Bucs Make Martin Move To No. 1 Back Official

August 27th, 2012

Hmmm, there was one significant change to the depth chart released tonight.

Joe’s not naive enough to believe that the New Schiano Order makes uncalculated moves.

Every detail has a meaning.

So it’s worth noting that the new depth chart released by the Bucs this evening in advance of Wednesday’s Bucs-Redskins game shows Doug Martin as the starting running back. The three previous depth charts issued by the Bucs all had LeGarrette Blount as the No. 1 RB.

Joe sees no other significant changes to the depth chart other than those that reflect players waived today and Ted Larsen stepping up for injured Davin Joseph.

Of course, the cut-and-paste job at running back could be a Schiano move to confuse the Carolina Panthers or send a message to Blount. Regardless, Joe expects Blount will get his chance to run over Luke Kuechly on opening day.

61 Responses to “Bucs Make Martin Move To No. 1 Back Official”

  1. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Another one nailed by 2.2 on draft day.Many of you insulted me for telling you that Martin would be the starter – well.

    Joe- did Schiano list Blount as 1B or 2nd string?

    There is no 1B; in fact, as the season progresses Blount will likely be phased out bc he can’t play on third down.

  2. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    How does it trick the Panthers to list your best running back as second string? Oooo – tricky. Another ridiculous suggestion.

    Face it Joe – wrong again. Blount is a backup RB unless Martin gets hurt.

  3. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    @Thomas 2.2

    the writing was on the wall on draft night when they traded back into the 1st round to grab Martin. its not much of a stretch to say he was going to the #1 on opening day. a lot of people called it. Shiano coached Ray Rice @ Rutgers and the Muscle Hamster is a carbon copy of Rice. it was an easy decision and one im very happy was made. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And the gloating begins by 2.2. Congratulations, you guessed that a first round draft pick will start over Blount. You are truly an amazing football guy!

    For the record, most of us thought the same thing, but we don’t care about gloating. The issue that I have is that in order to pump up Martin, you have to criticize Blount. That’s not necessary. Martin is better than advertised (better than when I saw him play in college), and absolutely deserves to be the #1 back. He would beat out most RB’s in the NFL. Blount may just be the best #2 back in the NFL (at least from a running the ball perspective). This is a great problem to have (2 very capable backs fighting for carries).

    You either think we are too stupid to not know what you are doing, or just do it to get a rise out of people. Either way, it’s a classless move on your part, but what else would anyone expect out of someone who spends his life complaining?

  5. Greig Says:

    So Blount was #1 on the depth chart but Martin got more work and started the game they both played last week, doesn’t that tell people the depth chart means nothing at all?
    When it comes to the depth chart at RB it’s pointless, too many teams run whole stables of backs that they use with no regard or desire to have one single feature back, the era of Smith, Martin, Bettis, etc getting 95% of the work is over.

  6. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    If nobody freaked out on me when I said that Schiano traded up to get his starting RB on draft day and over the months that followed – I wouldn’t be pointing this out.

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I love how you are expecting the creator of this site to admit he was wrong. I would love it even more if he would make another article exposing your stupidity (you are still the only one with that honor, which you were too chicken sh!t to even respond to). You are a complete knucklehead Thomas. Do you want a cookie for being right? I’ve never seen an adult male take so much pleasure in having others say they were wrong. You get upset about nicknames, you want credit when you make a prediction, and you want people to admit they were wrong. Do us all a favor and just go away.

  8. Fear The Glow Says:

    It doesn’t matter one bit. I would be really surprised if they split anything less than 60/40 of the carries anyway.

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “If nobody freaked out on me when I said that Schiano traded up to get his starting RB on draft day and over the months that followed – I wouldn’t be pointing this out.”


    People freak out about stuff all the time. So what? You still don’t need to point anything out. Most of us knew it, so it’s not like you made some bold prediction that shocked everyone. Regardless if anyone disagreed with your opinion, I guarantee you that not one person is shocked by this decision. So get over yourself Nostradamus, and don’t quit your day job.

