs camp. Stop grasping at sh$% to b**ch and complain about Hawaiian Buc. Your making stuff up. Olympic gold medals……awww so uneducated.

    He talks to the fans on twitter and takes them out to movies because he has all that extra time on the injured reserve. lol
    Trust me I enjoy the player interviews/ information from camp as well. McCoy has sounded like a broken record for 3 years. If all of you want to drink the Koolaid fine……. but at this point in time he is a bust.

    As for every other player on this team im excited.

  16. Canadabuc Says:

    Not from Montreal. Everybody hates the french lol

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    How exactly am I uneducated? 1936 was the last time (until today) Canada won a medal in a team sport. And that was a silver. Look it up big boy. Who’s uneducated again?

    As for who’s against player interviews, obviously that would be you. You complain like a little girl when McCoy discusses his job. Hey dummy, he’s not calling the press over to him! He’s simply answering questions. If he’s doing well in camp, someone is going to ask him why. Not sure why you can’t wrap your brain around that oh so difficult concept. And to correct you, he hasn’t been saying this for 3 years. Maybe you could say its been 2 years, but this season hasn’t even started yet. He wasn’t expected to take over the world as a rookie. He played very well in a short season last year. Disagree? Then you are an idiot. Blake him for getting hurt? Then you are a fool. I just hope he dominates this year so people like you can finally STFU and eat your crow.

  18. canadabuc Says:

    1936 lmao moron. How many olympic golds in hockey….as one example. Quit spitting out stats that make you look like an idiot. If McCoy has a great year then I will be happy for the team. At this point in time he is a bust. Keep drinking the Koolaid

  19. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Oh my goodness, are you serious? Excuse me for not specifying in the summer Olympics. I thought since we are in the freaking middle of the summer olympics, you would know that (or do you guys just ignore it since you never win anything). They talk about it constantly on the Olympic coverage. In fact, I got the 1936 number from a Canadian website.

    Who is drinking any Kool Aid? What the hell are you talking about? Do you even understand what that (old arse) slogan means? Do you know how to read and comprehend? This whole thing started because you b!tch like a female about how McCoy is yapping all the time. Am I putting him in the Hall of Fame? No, but I’m not going to attack the guy like ignorant fools like you love to do. He does nothing more than any other player coming off an injury. You don’t complain when Cody Grimm says the exact same thing. Wonder why? Difference is, GMC is actually performing in training camp.

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I didn’t realize that Canadabuc also has rules for fans as well. So we are not allowed to get excited about players, unless they are a pro bowl player? I’m so upset at Joe, pewter report, TBO, and every other media member for reporting that GMC is doing well. They are so stupid – don’t they know that you can’t report that type of information until GMC reaches the Pro Bowl? What the hell is wrong with them? They are practically forcing me to drink so much Kool-Aid. It’s not my fault, it is theirs. How dare they do such a thing.

  21. Canadbuc Says:

    Hawaiian Buc:
    What an idiotic post. The more you write the dumber you sound.
    Classic example of someone who is “stupid smart”… stupid in their own mind they are smart. No point in wasting more words with a simpleton.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Well if you say it, it must be true. Although you don’t say why I’m stupid, I am because you say I am.