Dandy Review For Tandy

August 9th, 2012

One guy that will get a load of playing time Friday night is rookie sixth-round cornerback-turned-safety Keith Tandy.

The traits that had the Bucs high on him back in April caught the eye of longtime NFL executive Bill Polian, speaking on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday after watching Bucs practice.

And rockstar general manager Mark Dominik didn’t hold back his enthusiasm when asked to talk Tandy.

Bill Polian: Tandy looked to me like he’s tailor-made for the style that [Greg Schiano] wants to play.

Mark Dominik: Yeah, he is. He really is. You know, watching him at West Virginia he was out there at corner, we sat there and said, ‘Geez. He can handle corner,’ but we kept thinking, projecting take him inside put him at safety. Let him use those ball skills but his physical play, but he had enough hips and enough looseness as an athlete that you thought you could take him inside and do the things that Greg wants to do in this defense. And he’s done a good job, and even today, you know, he got his hands on a couple more of balls out there, and he keeps making plays. And that’s everything in this defense, creating opportunities for turnovers.

The safety battle — and battle plan — is one of the more intriguing on the Bucs.

Guys ahead of Cody Grimm on the depth chart, Larry Asante and Ahmad Black, and Mark Barron and Ronde Barber, have zero career starts at safety. Obviously, the Bucs are high on Tandy, who’s been running a lot with the second team, and he’s a rookie.

It’s one position Joe is watching extra closely. Only Barron and Barber can consider themselves assured a roster spot. At least the Bucs have come a long way since gifting Sabby The Goat a starting job in 2009.

22 Responses to “Dandy Review For Tandy”

  1. dan Says:

    maybe grimm is good enough on special teams to be granted a spot?

  2. Chad Says:

    Suspect that’s what it will come down too, which should give Grimm the edge along with his experience.

  3. lurker Says:

    seems like a nice problem to have.

    I just don’t understand where cody grimm is going. he was such an intergral part of the defense according to some and yet I rarely hear his name.

  4. knucknbuc Says:

    See ya later grimm.

  5. TrueBlue Says:

    Unfortunately Grimm is damaged goods. Two leg injuries in two years for a 7th round pick does not bode well for his future. There’s a lot of competition for the backup safety spots now. Grimm is in a tough spot to make this roster.

  6. BucsFan007 Says:

    When Grimm did play, he did do an outstanding job with very little NFL experience ….. hopefully that can be replicated by the guys ahead of him on the depth chart, if that’s the way it all shakes out in the end.

  7. Mike J Says:

    TrueBlue, that is what I have been thinking–Grimm simply may not run well enough anymore.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    Grimm is probably nothing more than a special teams player at this point. Not that he can’t have his moments, but I wouldn’t expect much and I doubt he’s on the final roster.

  9. Lion Says:

    Cody Grimm is as good as gone, 2 severe leg injuries for a safety is a huge deal. Plus, he hasn’t done a thing to prove he still has what it takes, in training camp.

  10. Bobby Says:

    I wouldn’t write off Grimm until after the pre-season games. He still has time to show value as a special teams guy. He is fearless and that counts for something.

  11. GurS Says:

    Technically, didn’t Asante have a start in late 2000 after Grimm got injured? I know it was a rotation of Lynch, Asante and occasionally Barber there, with Lynch getting most of the starts, but didn’t Asante get one start?

  12. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    If the Bucs let go of Grimm and he stays healthy, it would be a horrible move.

  13. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Grimm has made zero plays in camp and is running with the third team. That tells you everything you need to know about the situation. Unfortunately we’re now stocked with several safeties that are an upgrade to him. He flourished when our safeties sucked but that’s in the past now. Good luck with your next opportunity, Cody…it was nice while it lasted.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    Cody Grimm should end up in Arizona on a team that could use a little more depth at Safety, with Big Papa Grimm.

  15. BucsFanInCHina Says:

    It’s not like the Schiano regime has any sort of patience or sympathy for the players on the roster who have had injuries in the past. Grimm has great fight to him and the fans like him, but as we have seen this offseason, that will probably not be enough to keep him on the roster. That being said, there is a lot of raw unproven talent at safety, and it’s gonna be exciting to see how players like Tandy and Black develop as the preseason continues.

  16. Mike J Says:

    GurS , it may be that Asante started the finale in 2010 at N.O.. Anyone recall?? He had a nice pick in that game IIRC.

  17. espo Says:

    I was pretty sure he got a start or two last year. If not, he sure got the majority of snaps.

  18. bucobruce Says:

    It all starts tommorow the begining of the bucs dynasty I bet we win a superbowl in 3 years and then some more,if your with me and disagree with everything thomas2.2 says give me a hell ya!!

  19. 941-Bucs Says:

    I can see a rotation of Barron, Black, and Tandy in the future being one of the better tandems in the league.

    Who knows if Barber will come back next year so we do have to keep an extra player at that position. To be honest who knows how long into the season he will last this year. For now he is teaching Barron everything he can while he can, which is something i admire about keeping him on the team. The talks alone will greatly help Barron and others in their future success.

    Back to the subject, I know Asante is running with the second team for now. Which personally i really like. He has been a hard worker every time I see him and i am truly rooting for his success.

    Tandy, Black, and Barron are special players in their own rights. I really hope they play to their potential the Safety position will be very strong on our team.

  20. 941-Bucs Says:

    I liked Grimm in the beginning. He played with out fear and proper fundamentals. He had sound open field tackling down to a science. Last year after coming back from his first leg injury I didn’t see the same player. He seemed much more timid when it came to running in and tackling. Now he has 2 horrific injuries (one on each leg), I just don’t see him making a come back.

    He lost the one thing that made him special and able to be a starter in the NFL. The “have no fear” attitude. He doesn’t have the same athleticism as the other safeties or the game changing capabilities.

    I wish him well and hope he ends up making a comeback at some point. I just don’t know if he has what it takes to keep up with the others for now!

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I really like Grimm, and still hope he somehow finds a way on this team. I don’t, however, think that’s going to happen. If you think about it, that’s probably a good thing. Anytime you cut guys that will make other teams, that means you have talent. Fact is, leg injuries are really bad for skill position guys. Being slowed down by a half a step can be the difference between interception a pass and getting burned for a TD. It can be the difference between stopping a guy for a loss, or letting him bust one for a TD. I can’t say how he looks since I obviously haven’t seen him play, but if he can’t play like how he did as a rookie, then he’s probably got to go. Sad but true.

  22. lurker Says:

    cody glass grimm