Ahmad Black Talks Coaching Changes

August 19th, 2012

E.J. Biggers raised an eyebrow this offseason when he talked about how the New Schiano Order is helping him know better about where to be on the football field versus his 2011 coaching staff.

Interestingly, Ahmad Black, the Bucs’ defensive star Friday with an interception followed by a quality return, also said there’s more focus this year on reponsibility in the secondary.

Buccaneers Radio Network locker room show host TJ Rives asked Black what’s new and different for defensive backs under the New Schiano Order.

“He’s basically, you know, he’s pressing us to make sure we know our defense and know our reponsibilities and to do our job like we always stress,” Black said.

It’s repeated comments like these that give Joe hope for the defense in 2012. They reinforce Joe’s belief that poor coaching and leadership, rather than a lack of talent, led the Bucs to a historically ugly defense.

11 Responses to “Ahmad Black Talks Coaching Changes”

  1. Jwayne Says:

    Chomp chomp!!!

  2. Brad Says:

    I was optimistic we had talent and it was coaching too then I went to the game Friday. I hope that was just the Titans having a game plan and the Bucs not cause it was ever bit as ugly as it was last year.

  3. Kyle Says:

    Brad, dude, the Bucs defense got off the field on five of the first six series and they didn’t get off to a slow start.

    How is that as ugly as last year? THis should be an entertaining answer.

  4. Eastsidebuc Says:


    Your a true player and this is the only site I go to for buc news. I just wanna move on though. Agreed, it was ugly last year but let’s go forward with G-Dawg ( Greg Shiano for the swag impaired) and never look back at seasons like that. Quite frankly I think that’s what keeps these blackouts rolling. Fans around here hold to many grudges and that’s a female trait. Sorry lady reader’s…

  5. Miguel Grande Says:

    I finally got to watch the game, it was yugly.

    I watched GMC closely to see exactly how disruptive he is. He was in for 14 plays and made no tackles. I will credit him with 1 QB pressure, on a blitz the Bucs outnumbered the blockers and were able to force Locker to throw it early.

    Including last week, Dini is 1 for 29 with one tackle and one QB pressure. He claims that he just isn’t the kind of player that puts up impressive stats but continually blows up plays and disrupts the offense. I haven’t seen it, he is late to the ball and takes himself out of half of the plays. They never have to alter their blocking schemes. He looks soft.

    Doug Martin seemed to outperform LGB. Last week was the opposite. Hamster 1 – LGB 1.

    Donald Penn was reported to have passed the dreaded and unnecessary 110×16 torture test although he was not suited up for the game. He is reported to have been healthy for a week but has missed training camp.
    Now we must wait for him to recover from the sprints, he should be ready by the bye week.

    Isn’t it great to have such a butch head coach.

    It could be worse, the Bucs could have signed a very average Peyton Manning to a $96 million deal.

  6. Blackmagic00 Says:

    I watched the game this morning and am glad I did. Some of you make it sound like we got face stomped. What I saw was a fast hard hitting ball hawk first team defense and a complete first team offense. It was 7-7 when we put Dan-O in with a second string O-line that got gutted by a Titans first team D. Then we took out the first team D and they left their first team O. Sooooo………. yea….. Sorry, we look like a team on the rise. By the way, Gerald is a stud and he has to stay healthy for us to do anything. Our depth is looking like it has for a few years and that DOES suck. Our top 3 rookies may be home-runs. Even if we go 1-15 it will be a 1-15 team that would blowout our 4-12 team of last year. I’m excited as ever. GOOO BUCS!!!

  7. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Oh and Miguel Grande, Roy was soft not Gerald. Watch it again and make sure you rewind and use slow-mo. And I wish people would quit with which running back is going to win. F the competition, we need both and if it has to be a battle I hope it lasts for a decade, we need two starting caliber running backs.

  8. Mavsmoney Says:

    I’m pretty sure now that Miguel Grande is Thomas 2.2 (or whatever it is now) under a different guise so that he can be even MORE ignorant. If not than I hate to say that there really isn’t enough room for another troll, it’s starting to get annoying reading ignorant comment after ignorant comment.

  9. Miguel Grande Says:


    I did go back to take a comparative look at Roy Miller. You are correct, he’s soft. I had him at 19 plays with no tackles. He did get one QB pressure and a pass deflection. So he did twice as good as Geraldini.

  10. Oahubuc Says:

    3 three and outs with McCoy constantly in the backfield. I’ll take it. It’s Freeman I’m worried about.

  11. Bucfan1532 Says:

    Miguel, you are a fool to the highest degree. It is obvious you have never played sports, otherwise you would stop mentioning the conditioning test. If it takes Penn or any player a week to recover from a conditioning test then we don’t want him. You may want to take your pantries off gal, because I believe they may be restricting your blood flow.