Sapp’s Not Confident In Ronde The “Gambler”

July 15th, 2012

It’s not the first time Warren Sapp was skeptical on NFL Network of the Bucs moving Ronde Barber to safety.

Barber is a “gambler,” Sapp bellows in this latest video, and Sapp doubts whether Barber’s DNA suits the safety position.

“There’s something I know about Ronde Barber, one of the best players in Bucs history, he’s a gambler. You can not gamble at safety” Sapp said. “You must protect the middle of the field, and the last line of defense. And that will be the biggest thing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to get back to Buc Ball. Because when you’re giving up 6.3 yards per play [in 2011], it’s not going to be very pretty in this league.”

Those who watch the video (linked above) will notice Sapp seems to forget about Mark Barron when talking about how he believes the Bucs’ biggest question marks are up the gut of the defense.

Perhaps Sapp was just flummoxed by the realization of the Bucs giving up 6.3 yards per play last season.

Regardless, Joe loves Barber as much as the next guy, but Joe’s not so confident in Barber’s transition either. The Raheem-Dominik regime opened with Jermaine Phillips moving to linebacker to replace Derrick Brooks, and that got squashed after a couple of preseason games. Surely Barber’s transition has better odds and will be easier given the position and his experience, but that doesn’t mean it will be successful.

21 Responses to “Sapp’s Not Confident In Ronde The “Gambler””

  1. Dini's Biceps Says:

    Barber will move around from FS to Slot CB (look for the following players to get playing time at Safety: Ahmad Black, Larry Astante, Cody Grimm & maybe Devin Holland). I’m mostly worried about Ronde getting beat Deep.

  2. Kennedy Says:

    Extra punishment for Barber in the running game. Hope he can last

  3. Thomas2.2 Says:

    So who is up the gut of the D that has Sapp concerned:

    Mason “out of position” Foster (for now)
    Barron (who is excellent)
    Ronde (HOFer)

    The biggest concerns are the 3 DomDom draft picks! Of course.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Who doesn’t Love Ronde Barber, but Sapp does have a point.
    If Ronde were a baseball player, it would be noted that he strikes out a lot, as well as hits home runs. Ronde is a gambler, and much of the time, his gambles pay off. My concerns with him at Safety came from that famous Carolina Game, where he seemed reluctant and almost afraid to tackle the big Carolina backs.

  5. BamBamBuc Says:

    Thomas – Out of the 5, Price has to be the biggest concern, as he’s not been 100% healthy yet in his short career. Although he plays decent when he’s been in there, he’s just not in there much. GMC has played well when in there, but he’s had a couple freak injuries. Foster has played well with GMC in front of him. It wasn’t until GMC went down that Foster really started to struggle. Barron is a complete unknown, as he’s a rookie and until he plays a down in the NFL, we won’t know what we’ve got. Ronde is in a new position, so it’s hard to say. We know what he can do, we know that he’s slowed down a bit with age, but it’s still uncertain.

    So, all of them have question marks (which is why Sapp has concerns). Not just the “DomDom” picks. Even bigger question marks still go to Quincy Black (not a Dom pick). Talk about out of position? Black is never where he’s supposed to be. Thank goodness Hayes is gone, or that would be two non-Dom picks that are bigger question marks than those you mention.

    I’ve been watching clips of the first four Bucs games last year. Some highlights of the Bucs, some of the opponents. What I’ve really noticed is that on a lot of the bigger plays, GMC wasn’t out there. Several of A. Peterson’s longer runs had Okam and Price, or Okam and Miller out there. Very few opponent highlights are when GMC is on the field. One, a screen play (which you do love to give GMC blame for), has GMC doing what he’s supposed to do… getting penetration and attempting to disrupt the play. The guard peels off for the screen and AP takes it for a long gain. Thing is, it’s the DE that’s supposed to read that screen. It’s an outside screen, not middle screen. GMC is supposed to keep rushing. The DE and OLB must make that read and neither did. Biggers got bowled over by a OL (like he even had a chance in that situation) and still chases him down.

    I figured, since you obviously have no time to actually watch these things, that I’d give you the breakdown so you’d be better informed. The biggest concerns are “Is Price healthier this year”, and “Can Foster be better, especially if GMC stays healthy in front of him”. We might even add “How much better can rookie OLB David be than Hayes”, because that will also be very telling in how our D is up the middle. Another thing I saw on videos was that often the middle was plugged, GMC had a bead on the runner, but we had NO outside contain which allowed the runner to bounce outside and still make a big gain. Again, that’s the DE and OLB. I think Bennett and Clayborn will be fine, but can the OLBs contain? Only time will tell.