  10. Brown Bag Says:

    Congrats Joe for being referenced on PFT

  11. BamBamBuc Says:

    Hey, Thomas… if you’re referring to me when talking about someone saying you’re wrong about Martin being the starting back, because I’ve had so many arguments with you about Blount… You need to read better!!! I’ve never said Martin wouldn’t be the starter. I’ve simply pointed out your negativity towards Blount is not based in fact and that most of what you criticize him for is really either a myth, something you say Morris/Olson said or thought about him (which is ridiculous considering how you mock Morris), or just plain wrong. And even with all that, you said it would take Martin several weeks to get that starting role, so you were wrong about that one, when most thought Martin would start week 1. Guess that means others were more right and have more reason to gloat than you…

    I never, however, said that Martin wouldn’t start… so you can stop gloating.

  12. Brad Says:

    @thomas.. Everyone and I mean everyone expected this move. Why your life seems to need affirmations constantly is really weak.. Just because he’s named the number 1 back means nothing other than he’s starting. Blount will blow Martin away in the regular season. It seems obvious you don’t watch football. Blount is the only proven highlight reel on the team. Ive see nothing from Martin that has overly impressed me outside a couple runs. He’s a rookie and I’m sure he will be a nice compliment to Blount. No way Blount is phased out.. Your showing your ignorance..

  13. lurker Says:

    i wonder who will play the 4th preseason game. teams don’t play starters, right?

    also, thomas, wtf. you also said that grimm had a bigger impact on the defense than gmc. is grimm going to even start this year? you thought so. you are a pompous pain in the rear.

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I was with you until you said Martin hasn’t shown anything. You are basically doing the same thing Thomas does, but in reverse. Make no mistake, Martin deserves this job. His vision is so much better than any other back we have, it’s not even funny. He is so much quicker and more explosive than everyone else, he hits the hole harder, and he runs lower to the ground. He is so much more fluid in catching the ball and making people miss. Blount is excellent once he’s got a head of steam, and he’s probably the toughest back in the league to bring down at that time. Once he gets to the second level, it’s big trouble for defenses. But Martin is on a whole different level as an every down back. You say he hasn’t impressed you outside of a couple runs, but he’s only run the ball 27 times this preseason, and he’s got 2 TD’s in those 27 carries (which I assume aren’t apart of your “couple runs”, since they were both in short yardage). So in basically a little over a game’s worth of carries, he’s got 2 TD’s and at least 2 impressive runs. Don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll take that. Every run in the NFL isn’t going to make Sportscenter. Hell, Barry Sanders used to get caught behind the line of scrimmage multiple times every game. Is he not very impressive either.

    Criticize Thomas all you want. In fact, I encourage you to do that daily. However, don’t lose it and pretend as if you don’t see what we all see. Martin deserves to start and be the main back. Blount will get his touches and be very effective, but Martin is on a whole different level.

    Seeing Martin play in person in college (and many times on TV), I wasn’t sold on him. After seeing him in the preseason, he is so much better than I thought. We very well could have gotten the best back in the draft, by a longshot.

  15. 76buc76 Says:

    Martin getting the start was to be expected more so because I think they’ll pound Blount in the 4th quarter when there up or within a touchdown.Until he fumbles.I think 15 carries for Martin, 10 carries for Blount, 2 carries for Smith and 4 carrys for Freeman.If the back’s avg 4.5 per and freeman avg 7 yards per run it would make 140 rushing yard’s per game.That’s what I expect.Keep in mind though I expect Martin to catch 5 passes each game too

  16. DallasBuc Says:

    I was hoping Blount would look better this preseason. Blount has proven that once he gets going in a game he can be a force. I hope we still get to see that this year. Martin is an exciting back and these guys should be fun to watch this year.

