Bad Knee? No problem!

August 21st, 2012

Last year rockstar general manager Mark Dominik explained a handful of times that the Bucs know knees, specifically everything it takes to manage and rehabilitate a knee injury.

Dominik pointed to huge successes with Cadillac Williams and Kellen Winslow, and the Bucs’ confidence in their knee knowledge helped lead to the drafting of Da’Quan Bowers and his questionable knee.

The Dominik regime also brought back Arrelious Benn and Demar Dotson from ACL blowouts, plus they signed Amobi Okoye this offseason with his history of knee trouble.

And don’t forget Dominik making the right call on Antonio Bryant, when the Bucs waved goodbye to him and the Bengals signed him to a massive free agent contract.

It was also those same foolish Bengals that cut Jordan Shipley and his reconstructed knee the other day, and then the Bucs were the only NFL team to want him on waivers.

No, Joe hasn’t talked to Dominik about Shipley’s knee, but Joe’s quite sure the Bucs are confident that Shipley’s knee is nothing they can’t manage successfully.

Joe doesn’t think the Bucs seek out guys with bad knees, but they’re clearly not scared to take on a health concern when it has to do with that big joint in the middle of the leg.

32 Responses to “Bad Knee? No problem!”

  1. Kennedy Says:

    Interesting Joe. Don’t know whether this is good or bad.

  2. Bobby Says:

    They are good with knees. Winslow was about as bad as they come and they got good production out of him. If they say Shipley is a go then I would expect they think they can get him back on the field at close to full strength.

  3. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Wow Joe, or you lost in black leotard la la land? Joe says:

    “huge successes with Cadillac Williams and Kellen Winslow..” = What? Both are gone and the bucs never accomplished a playoff game with either.

    Thomas, Joe wrote that Dominik referenced “huge successes” with managing their knee injuries. Sorry you can’t read.–Joe

    “Dominik making the right call on Antonio Bryant..” Are you drunk? Gru and Allen brought Bryant back in 2008 after being out of the league and coached him to a huge year and the team made the playoffs.

    Thomas, Joe’s referring to the “right call” on Bryant as in the Bucs didn’t re-sign him for 2010. Sorry you can’t read.–Joe

    DomDom signed him to a 1 year UFA tender for 10 million when he was clearly injured and got nothing at all for that 10 million. It was a no brainer not to give him a huge contract and allowing him to sign with Cincy was easy after getting zero for the 10 million. I guess if you look at the 25 million contract that he signed Clayton to it was the right decision to sign Bryant to only a 10 million 1 year contract.

    Thomas, Bryant was solid in 2009 and deserved the franchise tag coming off 2009.–Joe

    BTW: mister rock star – paid about 20 million dollars for Clayton and Bryant to be the team’s starting receivers in 2009. 20 million dollars, not pennies – Good decision.

    The concenience of your memory when it comes to this guy with a record of failure is comical.

    BTW: Isn’t Daquan Bowers (who if not for his injuries is great) headed for the DL? Impossible to say that this second round pick was a good idea at this point.

    Thomas, you might want to actually read what Joe wrote about Bowers in this post.–Joe

  4. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Correction: we may not have made the playoffs in 2008, I may be confusing that with 2007. 08 was the 4 game collapse to go from 9-3 to 9-7 and miss the playoffs. sorry

  5. TBuc Says:

    Thanks for not reffering to Dominik as a rockstar. Let him show he can draft some Pro Bowlers before anyone claims he’s a “Rockstar”

  6. Tuggz Says:

    uhhhh bro, the third word in the article is “rockstar”

  7. the_buc_realist Says:

    that is correct thomas, 2008 was when Kiffen took the Tennessee job, during the week Kiffen was gone recruiting, ( i know because myself and some people saw more of kiffen at Tampa airport, then at one buc). So who do we ask was in charge during the week for the defense, Coach Rah.

  8. Bobby Says:

    By the way Thomas…I think Joe was referring to the huge success at managing their knee injuries. I think you would have to say they did a good job at that.

  9. Broy3434 Says:

    Except for the fact he completely owned the draft this year. Nobody’s third pick of a draft is supposed to be a potential stud like lavonte David. Especially when we moved up in the 2nd for him. And bowers we did that same. Both great picks. Guys get hurt. And if u look at Dom’s picks Thomas2.whatever is constantly whining about, they’re all “horrible picks” due to injury. It’s the nfl man it happens. We’ve played better with McCoy then without. Benn was in the worst offensive scheme of all time last year and never had a chance. Mike Williams was a great steal in the 4th. Also he signed Vincent F*ing Jackson in literally 10 minutes. Who becomes the best player on the team, oh wait Carl Nicks is. (1 day to sign)

  10. MTM Says:

    So Dominick is great at resurrecting players with blown out knees. How about resurrecting a team that keeps getting blown out. Not a fan of this a$$ clown/ “rock star”. I’ll give Schiano a grace period to clean out the dead weight before passing judgement.

  11. OAR Says:

    Dont worry, its just ole Thomass ‘the Duke of Spin’ twisting Joe’s written word to fill his agenda of hate for Dominik.

  12. OAR Says:

    It’s comprehension, not compression!

  13. OAR Says:

    Yuo guys crack me up!
    “I’ll give Schiano a grace period to clean out the dead weight before passing judgement.”
    Yet, you are passing judgement with the labeling of him as an a$$clown, too funny!

  14. TBuc Says:

    Sorry guess I’m use to multiple “Rock Star” references that I overlooked only mentioning it one time.

  15. the_buc_realist Says:

    4th, 3rd, and 4th in the division will get you that label of A$$clown, so will having the worst d-line in the league when you commited 2 1st round picks, 2 second round pics, 1 third round pick, 1 4th round pick, and nameless garbage free agent pickups. and what are we saying this year. where is the d-line depth?

