All Good With Najee Goode

August 17th, 2012

Bucs linebacker Najee Goode blasts Miami wide receiver Roberto Wallace in both teams’ preseason opener last week.

Having just finished his first NFL training camp, rookie linebacker Najee Goode has noticed how the Bucs came together under the brutal Florida sun and new coach Greg Schiano.

“It has been fun,” Goode said. “It was a learning experience. They say the first training camp used to be a lot tougher, but with Coach Schiano, we came together as a family. The heat made it hard but we are better for it.”

Goode explained how he had no shortage of help from other players into learning the New Schiano Order.

“I learned a lot from the veterans, guys at my position like Quincy [Black] and Adam [Hayward],” Goode said. “I even learned from guys not at my position like Ronde [Barber].”

Goode explained that whoever the Mike-linebacker is, calls the defensive plays, with a caveat.

“Coach Sheridan calls the plays, we just have to execute them,” Goode joked.

But it was second-year linebacker Mason Foster who Goode believes he may have learned the most from. Goode talked about how he roomed with Foster in Miami during last week’s first preseason game of the season and the two rarely left the hotel room, choosing instead to cram for the game like a final exam.

“It was really cool,” Goode said of Foster’s help. “We just going over plays and relaxing.”

5 Responses to “All Good With Najee Goode”

  1. Drew Says:

    Nfl Cramming Score Chart:

    Win by 50 = A+
    Win by 40 = A
    Win by 30 = A-
    Win by 25 = B+
    Win by 20 = B
    Win by 15 = B-
    Win by 10 = C+
    Win by 5 = C
    Win by 1 = C-

    Anything else is an F- as there are no D scores for losing or tieing.

  2. Jarret Says:

    Everything I’ve heard and seen of this guy makes me think he was a nice pick for the fifth round. He seems to have his head on straight and works his ass off to get better. Not much more you can ask from a rookie

  3. TrueBlue Says:

    Play well and win by any score = great game.

    Oh yeah, and no injuries.

  4. Miguel Grande Says:

    This guy looked lost last week.

  5. Tristan Berry Says:

    Miguel, leave the trolling to Thomas 2.2. He’s much better at it.