  17. Brad Says:

    @hawaiian I’m not saying at all that Martin is a complete back and doesn’t have a place on the team. I’m mainly referring that he hasn’t proved anything at the NFL level yet. I don’t think he’s like blown away Blount for the number 1 spot. He’s just been given more opportunities in preseason. I’m guessing the injury to Blount aided in this.. I unlike Thomas believe both backs will thrive on this team as long as ego’s stay in check. I think Martin, for a rookie has had some nice plays, but I dont feel he’s totally won the job based on his overall performance. Will he in time? Maybe.. I just think Blount has proven more on tape at this time and has shown if given the ball can carry the team. No one knows what Martin can do yet. I want them both to succeed which only helps the team. And I unlike Thomas am not hoping that Martin fails like he hopes Blount does. How ridiculous is that? If he was a fan at all he’d realize how stupid he looks when he gets excited about being right on the teams failures.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I gotcha Brad. Obviously he’s not proven on an NFL level, but if that were the case, no rookie would ever start (which might not necessarily be a bad thing, but very impractical). This is a new regime, so they naturally don’t have much loyalty towards Blount. He’s had 22 carries this preseason, and quite frankly not looked very good aside from one run. I have a Blount jersey, and even a Blount fathead, so it’s not like I don’t really like the guy. He just hasn’t looked as good as Martin. Like you, I want both to be All Pros. I think the biggest problem facing Blount is that he seems to be the type runner that needs a lot of carries to get into a groove. He probably won’t be afforded that luxury anymore with Martin being the main back. He’s going to have to come in and make plays pretty much right away.

  19. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Don’t pat yourself on the back just yet, Thomas 2.2.

    This redskin game is the game where starters are often NOT played in order to preserve them for the season opener. Martin being named as starter this week may actually mean he won’t be a starter in the first regular season game.

  20. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Or he might be. We really don’t know.

    Another angle could be that since the starters won’t play as much, Blount was named #2 so he gets more playing time, since Martin got them this last game (mostly).

  21. 1976buc Says:

    To start a new topic of conversation, if Freeman can’t hook up down field Blount nor Martin will look impressive.

  22. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I doubt we’ll see Freeman much this week.

  23. Have A Nice Day Says:

    This is not surprising. You don’t move up to get a guy in the first and not play him. Martin is quicker, can cut better, and has shown to be a consistent blocker in a pass driven league.

    I still want to see Blount as he can be electrifying at the second level and beyond. I can’t name another back who can crush through tackles like him once he gets going.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    ^^^^^^^ Exactly what she said.

  25. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    Joe, I think Blount will get his fair share pf carries this season but to suggest Martin is #1 in the depth chart as a smoke screen amd/or to send a message to Blount is a total reach on your part.

    Martin was a 1st round pick and has shown the skills to be an every down back, it’s a no brainer that he’ll be the starter on Sept 9th.

    Blount can still earn himself a huge payday from another team in 2013.

  26. Buc4Life Says:

    It’s. easy. to pick Martin. now, who couldn’t but who is willing. to state. total. yards and all purpose. yards? I say 1200 from. Scrimmage. & another 550 receiving

  27. Fernando Says:

    Martin is a bit undersized, and one of the concerns was his durability. Also anyone can run in pre season. They will use 2 rbs Martin will breakdown just like caddy with a full load. I honestly don’t think he was 1st rd talent hope I’m wrong. Go Bucs!!!

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “It’s. easy. to pick Martin. now, who couldn’t but who is willing. to state. total. yards and all purpose. yards? I say 1200 from. Scrimmage. & another 550 receiving”


    I think the period button may be stuck on your keyboard.

  29. Bill Says:

    Everyone forgets Blount had a pritty good blow to his knee and is most likely being given time to make sure it will be ok! Blount and Martin Both have simular number in preseason!Martin is one big hit away from not finishing the season.

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Martin is one big hit away from not finishing the season.”


    As is every single player in the NFL.