  16. OAR Says:

    I have no problem what you guys or Joe call/nickname Dominik, but to call him an a$$clown and then say I’ll wait to pass judgement on him is friggin too funny…er stupid!

  17. Drew Says:

    Glad to see Joe doesn’t respond to banther fodder.

  18. thomas 2.2 Says:


    Yours and DomDom’s point: that the Bucs have made good financial decisions on players with bad knees is just plain ludicrous.

    Thomas, Joe’s erasing this comment from here forward on principle. Please stop lying about Joe. Joe didn’t write about financial decisions in this post. Only medical. Please stop misrepresenting. There’s so much non-fiction for you to write about.–Joe

  19. OAR Says:

    Yea I guess Dominik should have coached and developed those talented draft picks to their potential himself?
    I have the funny feeling that, if Domnik hadn’t used any high picks for defense, some of you guys would be bitching that he didnt use any high picks for the Defense.

  20. OAR Says:

    Everybody’s a karate master, when they run into a spider web!

  21. JonBuc Says:

    TomTomTue.Tue is an angry legal secretary ( not that there’s anything wrong with that ) that gets dumped on by real lawyers each day and comes here to piss in everybody’s boots…including Joe’s. This is a great Buc-based site that most people enjoy. I’m not sure what the point is in taking the site owner to task on benign topics. As the Red Stripe commercials used to go…Boo, TomTom Tue.Tue….yeah, Joe! ( Please post responsibly ).

  22. Adam Says:

    So what your’e saying is that Boy Band General Manager Mark Dominik seems to think there is value in picking players with knee issues… how’s that working out for him?

    Funny… the best move he made in the aforementioned picks is NOT signing a guy with a knee problem.

    There is NOTHING … NOTHING ANYWHERE ON HIS RESUME… that makes me believe that Dominik has ANY skill in picking players. None. Zero. He’s drafted TWO people who are doing what they were drafted for. Everyone else has been hurt, a bust, or a wasted pick.

  23. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Wow. I rarely take time to read his comments, but scrolling down I saw the italicized writing and took a peek at 2.2’s. All Joe had to do was point out the gross misrepresentations and all that time 2.2 spent typing was wasted lmao.
    I still don’t understand why this guy is so popular here. A guy who’s general thesis can be torn apart by pointing out a clear lack of reading comprehension doesn’t deserve so much attention.

  24. Macabee Says:

    The Pats just released Jonathan Fanene, LDE. Had 6.5 sacks last year. Prof. Clayton says he might need a knee scope. While Dom is busy fixing knees, one more shouldn’t matter!

  25. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe strung together comments from 2 seperate paragraphs:

    The “huge successes” in paragraph 2 was not immediately followed by with managing their knee injuries (that appeared in the previous paragraph).

    And since the Bucs are in the Football business and not in the physical therapy business, it was certainly fair and reasonable to expect that “huge successes” meant from a football, and not therapeutic, standpoint.

    Finally, the fact that Joe has called Dom a “rock star” literally thousands of times (even during a 10 game losing streak) in this and every single Dom related article probably is relevant for consideration.

  26. Kennedy Says:

    Thomas, you’re wacked. The whole story is about knees. SMH

  27. lurker Says:

    oar said: “Everybody’s a karate master, when they run into a spider web!”

    holy crap, that’s funny!

    thomas says “nothing much, the usual drivel!”

    wish the trolls would go to pewterreport.

  28. the_buc_realist Says:

    And luker says nothing at all “again”

  29. lurker Says:

    wow, realist, you popped up again. i thought after i showed your poor comprehension multiple times that you would just read the articles and not respond. again, i apologize because i didn’t realize you were a senior. maybe you just returned from a shuffleboard tournament. i really hope you won a ribbon.

  30. skp Says:

    given what dominick (and before him, bruce allen) have done with the team’s second round picks in the recent past, i don’t see how it is possible to view the trade and signing of kellen winslow as anything but a success. he was our top pass catcher during his time here, never missed a game, and as Joe stated the team managed a condition that other teams would have been scared to bank on to the point where it had zero impact on sundays.

  31. 941-Bucs Says:

    I guess the basic point here. Tampa Bay has an amazing medical team. Beyond just knee’s they have been able to bring player back to nearly, if not better than 100% (and rather quickly to boot).

    Cadillac Williams- Blows out “both” Was able to rehabilitate and come back and have very good good production. in 09′ was able to come back and take over the starting roll and have a very good season (Ward got his money and gave up). In 2010 was still able to create good production from the 3rd down back.

    Kellen Winslow was known for his horrible knees which caused him to miss games consistently. Between the medical team and the patients of when to rest him. Allowed him to be highly productive and never missing games.

    Cutting players when needed age/injury/production. Antonio Bryant, Cadillac Williams, Aaron Sears, Kellen Winslow, Barret Ruud, Cato June, and even tho i hate to admit it (and totally believe they could have went about it WAY better) Derrick Brooks. In Some cases maybe a year to late, but at least they get the call right. None of them have gone on to do anything anywhere else. But again a LOT of players have been able to come back from a major injury and given success through our medical team.

    Basically the organization (including Dominik) have great knowledge of how to keep players able to play on Sunday and still be productive, regardless of the injury). Yes, Dominik also makes the right calls at the right time, cutting ties with players who are either to injured or to old to continue be productive. This does not excuse some of his boneheaded moves but also has nothing to do with this Post.

  32. Adam Says:

    @941….. getting players to PLAY is one thing. Getting them to play WELL is another. Besides Freeman (barely) and Clayborn, what Dominik draft pick has lived up to expectations. Not EXCEEDED… just LIVED UP TO?

    In the words of Dean Wormer…..