Only Bucs Wanted Jordan Shipley

August 21st, 2012

When the Bucs lapped up wide receiver Jordan Shipley fresh off the scrap heap yesterday, it suggested to Joe a few things.

1) The Bucs are not quite satisfied with their wide receiver corps and perhaps not their return men.

2) That Preston Parker and/or Sammie Stroughter better be very concerned for their gigs. Very concerned.

3) That signing Shipley may be a shot in the dark.

It seems Adam Caplan is of the mind that No. 3 is accurate. The longtime NFL scribe and current reporter for reported the Bucs were the lone NFL team to put in a claim for Shipley.

@caplannfl: The only team to submit a waiver claim for WR Jordan Shipley turned out to be the Buccaneers. Teams were obviously concerned about the ACL.

Naturally earlier this morning, Shipley told all who would listen that his knee, which needed reconstructive surgery after blowing an ACL last season, is just peachy.

But what else does one expect Shipley to say, that his knee is a trainwreck and he is desperate to latch onto any NFL team’s 53-man roster? Of course Shipley is going to give his knee a thumbs-up.

Shipley wouldn’t have practiced with the Bucs if he couldn’t have passed a physical. That’s at least one positive step.

8 Responses to “Only Bucs Wanted Jordan Shipley”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m sure he doesn’t have the quickness he once had and is a long shot to make the roster. Stroughter isn’t\wasn’t going to make the roster anyway so this is like swapping players with that spot to eval Shipley…sort of.

  2. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Shouldn’t the lack of anyone else putting a claim in on waivers, mean that potentially Shipley could be snuck onto the practice squad if hes not on the 53-man roster?

  3. chargedcbh Says:

    It’s a very good move, if he doesn’t work out, no harm no foul. But if he does work out, what a steal! Use him like Wes Walker, that would be a pretty dangerous passing attack. Jackson, Williams, Shipley, Clark and Martin out of the backfield.

  4. robert Says:


  5. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe says:
    “2) That Preston Parker and/or Sammie Stroughter better be very concerned for their gigs. Very concerned.” When he should have said:

    “2) That Arrelious Benn, Preston Parker and/or Sammie Stroughter better be very concerned . . .”

    I realize that it hurts so badly to admit that another rock head premium draft pick hasn’t panned out, and knowing that Schiano won’t just gift him a roster spot solely to save DomDom’s hide – you must face reality.

    Arrelious Benn is in very dangerous territory, he better be praying that he heals real soon and does something, or that they plave him on IR – or Benn’s name will be in the “goodbye hopper” for consideration.

  6. Bobby Says:

    Believe it or not Thomas….there are only four coaches in the NFL that have control over changes in roster as far as letting players go without the GM’s approval and Schiano ain’t one of ’em. I think three of the four are Belichick, Coughlin, and Shanahan.

  7. Rpm44 Says:

    I agree with 2.2. Been may be a good player but you don’t keep a roster spot open for him with studs like Jackson & Williams on the squad. This Shipley signing may be a case of lighting the fire under Benn, Shrouder, Parker, Gant & Underwood’s butts. I went to a practice and saw all of these players practice (I don’t remember if Been was hurt then or not). I can tell you I wasn’t impressed with Shrouder or Gant, Underwood is the real deal, Parker caught as many as he missed (from all 3 QBs).

  8. eDDyk0k0 Says:

    Joe never said anything about Benn. Read the article