  31. TrueBlue Says:

    Martin is not undersized in the least. He’s short, which will work to his advantage as he is difficult to see moving around behind a bunch of huge linemen. He’s a Warrick Dunn with much bigger muscles. The guy goes 220 lbs and is built like a cannon ball. He’s got moves and vision to go with it. He’s going to be fun to watch.

  32. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    The point about Blount’s injury is a good one.

    I don’t mind Martin being named starter…after he earns it with consistency this season. I think a player works harder when trying to proves themselves worthy of a promotion.

    I realize Martin was probably drafted to be the #1, but I say he should work his way up to it. Having it handed to him COULD be a mistake. Like John Lynch says…his first 3 years he wasn’t even sure if he would be cut…let alone being named starter. He had to work hard and he has said it is better for a player to have to do so at most positions (the exception being a top 5 pick).

  33. 941-Bucs Says:

    The only problem i have with Blount at this point. Was his attitude on game day. When Martin was the starter and ran into the Endzone on the first series. Nearly the entire team was on the sideline to cheer him on. Blount on the other hand did not move from the bench or even look happy. Martin came over to high 5 him ( while he was on the bench) and Blount limply put his hand out for the high five.

    That right there really peeved me off. To that point i was very high on Blount having a break out year and having a dangerous tandem between him in Martin, If not one of the best in the league. With Blount’s attitude to that situation made it clear. If he doesn’t snap out of the pouting phase, make the best of his own opportunities, and become a true team player. He may be looking for a job else where.

  34. Drew Says:


    Always appreciate the last late night article here in Cali. Thanks. With respect to T2.2, I think he enjoys trying to bust your bubble.

  35. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Don’t really know the reasoning behind Blounts actions. He could have been feeling under the weather. It would certianly explain his day.

    Off topic…there are hardly any guards being cut, and none of them good. A LOT of recievers though…which we don’t really need.

  36. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Pete Dutcher,

    I just don’t follow your reasoning. How is he being HANDED the starting spot? He’s played better in practice and in the games. Sounds to me that letting Blount start would be handing it to him. You can’t just say because he’s done it in this league before, because that would mean no rookie should ever start. It just doesn’t work that way in today’s NFL.

    You also bring up John Lynch saying he didn’t know if he was going to be cut his first three years. This is the same John Lynch that repetitively said we should start Josh Freeman right away in his rookie year. I would be willing to put money on it that he would feel the same about Martin starting. You start your best players, period. Since the day he stepped foot in Tampa, he has been better than Blount. That’s not a shot to Blount, but a compliment to Martin. I’ve read every piece of information I could get on the practices, and every one says that same fact. I’ve watched the preseason games over and over, and it’s not even close. Martin is a Pro Bowl player waiting to happen. He has no weaknesses to his game, and he truly makes the game look easy.

    Everyone needs to stop with this nonsense than Martin is being handed the job. That’s almost as ridiculous as a Thomas 2.2 post. You have either not watched the game or are turning away when Martin is in. If you don’t see it, then I don’t know what to tell you. There is no conspiracy, and there is nothing being given. Martin won the job, and we should all be happy.

  37. flmike Says:

    The only depth chart that really counts will come out after the cut down to the final 53. Many teams wish they had this problem, basically 2 number 1 backs, now we just have to see if Sully can manage them properly.

  38. MTM Says:

    Martin is listed as the starter on the last preseason game. Chisel that in stone. Who gives a rat a$$ about which RB is listed as the starter. As long as they produce on the field.

  39. Macabee Says:

    Speaking of sully, does anybody notice the dynamic between Sully and Schiano on the sideline during a game? Does Sully look like he’s really in charge of the offense? Just asking, not stating an opinion.

  40. St Augustine Says:

    I’m not gonna lie, but this constant battle between thomas 2.2 and hawaiian buc is ALWAYS a good read! I’m not joking. It’s like two good attorneys go at it. Each arguement makes sense. Right when you think hawaiian has thomas by the huevos, thomas counters with something that makes sense and vice versa! You guys are one of the many reasons I visit this site. Again, this is no joke and I’m being very serious. God bless everyone and go bucs!