  6. Stevek Says:

    Q. Black (a DomDom Resinee)

  7. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Not a Dom pick? It’s worse – Jane Black was signed by DomDom to a huge free agent deal. DomDom is responsible for Jane being stuck on this roster.

    Sapp called Gerald soft – let’s not forget that.

    I have re-watched most of the Lion game. Gerald jumped offsides twice and was a non-factor. Best had nearly 80 yards rushing after 3 quarters and Stafford sat in the pocket like there was no defense.

    AP ripped off a few of those runs when Gerald gap jumped out of his gap and AP ran right through his vacated gap.

    Of Gerald’s 6 games last year – he went stateless, no stats at all, in 3 of them, and no he wasn’t in the backfield all game wreaking havoc – he was invisible like usual.

    You guys see Gerald with a free release on a middle screen and I hear people arguing how disruptive he was – the play is designed to release him.

    Gerald has stunk, RahRah has suggested so, most former players and even Gerald himself this offseason – give it up.

  8. Mike Says:

    Joe.. What’s the latest on B Price? Haven’t heard anything on him in a while? And any updates from camp on Mr Bowers and his being ahead or behind schedule? Or is that definitely out of mind til mid season?

  9. Joe Says:


    Joe.. What’s the latest on B Price? Haven’t heard anything on him in a while?

    Last information Joe heard of Price he blasted Mark Barron in the grill.

    And any updates from camp on Mr Bowers and his being ahead or behind schedule?

    Training camp is still a couple of weeks away (for veterans).

    Or is that definitely out of mind til mid season?

    Joe thinks anyone is crazy to rush back from an Achilles injury. Bowers should put it on the shelf and work to be 100 percent for 2013.

  10. Joe Says:


    Gerald has stunk, RahRah has suggested so, most former players and even Gerald himself this offseason – give it up.

    So now Thomas is quoting Raheem Morris as gospel? LOL

    Joe has seen it all now.

  11. Leon Says:

    Personally shocked he didn’t say Barron. He usually much more prepared well I think Ronde will roam and there will be a 3rd safety more 30-35% of snaps; Ahmad Black or Cody Grimm maybe a split. McCoy and Price need to have great years thrilled to have Gibson and Amobi. Plan and simple offense needs to control defenses to let young guys grow up.

  12. Bucky23 Says:

    never doubt mr. barber

  13. ben Says:

    barber took those gambles knowing there were players behind him. i think he is going to know he is the last line of defense and play smart ball

  14. Sneedy16 Says:


    He only played in 4-1/2 games since he was injured half way thru the San Fan game and in the first quarter of the New Orleans game. The only (full) game he was held without any stats was the Atlanta game which all they did was pass, and they only had 20 yards rushing.

  15. Tom Says:


    Nice post!

  16. Garv Says:

    I’m not worried about Ronde. He’s a professional this team can truly count on.
    and BTW? He’s a pretty damn GOOD gambler…. Great instincts.

    Buccaneers in 2012?

    Can’t WAIT!!!

  17. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    If Thomas had truly watched the Lions game last year, he’d know Stafford did not “sit in the pocket like there was no defense”, but that he routinely made two step drop quick passes throughout the game. The pressure actually was there from the D-line, it was the coverage that left something to be desired.
    Thomas is a dramatic liar.

  18. Big Marlon B Says:

    i respect Sapp’s accomplishments on the field, but since then he has been running his mouth way too much and proving to be pretty uninformed 90% of the time. if he is going to break down the play of a DT, fine i will trust him. but anything else, i’m just gonna tune him out.

    it’s hard to believe that he has his finger on the pulse of the team when he doesn’t even remember to mention Mark Barron, the #7 overall pick of the draft….a guy that EVERYONE has said no matter what team he was drafted to, he would be a day 1 starter because he was one of the most NFL ready prospects. i think Cody Grimm will get a fair amount of playing time in nickel and dime situations, if Barber drops down to the slot. but to forget Barron, a consensus early favorite to win Defensive Rookie of the Year…that is just unforgivable Sapp. go buy some more $20,000 exotic animal rugs, because you clearly aren’t paying much attention to football these days.

  19. Big Marlon B Says:

    btw @ BamBam – excellent post….well thought out, good insight.

    @ Leon – right on sir, i agree 100%

  20. Eric Says:

    Ronde is the least of our worries….

  21. Mike J Says:

    What worries me about Ronde is, he wasn’t fast coming out of Virginia, & he hasn’t exactly sped up over the years. Also, his tackling was atrocious in 2011, not something you want from the last line of defense.
    He should have been let go, gracefully.