Answer To Davin Joseph Void At One Buc Palace

August 28th, 2012

The moment it was learned that Bucs right guard Davin Joseph suffered an ugly knee injury, Joe was peppered with the following question:

Can the Bucs sign Jeff Faine?

Well, the answer to that question is obviously, sure they could sign Faine.

The more accurate answer is, No. The former Bucs center, whose agent is currently dabbling with the Bengals, has been unemployed since Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik sent Faine packing earlier this spring.

In other words, the Bucs (and it seems, most of the NFL), have turned turned the page on Faine.

The reason why Bucs fans were curious about Faine is his return would allow center Jeremy Zuttah to shift to right guard, a position he played in 2008 when Joseph was dinged up, and Zuttah played admirably.

Though Joe is of the mind Zuttah isn’t going to be moved to right guard, there’s a belief by some that Zuttah very well could move to right guard, so writes Dave Scheiber of

Might the Bucs look outside the organization for reinforcements?

“I think we have the answer internally already,” Schiano said. “That’s why we’ve been trying to build depth at all the positions. But we always look outside. That’s a constant. If there’s somebody we think fits our mold, then we’ll try to do what we can to get him.”

In a possible scenario that Schiano didn’t rule out, Scheiber believes there is a chance that Ted Larsen, who replaced Joseph last week, could be moved to center, which would allow Zuttah to slide to his right to fill Joseph’s void.

The players thrown on the street yesterday by NFL teams to cut down rosters to 75 were largely camp meat, bartenders, truck drivers, insurance claims adjusters.

By Friday, teams have to get down to their 53-man, regular-season rosters. There will be quite a few talented guards and centers looking for work. Joe won’t be shocked if Dominik brings in a few to kick the tires on as the offensive line is juggled to find the right mix for the season opener against Carolina.

18 Responses to “Answer To Davin Joseph Void At One Buc Palace”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Guard is easier to fill vs Center, IMO.
    I doubt the Bucs would want to disrupt any chemistry Zuttah and Freeman have worked through thus far, especially for opening day vs a division opponent. You’ll see Larsen at RG while they kick the tires on some other players. I’m not saying Zuttah won’t move over, but I would be shocked if it happened right away.

  2. T in Orlando Says:

    I’m ok with promoting Larsen to the starting line-up if no FA options become available, but I don’t understand moving him to Center, and sliding Zuttah over to RG. I can’t believe that Larsen at Center and Zuttah at RG is so much better than Zuttah at Center and Larsen at RG, that’s it’s worth changing the primary person Freeman’s been working with all off-season when it comes to the QB/Center exchange.

  3. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I don’t think moving Zuttah to guard is ever going to happen unless he does badly at center (which is entirely possible). I also don’t think the Bucs would even consider bringing Faine back.

    As for kicking the tires on a “few” players in the first game of the season, I doubt that will happen. One player maybe, but not “a few”. You don’t give up multiple players on the roster to TRY to find a good player at one position, not in the regular season.

    At best we might see a couple guys brought in to play Wednesday. But considering there hasn’t been much made available I doubt Dominick will find much by then.

  4. Morgan Says:

    The players thrown on the street yesterday by NFL teams to cut down rosters to 75 were largely camp meat, bartenders, truck drivers, insurance claims adjusters and strip club bouncers

  5. Travis Says:

    My college buddy Brian Folkets (was cut by the Saints in the trim to 75) has told me the bucs have contacted his agent and he will be working out for the bucs this weekend. So the bucs are looking for depth along the line for sure, I wouldnt be suprised if Brian is 1 of many olineman that will be working out for the bucs this weekend.

  6. Fritz50 Says:

    ” One player maybe, but not “a few”. You don’t give up multiple players on the roster to TRY to find a good player at one position”

    Not sure what’s going to happen, but they COULD try a “few” without wasting roster spots via the practice squad. Not saying they will, since it has some danger of losing a prospect to it, but, at the least, they could check out players in practice.

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    Joe, Just noticed the NFL Fantasy football ad on the left side of the site. You expect true Buc fans to click on a picture of Cam Newton? Whomever set that up needs to know their target audience! Put a picture of a Bucs player, they might get more hits. Just sayin’

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    Of course now it changes to Ray Rice….nevermind. You see how much I pay attention to the ads. LOL

  9. Morgan Says:

    I would be interested to know if when they bring in players for tryouts, if the roster players see the workouts or even know the team is working out other players. Not sure if that would be a motivational tactic used by teams or if players would get testy about management trying to bring in someone else.

  10. Miguel Grande Says:

    I don’t understand why the Bucs wouldn’t sign Faine. He lives locally, is familiar with Josh and Zuttah, would sign cheap, and would add depth.

    He acted like an adult when he was cut and he was cut because they thought they could replace him for less money. No brainer.

    They could cut him at any time for any reason.

  11. Picked Off Says:

    I’m going to have to say it wouldn’t make sense to throw another change on Freeman. At least preserve some stability there with Zuttah. And yes, I know it’s only been this off-season, but they have been learning this offense together. Just leave that alone and sign a guard after black friday.

  12. Joe Says:


    Joe is just spit on the windshield in the Google (ads) world we live in.

  13. TrueBlue Says:

    The Bucs may well try to find the best Rt guard or center on the market and put Zuttah in which ever one is left.

  14. PieRat40 Says:

    @ Miguel….

    What would the Bucs do the other 10 games or so that Faine would end up being annually injured?

  15. J-VILLBUCS Says:

    Why can’t the bucs move TrueBlood to RG and have D.Dotson move to RT? At least this still gives the team a solid and familiar group still working together.

  16. Travis Says:

    Jvillabucs: Because 6-8 thin tackles dont play guard. Its a leverage game inside, as evidence by the tackles being the tallest on the line, then guards, down to the Centers, who are typically the shortest on the line.

  17. BOb Says:

    low man wins

  18. BOb Says:

    god i hope they find someone worth playing in the starting lineup.

    it was amazing how bummed i was after watching my team whip the Pats azz