  41. bucfanjeff Says:

    I don’t understand how people CANNOT see how much better Martin is than Blount. Undersized? Rice and MJD must be pissed they haven’t had good careers.

    We actually are doing well to have both of them, but Martin is your bell cow…regardless of what is on the depth chart.

  42. apollo1111 Says:

    Honestly I think there is way too much bickering going on here. Grow up. Joe has done a great job of entertaining us while providing the facts. Personally I line blount better but both are great backs that could easily start for a bunch of teams and yet we are lucky enough to have both. Even smith looks good. Go bucs!

  43. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Hawaiian Buc
    I beg to differ. As to starting rb in the first two games, Blount faced tougher competition than Martin. And he still did well. In the third game Martin did better, yes…but he also was given the most opportunities in that game…the most carries.

    In practices the two we pretty much neck-and-neck.

    I believe Martin being named starter in the last preseason game is being exagerated. Since in this game the starters will play less, making Blount the #2 gives him more opportunities to run this week.

    Watch for him to have his best performance of the preseason…especially since Freeman is barely gong to play and our backup QB situation sucks.

  44. Bobby Says:

    I have to agree that Martin has outperformed Blount in the pre-season and should be the starter. Martin was not ‘given’ the job he has taken advantage of his opportunity and earned the job.

  45. OAR Says:

    Three gold stars to Thomass!!! Oh wait…hmm, everybody got three gold stars on that one. Dang it. Well, he gets an extra blanky at nap time then, for being able to pat his own back!

  46. OAR Says:

    As I’ve said before……Blount or Martin? Martin or Blount? What a great quandry to have as a Bucs fan!

    My concern is the QB Freeman. Although, our new offense is a timing offense, so some of those bad passes could have been due to the lack of receivers running/finishing routes and/or their timing was off. His mechanics looked rough on some of the later drives, I thought.

  47. Stevek Says:

    @ Bobby,

    Martin did what he was supposed to do, as a 1st round pick.

    Come in and start.

  48. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Bobby, who do you think will have a better game…a rb who carries the ball 10 times in the first half or the rb who carries it 3 times in the first half?

    Everyone is looking at this last game as the measuring stick…but Martin had 3 TIMES the carries. Of course he had the better game. Up until the last game the two were pretty close with nearly the same total yards. Both scored one touchdown.

    In the last game Martin had almost twice as many attempts.

    The ball has only been thrown to Blount one time so far…and he caught it. Martin has been thrown to 4 times. Neither rb has fumbled the ball.

    Blount has done very well when given the opportunities. To say Martin earned being named the regular season starter is a stretch…when both players were neck and neck until Martin was handed more opportunities.

    You watch this Wednesday. If Martin only plays a little like most starters, and if Blount gets those opportunities, Blount will have a great game and come Thursday we will all be talking about it. Assuming our offensive line can still run block.

  49. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I noticed that as well. I think it’s just a matter of him making those newly taught mechanics habit…which will take a few games at least.

    My greater concern is the backup situation if Freeman goes down. In Tampa, we can never count on any player going uninjured.

  50. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I hope Rattcliff (sp) gets plenty of playing time tomorrow.

  51. Miguel Grande Says:

    I think we might improve if Freeman goes down, I’m afraid we may be drafting a starting QB in the 1st round next year.

    In honor of Thomas 2.2, I’m going to refer to his favorite starting #1 RB as Peanut 1.0 and his identical twin RB Smith as Peanut 2.0. Of course Peanut 1.0 is 10LBS heavier and Peanut 2.0 is slightly faster but when do you see two Peanuts in a pod that are truly identical.

    Of course, Peanut 1.0 was crowned as the starter because of his draft position and his impressive 3.2 ypc. Let’s see, 3×3.2 = 9.6 yards, well, Lynch said Peanut 1.0 is a truly a 4 down back.

    I think Peanut 2.0 will make the roster because of his kick returning abilities.

