“Been Pleased With Roy Our First Two Games”

August 20th, 2012

Greg Schiano was quick to heap praise on No. 90 today

It seems the leader of the New Schiano Order is smitten with Roy Miller.

This is somewhat amazing to Joe. It represents quite a turnaround for Miller, who was front and center within the Bucs’ heinous defensive line play the past three seasons.

“As our base down noseguard, he’s made for what we want him to do. He’s very strong. He’s explosive. He’s quick,” Schiano said today of Miller. “I’ve been pleased with Roy our first two games. A mature guy. He’s a grown man that we need. We need some of that maturity out there. Like I said, I’ve been pleased.”

Joe’s pulling for Miller. It’s pretty obvious he’s going to be the starting nose guard. But Joe’s really going to have to see the Bucs stop the run and record sacks before he becomes a Miller believer.

16 Responses to ““Been Pleased With Roy Our First Two Games””

  1. raphael Says:

    LOL @ the Romney pop up ads ! its a sad day for joe bucs fan !

  2. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    Raphael, that must mean either that you support Mitt and have been giving money on line or you are a spy for Chairman O and have been studying up so that you can lie about Mitt’s record. See, your ‘puter knows what you have been looking at before you come here and it sends to you ads designed for you. Now, Fly on the other hand gets lots of adds for beer, wings and the Rays. Guess that lets you know what I study at work……….

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Raphael – Joe has six national ad feeds coming in here and Joe has no control over that content. Joe’s actually had complaints about Obama ads as well. It’s amazing to Joe that people would prefer to live in a country that prohibits such activity.

    Sticking to football and remotely on the topic of the post in the comments is appreciated.

  4. Justin Says:

    I dont have access to any coaches tape nor have I watched a practice this year. So I guess it really isnt fair to say, but I have never been impressed with Miller. Too often in the past it seemed opposing offenses had a gameplan to run at #90.

    Apparently his injuries have healed and he is certainly getting praise from our HC. Its a make or break year for him. I don’t want to be sitting here a year from now reading about how Miller looks great and during the regular season he is a no show. We’ve heard that for the past two preseasons.

  5. raphael Says:

    @ joe- I see I struck a nerve.Didn’t know you had know control over content.
    @tpabayflyfisher…I assure you I have not donated or visited and Lame president wanna be site 🙂

  6. Drew Says:

    Political discussion in football terms, so we can all understand. My choice of starting Quarterback for team USA would be Mitt. Obama and Biden made a political decision to hate campaign. All I want to hear is WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE COUNTRY LATELY. Long Pause Right…. NOTHING!!!

  7. drbinshore Says:


  8. Miguel Grande Says:

    Roy Miller got a QB pressure and a pass deflection on Friday, I thought that was weak, coach thought that was great. Low expectations are now normal.

  9. Drew Says:


    Miller only played a couple of series. Do you think that may have had something to do with the low numbers? Or do you think under the circumstances he should have posted stats for 16 games?

  10. Garry Says:


    This has to be a good week for you, since your clearly a Pats fan.

  11. Miguel Grande Says:


    “Miller only played a couple of series.”

    He was in for 5 series, 19 plays. He did do twice as good as Dini who had one QB pressure. The deflection was kind of weak, Locker drilled him in the shoulder.

    I just expect one of the two to make some tackles. Like 2 per half and a half a sack per game.

    I am a rabid Bucs, but please don’t pee on my leg and tell me its raining. The Carolina Panther game is looming large, I watched them completely dismantle the Dolphins. I’m talking total domination like what the Titans
    did to our 2nd and 3rd string.

    The Bucs are in the middle of a double digit losing streak and showing no signs of improvement.

    My only connection to the Patriots is that I played Little League ball with the tight end, Aaron Hernandez’s father in Bristol, CT.

  12. Miguel Grande Says:

    rabid Bucs fan,

  13. Nate Says:

    I cant even remember Roy Miller ever even getting a sack. Until he gets 1 sack ill give him some credit…

  14. Drew Says:


    Appreciate the correction on the Rabid Bucs Fan. Wasn’t quite sure what to make of a Rabid Buc. My 1st impression was a Buc with rabies. Anyway, Thanks.

  15. Eric Says:

    When you have been coaching Rutgers, everyone looks fabulous.

  16. Oahubuc Says:

    There is something different about Roy these couple scrimmages. More intensity, seems stronger. May not amount to much tangible, but it is there. And yes, the deflection was kind of BS.