Zuttah Will Command The O-Line

July 26th, 2012

O-line coach Bob Bostad says Jeremy Zuttah will handle line calls. That was a duty of Josh Freeman’s last season.

Jeremy Zuttah walked into Chucky’s giant playbook as a rookie and had no problem mastering all positions on the offensive line quickly in 2008. Zuttah filled in as a starter for Davin Joseph and Zuttah’s name wasn’t heard over four games, a great compliment to his brain and skills.

Joe remembers Davin Joseph raving about Zuttah’s aptitude during his old radio show, sharing that it took him a solid year to figure out Chucky’s playbook but Zuttah was an incredibly quick study.

Well, it seems that Zuttah is impressing again. Offensive line coach Bob Bostad told Joe today that Zuttah will be making line calls. It was a job Josh Freeman held last season.

“He has a great grasp knowledge-wise of what we’re asking him to do,” Bostad said of Zuttah. “He’s a guy that certainly can be that quarterback of the offensive line.

“[Josh Freeman] starts the whole process, but it’s really within the line that the line calls are made and they direct it from that center position.”

The change in line-calls responsibilities may not be significant, but it would represent a shift in philosophy from Greg Olson, who strongly believed that having a quarterback make the calls was an important step in a QB’s development.

Perhaps this will take some pressure off Josh Freeman, who has said multiple times that he put too much pressure on himself last season.

6 Responses to “Zuttah Will Command The O-Line”

  1. knucknbuc Says:

    I like this idea. Gives josh less to think about before he comes to the line, and he plays better with less. I always thought zuttah was a way better c then g @Joe wasn’t faine making the line calls in 2010, when Josh had his best year? if so this could be a great move.

  2. Ryan rich Says:

    Joe I check this website every hour I think ur smart and I’ll be at training camp tomorrow u should post alot bout how the rookies do. And zuttah was a great addition to center and is his role as commander there because he went to rutgers and played for schiano

  3. Pete 422 Says:

    Yeah, I believe Zuttah came out of college as an Academic All American, but I could be wrong. I do know he is a really smart guy, so no surprise.

  4. AtlBucsFan Says:

    I hope there is a plan B should Zuttah miss some games!

  5. jglazer Says:

    I keep hearing how smart this guy is yet he didn’t crack the starting line without someone being dropped from the team or an injury to the starting player. Were the starts on the front line that much better? Don’t think so. Does he lack starter athleticism? Possibly. Was Rah missing his capabilities? Definitely a possibility but at least he played after an injury.

    This is a big year for him to see if he can step up as a true starter. My suspicion is we have a good B to B+ player who is really smart.

  6. Mike J Says:

    I have always thought that Zut is a better center than guard, but his true position may be depth. We shall see.