    The Rockstar had the foresight to draft two peanut Darren Sproles types so the Bucs will be the only team in the NFL with two diminutive running backs. Instead of just following a popular trend, Rockstar’s doubling down.

    If Peanut 1.0 goes down to injury does that make Peanut 2.0 the starter or does his high draft position render him the #2 back automatically?

  52. OAR Says:

    “when do you see two Peanuts in a pod that are truly identical.”

    Right here Joebucsfan.com! Thomass and Jockstrap Grande, roasted and shelled!

  53. Bobby Says:

    Miguel, maybe when Rah said “stats are for losers” he was referring to you. When you look at YPC you have to consider how many of those yards were earned inside the red zone where they only needed a yd or two to get into the end zone. I know you don’t get to watch the games but if you did then you would realize that Martin looks far better than Blount. Blount had his chances in the first two games when he started but couldn’t get anything going. MArtin has broken off some nice runs including a 19 yard run that got called back on a holding penalty. He just has better vision and hits the hole faster. As far as his size being a detriment…I see his size being an advantage. I see far more taller RB’s going down with injuries. Small guys don’t give a very big target for guys to take out their knees.

  54. Miguel Grande Says:

    Ok, Peanut 1.0 gained 19 yards on a run that was called back because someone cheated. You’re right.

    Just imagine if the Little General had a magic flag he could throw that would overturn any penalty call and then Peanut 1.0 would have a 3.3YPC in three preseason games against mostly scrubs.

    Still have to punt after 3 runs.

    Maybe we should hire midgets as defensive linemen, small guys don’t give a very big target for guys to take out their knees.

  55. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Seriously, have you even watched the games? Aside from the third game, both guys have run with the first team. Martin looked better in both. He hadi more yards in less carries. As for how they’ve looked in practice, you are literally the only one saying they are neck and neck. Obviously I haven’t been there, but have you? Find me one source that says its been close. Bet you can’t. Want me to show some sources that have said Martin has looked better? Ask and you shall receive.

  56. OAR Says:

    You’ve got to hand it to those midgets…………cause they can’t reach $h!t.

  57. jarrett Says:

    Hawaiian- It should be fairly obvious by now pete does not know much about football, good writer,but clueless about football

  58. mcbuc Says:

    Being short and being small are two very different things. Martin is not small, he is a pretty big short guy. I read somewhere that the average weight of an NFL RB is 215 LBs. I beleive martin is around 220. Blount is just bigger than the average back. Shoot, Frank Gore is 5’9 217 lbs.Arian Foster, 6’1 229, Chris Johnson, 5’11 191 lbs…Our guy Martin 5’9 223 lbs…Thank god Miguel did not let these guys know they are all too small to play in the NFL. I could go on and on with names, but who cares about facts.

  59. Broy3434 Says:

    Thomas- just go roll into bed and don’t come back to this site please- “another one 2.2 called” first of all your a loser who posts on Joebucsfan.com- nothing more, second of all if you didn’t know Schiano would start His FIRST ROUND RUNNING BACK then you dont know a damn thing- good call “2.2”
    -what’s next ? You’re gnna be saying you called that Davin would get hurt. I mean Schiano drafted this guy mainly because he reminds him of ray rice- ya like Schiano is gnna start the warned, fumble prone downhill only runner. “guess what guys, I told you Mark Barron would be the starter!”

  60. 941-Bucs Says:

    You guys are comparing apples and oranges. These 2 running backs have NOTHING in common except both are hella runners.

    Blount is more like a Train. Slow to start but once he gets going nothing is going to stop him. He also has star power and able to wear down an opposing defense.

    Martin is more like a sports car. He is very quick, agile and has great vision. But once anything touches him, he goes down rather easily. Also has the potential to be a star in the league. Durability being my only real concern with him..

    Either way you swing it. Both have major ups with very few downs. I know there are plenty other teams out there that just wish they could have this tandem we do.

  61. OAR Says:

    Exactly, Aston Martin and Perterbilt Blount!